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2007-07-05 MSC8144 SmartDSP OS Ethernet demonstration using the Java GUI
This application note by Dejan Minic gives a quick start for operating Freescale's MSC8144 Ethernet interface in the SmartDSP OS environment. To replicate the system described in this document, you need a personal computer, an MSC8144 application development system (ADS) board, Ethernet cables and CodeWarrior Development Studio, version 3.0 or newer.
2007-07-02 Mobile software clash splits Java community
Java giants Motorola, Nokia and Sun Microsystems are plowing separate paths for the future of cellphone software. The widening divergence in their commercial Java productsand differences of opinion about how to keep Java openthreatens to fracture the broad community of Java developers.
2002-04-09 Mitsubishi Electric licenses ARM cores for Java acceleration
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has licensed ARM926EJ-S core processor, which incorporates ARM's Jazelle technology, for Java acceleration.
2003-01-24 Matsushita develops SoC for Java-based smartcards
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has announced the development of a SoC for embedded use on non-contact Java-based smartcards.
2005-07-21 LSI Logic, RTJ to offer Java support for ZSP cores
The DSP product division of LSI Logic Corp. and RTJ Computing disclosed that consumer product developers utilizing the ZSP G1 family of DSP cores will now be supported by RTJ Computing's simpleRTJ Java virtual machine (JVM).
2004-02-19 LG Electronics to launch Java phone with MIDP2.0
LG Electronics Ltd has signed an agreement for the supply of Esmertec's Jbed Java Virtual Machine (JVM) solution for mobile multimedia phones and embedded devices.
2005-11-10 LG Electronics handset uses Java OS
Korea-based LG Electronics has completed development of a handset that uses SavaJe Technologies' Java OS, and expects to begin mass producing the handset next year
2012-08-06 Latest version of Aonix Perc Ultra SMP now supports Java 6
Atego's latest embedded Virtual Machine and compilation technology for Symmetrical Multi-Processor systems features Java 6 language support.
2001-07-03 Java: A Portable, Powerful Platform For Internet Appliances
This paper explores the use of Java in wireless devices, and discusses the features, advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches to implementing Java.
2002-04-02 Java variations could stall unified cell-phone platform
Unique implementations and extensions of Java for emerging voice and data cellular devices are threatening what many see as the best hope for unifying this nascent market.
2000-09-01 Java to handle complexity and portability in embedded systems
A virtual machine is a layer of software that runs on top of a host operating system to insulate communications routines and Java applications from any changes implemented to the underlying hardware. The paper outlines real-world implementation issues it helps solve for memory management.
2005-02-16 Java takes on system-level programming
System-level software written in Java offers better cost/benefit ratio and a viable language for current and future embedded designs.
2007-05-09 Java software stack requires less than 200Kbyte ROM
ARM Ltd is upgrading its mobile Java software stack, turning it into a turnkey Java virtual machine for cellphones.
2006-04-17 Java preps dive into real-time role
Java is expected to play a bigger role in real-time applications, particularly in the military, unmanned aircraft, newly deployed systems and telematics.
2002-03-06 Java moves, Windows counters in auto market
Java technology, viewed only a few years ago as a laboratory curiosity by sectors of the car market, will grab the spotlight this week at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2002 World Congress and Digital Car Conference.
2007-02-16 Java is ripe for prime time
It appears that Java products for hard real-time and deeply-embedded systems have finally come alive, approximately five to seven years after Java's initial foray into embedded space. It may be that Java is ready for embedded systems prime time.
2007-05-07 Java development framework supports SMP multicore
Pervasive Software Inc. introduced Pervasive DataRush, a Java development framework that supports symmetric multiprocessing multicore CPUs.
2003-02-12 Java accelerator blends with memories to fit into cellphone
NanoAmp Solutions Inc. claims it has Flash and packaging partners who will make as early as May the combo chips for <$4 premium over the existing memory devices.
2007-05-23 Itanium 2-based systems to support Java platform
Sun Microsystems and Intel Corp. announced their collaboration to deliver Sun's Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) for Itanium 2-based solutions.
2002-05-07 Intel Flash Data Integrator (FDI) support for Java applications
This application note provides an instructional reference to those using the Intel Flash Data Integrator to construct a comprehensive Java-enabled cellular/embedded system.
2006-08-10 Imsys rolls out reconfigurable Java MCU
A reconfigurable SoC, the Imsys IM3000 MCU, takes aim at low-cost Internet appliances, mobile communicators, telematics systems and industrial control applications.
2008-08-21 How Java software solutions outperform hardware accelerators
Java is a programming language which has one big advantage and one big disadvantage: the big advantage is 'write once, run anywhere'.
2006-06-16 High performance Java on embedded devices
There is a great demand from consumers, carriers and handset manufacturers for a high performance execution environment capable of delivering more varied, performance-intensive applications, taking Java far beyond the realms of simple games--but without increasing system costs.
2006-03-03 G&D licenses Java Card OS to Renesas
Renesas and Giesecke & Devrient announced that Renesas has licensed the high-security Java Card OS from G&D for its security IC used in embedded security applications.
2001-02-01 Following different roads to real-time Java
This technology news article describes the move of various companies in making Java achievable for real-time embedded systems.
2004-06-01 Extending Java with 3D API
To fill what plug-ins lack, JavaSoft and a cooperative industry contingent have extended Java with 3D APIs.
2003-07-04 DigiSlice releases tool for Java assembly
DigiSlice Corp. has released AppComposer 3, a visual development environment for assembling Java system applications.
2003-07-29 DCT supports EEMBC Java Benchmark Group
Digital Communication Technologies is the latest Java player to join the EEMBC's group that has developed the benchmarks for Java J2ME implementations.
2004-11-09 Dai Nippon uses ARM tech to develop Java Card OS
Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd has developed an evaluation version of a Java Card OS based on the ARM SecurCore SC200 processor.
2010-07-20 Content delivery platform reduces need for Java
Volantis Systems announced its Framework 6.0 expanded mobile content delivery platform which enables Web developers to use HTML5 and CSS3 without relying on Java programming.
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