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2006-03-01 C language compiler generates Java Bytecode
Axiomatic Solutions announced the release of version 1.3.8 of its Axiomatic Multi-Platform C (AMPC). AMPC is a C language compiler that generates Java Bytecode. The resulting executables will be able to run on any Java Virtual Machine.
2008-05-28 Atmel, Industrial Software extend Java support for processors
Atmel Corp. and Industrial Software Technology S.A. have collaborated on integrated solutions to design Java applications for embedded systems.
2004-09-14 ARM, Sun Micro to deliver JAVA in mobile devices
ARM and Sun Microsystems have collaborated to integrate and distribute optimized Java solutions for mobile devices.
2004-07-06 ARM, Aplix deliver Java solutions for wireless devices
ARM and Aplix Corp. have formed a technical and marketing agreement under which the companies are working together to improve Java performance in next-generation, ARM Powered wireless devices.
2005-06-29 ARM says technology reduces Java memory footprint by up to 3X
ARM has introduced a new technology that the company says can dramatically reduce memory footprint while increasing performance and saving power in a wide range of applications, including mobile phones and consumer devices.
2002-03-12 ARC provides Java extensions to ARCTangent-A4
ARC has announced the availability of new Java extensions for its ARCTangent-A4 microprocessor to address the market for small, low-cost embedded Java systems, particularly in high volume consumer and multimedia applications such as mobile handsets, digital STBs, and web pads.
2004-05-04 A Webpage Interface for the eZ80F91 MCU using Java
This app note focuses on developing an application to remotely control the pins of the eZ80F91 MCU from a webpage.
2003-09-19 Writing a Device Driver for TINIOS
This application note examines the TINIOS I/O subsystem, explains how to write a driver as a native library and provides a simple example in the form of a pipe driver.
2010-09-22 World's first integrated middleware machine targets cloud apps
Oracle says machine offers complete cloud application infrastructure for most demanding applications
2003-09-01 Wireless SDR: overcoming Onext gen handset challenges
Wireless handset manufacturers must deliver products that offer expanded services; while product designers are challenged to create extremely power-efficient broadband wireless devices.
2011-11-01 Windows Embedded upgrades to real-time
Microsoft executives revealed that Windows Embedded Compact will be enhanced with real-time capabilities and a smaller footprint, and is due to be released by June next year.
2009-04-08 What's next after IBM-Sun merger talks fizzle?
With its proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems apparently shelved, executives at IBM are breathing a sigh of relief while Sun managers need to figure out how to survive the on-going consolidation of the computer industry accelerated by the steep recession.
2004-11-24 Using the TINIm400 for remote audio control
This app note describes the TINIm400 reference module and the Java runtime environment as a remotely controlled speaker, used in a distributed public address system.
2003-11-25 Translogic HDL Companion targets complex designs
Translogic BV has announced that it has made its HDL Companion 1.0 available for free evaluation.
2002-02-05 Toshiba licenses ARM core for mobile products
Toshiba Corp. has licensed the ARM926EJ-S core processor to allow Toshiba to offer a processor for wireless applications such as mobile phones and PDAs.
2002-01-28 TI incorporates Kada mobile platform into GPRS chipset
In an effort to extend enhanced Java-based applications to GPRS mobile phones and PDAs, TI will incorporate Kada System's mobile platform into the TCS21000 GPRS chipset.
2002-07-19 Thomson Multimedia licenses ARM microprocessor cores
Thomson Multimedia has entered into a partnership with ARM, licensing the latter's ARM7 and ARM9 family microprocessor cores.
2002-12-04 Tao Group, Justsystem products power Zentek software
Zentek Technology Inc. has entered into an agreement with Tao Group Ltd and Justsystem Inc. to jointly bring to market its Java Compact Browser.
2003-03-03 Taking out garbage using new techniques
Most heap objects die young. We can take advantage of their early demise to improve the real-time performance of garbage collection.
2013-10-23 System limits excessive aggressiveness of compilers
MIT researchers developed a system, dubbed Stack, that automatically combs through programmers' code, identifying just the lines that compilers might discard but which could, in fact, be functional.
2002-07-26 Synopsys to take full control of inSilicon
Synopsys Inc. and inSilicon Corp. have signed a definitive agreement for Synopsys to acquire all outstanding shares of inSilicon for about $64 million.
2006-02-20 Sun to support next-gen cryptography standard
Sun Microsystems has announced that the Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 will support Elliptic Curve Cryptography.
2003-02-25 Sun Micro, Nokia to collaborate on mobile content delivery
Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Sun Services has agreed to resell the Nokia Delivery Server as part of Sun's latest Data Service Delivery Framework.
2002-07-30 Sun Micro to provide hardware, software to Telstra
Sun Microsystems Inc. has entered into a supply agreement with Telstra Corp. Ltd to supply hardware and software for Telstra's next-generation online services and data network.
2004-01-14 Sun Micro to open RID test center in Dallas
Sun Microsystems will open its new RFID Test Center in Dallas, Texas.
2003-12-18 Sun invites IBM, Cray to collaborate on high-end computer language
Sun Microsystems is inviting competitors IBM Corp. and Cray Inc. to collaborate on defining a new computer language it claims could bolster performance and productivity for scientific and technical computing. The effort is part of a government-sponsored program under which the three companies are competing to design a petascale-class computer by 2010.
2005-09-15 Sun helps fuel Chinese innovation
Sun Microsystems Inc. will announce major alliances and customer wins that underscore how the adoption of Java technology is accelerating in China and helping to fuel economic growth at the JavaChina 2005 Developer Conference.
2005-08-30 Sun acquires SeeBeyond, releases new integration suite
Sun Microsystems Inc. has acquired SeeBeyond Technology Corp. and announced the release of a new Java Integration Suite.
2002-06-25 SOMA uses Intel processor boards for wireless solution
SOMA Networks is building its Network Port Manager on Intel's NetStructure processor boards.
2005-05-31 Smart card IC partitions memory between code and data
The EMTCG176-3G smart card IC from EM Microelectronic contains 176KB of non-volatile memory, which is organized in two sectors of different granularities48KB in pages of 8 Bytes and 128KB in pages of 512 Bytes.
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