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2016-01-08 Taiwan's ITRI uses hydroelectricity to light up firefighters' way
Taiwan's ITRI has combined a water turbine microgenerator with LED light engines to provide light without traditional electricity and help firefighters in the dark.
2002-01-25 Taiwan's ITRI opens nanotechnology center
Taiwan's research and development hub, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), said it would target emerging nanotechnologies by opening the Nano Technology Research Center.
2006-01-01 Taiwan's ITRI innovates in emerging memory research
As process technologies move into deep-submicron arena, Taiwan makers realize that they have to develop their proprietary technologies in a bid to keep competitiveness.
2009-10-01 SUSS MicroTec joins ITRI 3D consortium
The Advanced Stacked-System Technology and Application Consortium will implement SUSS MicroTec's 300mm technology.
2009-12-24 Solar Energy, ITRI Taiwan ink PV deal
Solar Energy Initiatives and the ITRI Taiwan have entered a business and technical collaboration agreement to build, integrate, test and commercialize solar products and solutions.
2011-12-20 Rambus, ITRI team up for 3D packaging
According to the two organizations, they will work together as members of Ad-STAC to push system integration using silicon interposer technology.
2002-04-23 ITRI, National Tsinghua establish nanotechnology R&D center
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and National Tsinghua University have jointly established a nanotechnology R&D center.
2009-10-19 ITRI, Applied Materials push 3D IC dev't
Applied and ITRI will work together as members of the Stacked-System and Application Consortium
2014-12-09 ITRI transfers flexible display tech to latest startup
FlexUP Technologies is the fifth spin-off from ITRI this year and its launch suggests that Taiwan's display industry has officially entered the arena of flexible material.
2004-01-14 ITRI to set up RFID alliance
The Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) will organize an RFID (radio frequency identification) alliance.
2009-08-07 ITRI street lamps get LED makeover
SemiLEDs announced it will convert some ITRI street lamps from metal halide into LED systems.
2013-09-09 ITRI shows atmospheric pressure process for GZO
ITRI's aePlasma offers thin-film deposition and organic film etching at atmospheric pressure for touch panel and transparent solar cell manufacturing. An alternative to ITO processes.
2002-02-25 ITRI selects MIPS 32-bit processor for broadband reference design
Industrial Technology Research Institute has selected MIPS Technologies Inc.'s MIPS32 4Kc hard core for use in a single-chip cable broadband modem reference design.
2010-11-10 ITRI says rollable displays available by 2015
Rollable color displays could become available as early as 2015, according to the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, whose flexible display has been recognized over its competition.
2009-11-18 ITRI material boosts Li-ion battery safety
Taiwan's ITRI claims that STOBA is to be the first material technology to enhance the safety of Li-ion batteries.
2010-11-16 ITRI flexible 2D/3D switchable displays lauded
Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has earned three R&D 100 Awards for three of its technologies in the materials science and electronic instrumentation categories.
2006-10-12 Taiwan's FPD industry to grow 20% in Q3
Taiwan's flat panel display industry will register year-on-year growth rates of 19.5% Q3 and 18.6% in Q4, according to the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center of Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute.
2007-03-19 Taiwan unveils first flexible electronics lab
Taiwan's government-backed R&D organizationthe Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)inaugurated on March 15 the island's first flexible electronics lab.
2002-02-07 Taiwan strikes out again at ISSCC
Organizers of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference are trying to figure out why papers from universities and companies in Taiwan were shut out of the conference for a fifth straight year.
2002-03-26 Taiwan rushes for OLED
Mobile phones equipped with OLED panels are expected to earn this years market in Taiwan.
2002-02-04 OES develops blue laser diodes for DVDs
The Opto-Electronics & Systems Laboratories (OES) of Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has developed GaN blue laser diodes for use in next-generation digital-image optical HD DVDs.
2002-09-17 CWT gets technology support from MIRL
The Mechanical Industrial Research Laboratories announced that it has provided Crystalwise Technology Inc. enhanced process technology and additional work staff.
2002-09-27 ARM license cores to Taiwan research institute
Industrial Technology Research Institute has licensed the ARM922T core.
2003-09-05 11th EDA&T-Hsinchu to highlight design chain issues, market opportunities
The 11th Electronic Design Automation & Test Expo - Hsinchu (EDA&T-Hsinchu), scheduled from September 30 to October 1, 2003 at the Lakeshore Hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan, will showcase forums organized in cooperation with the TSIA, the ITRI SoC Technology Center, and the Taiwan SOC Consortium.
2014-10-31 Thermal analyser scales down LED testing time
ITRI developed the In-Line Compact Thermal Analyser (ICTA) technology that promises to minimise LED thermal testing time by more than 90 per cent, offering a measurement speed of 12,000 LEDs per hour.
2004-08-25 Taiwan's optoelectronics industry to hit $29.9B
This year, the output value of the optoelectronics industry will hit $29.9 billion, going for a 38 percent jump from last year, according to the Opto-Electronics and Systems (OES) Laboratories of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) during a press conference in Tainan.
2009-09-01 Newport Digital boosts RFID in Taiwan
Newport Digital Technologies has tied up with Taiwan's III and ITRI to distribute their RFID devices.
2010-12-17 Iridium nanocrystals in Flash chips
“Incorporating nanocrystals of iridium into the critical floating gate portion of flash memory designs shows both excellent memory properties as well as stability in the high temperatures used in processing such semiconductor devices,? says ITRI’s Wen-Shou Tseng.
2003-07-24 BTG, Taiwan tech institute team on OLED/PLED
Technology commercialization company BTG has collaborated with Taiwan's UCL of the ITRI to jointly develop and commercialize a patented light-emitting polymer technology for OLED/PLED information displays.
2003-12-26 AWR to supply RF tools to Taiwan SoC design park
Applied Wave Research Inc. and the SoC Technology Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute (STC/ITRI) have agreed upon a partnership.
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