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2003-01-03 JMC rolls noise-free dc fans
JMC Products has introduced its latest ultra quiet dc fan designs that features Panther fan technology. The product is said to operate at a higher frequency level than traditional fans. It is claimed to produce noise levels above the audible range for human hearing.
2003-07-21 JMC fan features dual-blade design
JMC Products has introduced a counter rotating, dual-blade fan design that is engineered with redundancy to protect against fan failure.
2003-11-20 JMC CPU coolers suit Intel processor
JMC Products has launched a new line of low-cost Tiger CPU coolers that are compatible with the Intel Pentium 4 processor.
2002-08-29 JMC CPU cooler features dual airflow design
The SkyJet 60 CPU Cooler features the company's patented Dual-Pass Airflow architecture, drawing cool air through both the top and sides of the heatsink.
2002-10-04 JMC CPU cooler addresses Xeon-based servers
JMC Products' Phoenix 70 CPU cooler is designed to cool Intel's Xeon 3GHz processors.
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