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2013-07-12 IXYS UK Westcode outs 500A, 2.5KV GTO thyristor
The 500A, 2.5KV GTO thyristor from IXYS Corporation uses life-time control techniques to give optimum switching and on-state losses.
2013-05-28 IXYS to buy 4/8bit MCU unit from Samsung
As part of a $50 million agreement, IXYS will receive nearly 80 products, inventories, intellectual property and other assets exclusively related to the 4/8bit business from Samsung Electronics.
2002-01-07 IXYS to acquire UK power semiconductor supplier Westcode
IXYS Corp. has made an offer to acquire UK-based power semiconductor supplier Westcode Semiconductors Ltd.
2002-04-26 IXYS to acquire Clare for $55M
Power semiconductor manufacturer IXYS Corp. has agreed to acquire Clare Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage ICs, solid state relays, mixed-signal ASICS and driver ICs.
2003-09-09 Ixys strengthens RF offering with acquisition
Ixys Corp. has acquired Microwave Technology Inc. (MwT), a manufacturer of GaAs field effect transistors, pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors and microwave monolithic ICs.
2003-01-28 Ixys ships 1.7kV IGBTs
Ixys Corp. has announced the availability of a new line of IGBTs to provide a solution for applications requiring 1.7kV power switching.
2002-01-15 IXYS rolls out high-voltage, depletion-mode MOSFETs
The IXTP01N100D and IXTP02N50D high-voltage, depletion-mode MOSFETs are normally on at 0V gate bias and require a negative gate bias to block current.
2013-04-23 IXYS rolls out 350V SSR in 8-pin SOIC package
IXYS latest device features 120mA maximum load current and 30Ohms of maximum on-resistance with 2mA of input trigger control current.
2013-11-04 IXYS releases 450A high-power laser diode driver
The PCX-7500 claims to provide precision pulsed current with accurate microprocessor-based digital power control.
2013-10-23 IXYS intros 5A, 500V solid state power relay
The CPC1968J claims to offer the lowest on-resistance in the power relay family of devices with a load voltage rating of 400V or greater.
2003-08-22 Ixys HiPerFET targets high power apps
IXYS Corp. has released a family of Q2-Class HiPerFETs that are suitable for use in high power and high frequency power conversion systems.
2003-02-05 IXYS forms division focused on RF devices
IXYS Corp. has reorganized its wholly owned subsidiary, Directed Energy Inc., resulting in two divisions, thus creating a newly formed division called IXYS RF.
2002-01-07 IXYS driver IC controls high-current power MOSFETs, IGBTs
The IXDD415 is a high-speed, HF CMOS MOSFET/IGBT driver IC that has two driver channels, each capable of 15A peak into a capacitive load.
2002-07-25 IXYS chips drive large-volume, midrange MOSFETs, IGBTs
IXYS Corp.'s dual 2A MOSFET/IGBT driver (IXD402) and single 9A device (IXD409) are optimized to drive large-volume, midpower-range IGBTs and MOSFETs with inverting or noninverting configuration.
2009-12-10 IXYS buys Zilog for $62.4M
Power IC provider IXYS Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zilog Inc., a supplier of application specific, embedded microcontrollers.
2013-01-17 IXYS boasts rectifier diode with record power density
The new 2.2kV rectifier has a current rating of 15,450A and represents a new technology platform for bonded-wafer level construction with a favorable high power density.
2006-06-05 Atmel, IXYS release new light ballast demo kits
Atmel has unveiled dimmable and non-dimmable light ballast demo kits, the result of its cooperation with IXYS.
2013-04-15 Solar Pad boasts high efficiency charger for mobile apps
The Solar Pad from IXYS is a highly portable solar charger which comes with 2 USB ports, 1 micro-USB port, and 4 white LEDs, it produces 5.2V of power at 1.5A, which is about 8 watts of solar power.
2006-08-22 Sensor improves SNR, reduces signal badwidth
IXYS said its new sensor is a complete sampled data subsystem that includes a unique adjustable digital filter that improves signal to noise performance while also reducing signal bandwidth.
2001-05-25 New packages for pressure mounting
This application note discusses the advantages of discrete power semiconductor packages and their mounting considerations.
2013-04-24 MCU Reference design features embedded firewall
Zilog and Icon Labs teamed up to develop a microcontroller which features an embedded firewall that provides a critical layer of security that can block Internet-based threats.
2005-03-10 IGBT power module range extended to include six-pack, CBI configurations
IXYS Semiconductor extended its portfolio of IGBT modules with the MWI 30/50-12E6K and MWI60-12T6K in sixpack and Converter Brake Inverter configurations.
2013-08-29 High power SiC diodes enable flexible layout options
IXYS' SS150 and SS275 series high power silicon carbide diodes are packaged in a low inductance, surface mount DE Series package and are available in 600V, 10A and 1200V, 5A configurations.
2013-06-10 High power RF drivers for ultrafast rise and fall times
The IXRFD630 and IXRFD631 are CMOS high-speed, high-current gate drivers designed to drive MOSFETs in Class D and E HF RF applications requiring short minimum pulse widths.
2013-07-22 Gate Driver IC drives MOSFETs, IGBTs operation up to 600V
IXYS's IX2113 High and Low Side Gate Driver IC boasts a 700V absolute maximum rating, providing additional margin for high voltage applications.
2001-05-25 Fast, faster, fastest! Optimized diodes for switching applications
This application note shows how to choose the optimum diode using a specific example of a power factor correction (PFC) circuit.
2001-05-24 Electrical behavior of a new gallium arsenide power Schottky diode
This application note presents gallium arsenide (GaAs) power Schottky diodes with blocking voltages of some hundreds of volts.
2003-07-10 Clare solid state relay blocks to 800V
Clare Inc. has announced the availability of the CPC1978J power OptoMOS SSR that is capable of blocking voltages up to 800V.
2001-05-24 Choosing the appropriate component from data sheet ratings and characteristics
This application note is intended to show how to choose the appropriate rating of a power semiconductor component for a known application using the specifications given in the data sheet.
2013-05-03 Base Rectifier Module boasts average current rating of 632A
IXYS UK Westcode has launched a new higher voltage rectifier diode in a dual isolated base module that complements the company's 3.6kV thyristor and thyristor/diode dual modules.
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