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2002-10-29 Gemplus solutions to drive national ID program in Oman
Gemplus Int. SA has received a contract to deliver a comprehensive national identification solution to the Sultanate of Oman.
2014-09-25 Exploring various embedded programming languages
We typically think of the embedded programming language as being C (along with C++). In this article, we will also tackle other options where particular programming requirements demand a specific solution.
2003-09-19 Exploring Tiny InterNet Interfaces (TINI)
This application note explores the various features of the TINI devices.
2004-03-02 EM Micro smart card IC eyes GSM phones
EM Microelectronic has developed the EMTCG256-3G flash memory-based smart card IC for use in SIM and Java cards for GSM mobile phones.
2004-03-01 Eclipse provides tool integration framework
Eclipse provides the framework for combining disparate tools into a single integrated application with a seamless user interface.
2014-04-08 Domain-specific languages for medical device design
Learn how existing languages for PLCs can be extended with domain-specific constructs.
2006-08-01 Developers ramp open source
Embedded developers are increasingly turning to open-source tools for building reliable and flexible systems and software. Open-source code can provide both raw material for building system software and applications, and development tools for creating that software.
2002-07-16 DCT licenses processor to Shera
DCT has recently granted a multiple-use license agreement for its Lightfoot processor to Taiwan-based Shera Int.
2005-01-28 Compuware unveils extension to service management solution
Compuware unveiled its Vantage Analyzer for J2EE, a significant extension to its Vantage service management solution.
2003-07-30 Collaboration eyes software binding standard development
Sun Micro and Silicon Graphics announced at the Siggraph conference in San Diego they will work together to develop standard software bindings linking Java to the OpenGL graphics apps interface.
2005-02-01 Cellular system solutions for NFC-enabled handsets
NFC creates new opportunities for mobile commerce and has the potential to change consumer behavior and spending habits.
2002-07-01 Business models for Open Source success
Companies need to revisit some common notions in embedded system design before they make their "Leap to Linux."
2004-03-01 Beyond functional firmware
Coding standards and inspections are deeply intertwined; neither will succeed without the other. And without both, it is impossible to build great firmware.
2004-09-30 Azul leads wave of proprietary server startups
Azul Systems Inc. debuted last week (Sept. 24) its concept of a data center appliance to process Java bytecodes.
2002-07-01 Asian vendor moves Linux PDA design forward
Find out how the first Chinese Linux PDA is taking over the Asian portable device market with an innovative OS designed to operate at faster speeds and reduced costs.
2002-05-30 ARM vows to contest Nazomi patent suit
ARM Holdings Ltd will "vigorously defend" itself against a patent infringement suit filed by Nazomi Communications Inc.
2003-08-06 Aonix expands reach with tool platform acquisition
Aonix has purchased the PERC platform and development tools from NewMonics Inc., a company specializing in mission-critical network infrastructure.
2004-07-05 Agilent, Sun Microsystems form JDDAC community
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have formed the Java distributed data acquisition and control (JDDAC) community.
2002-04-01 Addressing challenges in data delivery services
This news article addresses some of the viable solutions applicable for modern wireless data services, content providers and developers to achieve better system performance.
2003-07-23 Access deploys browser technology in NEC handsets
Access Co. Ltd has announced that its Compact NetFront Plus micro-browser and JV-Lite2 Wireless Edition have been deployed in NEC's N341i handset.
2002-12-20 1-Wire Tagging with XML
This document presents a 1-Wire Tag Format that describes the associations, groupings, and sensing operations involved in 1-Wire Tagging
2004-01-16 'Obfuscators' render Verilog, VHDL unreadable
Providing a new approach to IP protection, software engineering firm Semantic Designs has released production-quality "obfuscators" for Verilog 2001 and VHDL.
2008-04-08 Wavesat intros broadband base station in Indonesia
The first broadband wireless access equipment designed for Indonesia, the HiMAX-231, a WiMAX-based 2.3GHz base station and subscriber unit solution manufactured by Hariff DTE using a Wavesat chipset, was launched in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, in February.
2001-03-26 Technical Requirements And Design For "Multimedia Home Platform" (DVB-MHP)
This paper describes an efficient DVB MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) system solution, the complete software architecture, and DVB-MHP key elements such as Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and HAVi classes.
2004-11-02 ST MCU based on the SmartJ RISC architecture
ST unveiled a new smartcard MCU in its ST22 range based on the SmartJ Java-accelerated RISC architecture.
2004-07-05 Sony Ericsson licenses ARM JTEK software
Sony Ericsson has licensed ARM's JTEK software and Jazelle acceleration technology to be used in its Java platform-enabled mobile handsets.
2005-06-10 Smart card IC provides flexibility
EM Microelectronic has developed a flash memory-based smart card IC designed for SIM and Java cards in GSM mobile phones, as well as for healthcare and loyalty card apps
2010-12-01 SiP eases mobile entry into NFC
The SecuRead system-in-package for NFC mobile devices includes an NFC controller, security controller, Java Card OS and an open NFC protocol stack.
2011-01-25 RIM to unveil Playbook beta program in February
RIM's new beta program for its PlayBook faces steep competition and a major technical hurdle—software discontinuity. The Blackberry supports Java while the PlayBook supports Adobe AIR and HTML 5.
2005-11-14 Nvidia signs Hybrid Graphics to help speed 3D phone graphics
Nvidia Corp. has partnered with Hybrid Graphics, a Finnish-based embedded 3D graphics software provider, to help speed Java-based 3D graphics applications on Nvidia's graphics processing chip designed for mobile phones.
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