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2004-02-27 Year Round jack features 1.5 SWR
Year Round Technology's hybrid female-male BNC right-angle PCB/panel-mount jack has a PE-606 insulator and PBT (94V-0) housing.
2004-01-16 Tyco tool simplifies Cat.6 jack termination
Tyco Electronics has introduced its Amp Netconnect SL series of jack termination tool that simplifies the termination process for Cat.6 jacks.
2008-09-16 TI honors Jack Kilby with IC research center
Texas Instruments is to establish Kilby Labs, a center for advanced semiconductor research. The announcement comes on the 50th anniversary of Jack Kilby's invention of the integrated circuit.
2004-02-04 Solar cell production gains momentum, buyers jack up demand
According to a November 2003 survey conducted by Global Sources Electronic Components, demand for solar cells is on an upswing as buyers increase their inventory levels and order volumes.
2003-07-01 SMK jack board features optical connectors
The LAP5131-0331G jack board from SMK Corp. is integrated with optical connectors that are designed for digital equipment apps such as DVDs and digital STBs.
2003-04-24 SMK 3-pole jack has 4.4mm profile
The LGY2209-0101F Type M, 3-pole jack from SMK Corp. features a profile of 4.4mm and is designed for integration into portable systems.
2002-08-13 POSTEL RJ45 jack has gold-plated contacts
Nanjing POSTEL Telecommunications Co. Ltd's RJ45 modular jack adopts the Cat.5 UTP cable standard and features 8 gold-plated contacts that offer a resistance of <25 milliohms.
2014-05-29 NXP board turns audio jack into plug-and-play interface
The audio jack platform adapts the standard 3.5mm jack to control external devices, as well as support application development. It is based on a 32bit MCU, and uses Manchester coding to achieve communication between the smartphone and MCU.
2007-06-13 Modular jack with end-user replaceable contacts debuts
Samtec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has released its new patented LifeJack modular jack with end-user replaceable contacts for nearly unlimited number of cycles in high cycle applications.
2006-10-12 Low-profile jack targets slim A/V, automotive designs
SMK has announced a low-profile 3.5mm-diameter vertical 4-pole jack (LGT8509-0100F) for A/V and automotive equipment.
2006-09-19 Low-profile jack enables portable audio devices in cars
SMK's 3.5mm 3-pole jack was designed to enable portable audio devices to be connected to in-car audio equipment, particularly where smaller configurations are required.
2003-03-24 Kycon RF-45 jack provides LED indicators
Kycon Inc. has released a new right-angle RJ-45 modular jack that integrates LED indicators to display the transmit/receive data status.
2002-06-05 Kycon power jack has LED indicator
Kycon Inc.'s dc power jack features an LED indicator for use in applications where it is necessary to show that power is being supplied to the device via the power jack.
2002-09-20 Kycon combines RCA jack, S-video connector
Kycon Inc.'s latest combo connector consists of three RCA phono jacks and one S-video connector for use in A/V multimedia applications.
2005-06-23 Jack Kilby, co-inventor of the IC, dies at 81
Jack St. Clair Kilby, retired TI engineer and acknowledged as the first inventor of the integrated circuit, passed away in Dallas Monday (June 20) after a brief battle with cancer. He was 81.
2006-03-17 Jack boards reduce digital noise
SMK announced the development of the new vertical type AP-3T�V series thin jack boards.
2003-02-06 Integrated magnetic RJ45 jack eyes gigabit apps
ERNI has announced the release of the integrated magnetic RJ45 connector for gigabit apps in telecom/datacom equipment.
2002-08-22 Fuerda RJ-45 jack lasts 25 years
The FM-5E-1001 RJ-45 modular jack from Fuerda Communication Network Co. Ltd has an electrical rating of 150Vac, 2A and has a rated lifespan of 25 years.
2005-01-12 Embedded PCB jack targets space sensitive apps
Kinsun has developed a RoHS-compliant DIP type embedded jack for space limited products, especially for notebook PCs.
2003-03-10 Duoyuan modular jack rated to 1.5A
The DY106 modular jack of Duoyuan Telecom Products features 16 ports arranged in two levels and an electrical specification of 125Vac.
2012-02-16 Audio jack switch detects both OMTP, CTIA
The FSA8049 MIC/GND cross point switch from Fairchild automatically routes GND and MIC to audio jack terminals.
2002-09-06 Win Win Precision ships RJ-45, USB combo connector
Designed for use in laptops, the WRJBS189A RJ-45 connector of Win Win Precision Inc. Co. Ltd also features a USB connector and an LED lamp to monitor the data transmission status.
2007-01-03 WiMAX Forum announces frequency-availability database
The WiMAX Forum's Spectrum and Regulatory Database has been completed and is being made available to help member companies plan their regional product rollouts.
2006-01-27 WIMAX designers keen on open architecture
The Open Base Station Architecture Initiative reports that nearly one third of its members actively work with WiMAX technology and that the initiative's WiMAX integration will be completed soon.
2007-02-06 WiMAX channel emulator predicts real-world MIMO performance
The ACE 400WB WiMAX channel emulator from Azimuth delivers the real-world environment to a lab, offering unprecedented RF control to enable efficient and repeatable results, while replacing time consuming wireless field tests that lack repeatability.
2016-05-05 Will Apple mark the end of 3.5mm headphones?
Since Apple's already navigated the 30-pin to Lightning transition, what's the incremental motivation to additionally drop the legacy headphone jack connection?
2006-04-21 Wealth Metal preps for RoHS compliance
Expecting a consistent rise in the market for electric audio and power jacks, Wealth Metal Fty Ltd ensures that all its products comply with overseas export standards.
2006-04-24 TIC expects strong sales of power and audio jacks to continue
Technik Industrial Co. Ltd recently disclosed that sales of its products for the portable digital entertainment market is growing.
2005-04-01 Tale of a survivor in sea of embedded design
In his 15 years stint as an embedded guru, Jack Ganssle knows that his mission in the embedded world is far from over.
2005-05-19 Stereo jacks suit sound card modules
Designed for applications in sound card modules, the new stereo jack form Samlung functions over a wide range of audio frequency.
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