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2007-12-06 Tower plans job cuts, outsourcing to reduce costs
Israel foundry Tower Semiconductor has initiated a cost-reduction plan designed to improve its gross, operating and net margins in fiscal year 2008 and beyond.
2008-12-17 Survey: Engineers brave job, economic panic
Engineers weren't supposed to be this fearful of the future but the increasing panic in once-stellar sectors is reminding even the best minds in the world of communication, electronics, IT and manufacturing that they, too, are mere mortals.
2008-11-10 ST-NXP Wireless restructures, plans 500 job cuts
With today's market outlook appearing quite different than it did just a few months ago, ST-NXP Wireless is taking necessary action to adapt its R&D resources and cost structure to the new business conditions in the industry.
2008-07-10 Siemens job cuts to impact many engineering posts
Straightening out rumors that circulated, Siemens has finally specified its planned job cuts, which against earlier announcements of CEO Peter Loescher, will cover many engineering positions.
2008-07-09 Siemens CEO confirms major restructuring, hints job cuts
Siemens CEO has confirmed that a major restructuring is on the cards, after reports circulated that the company is set to lay off 17,000 workers, according Agence France Presse.
2015-08-14 Shake up in cellphone industry spells job losses
While Lenovo is laying-off thousands due to poorly performing Motorola, HTC is aiming to cut operating costs with the same move. Is this part of a larger trend?
2009-02-06 Report: TI France workers lament job cuts
According to reports and sources at the company, angry employees at Texas Instrument Inc.'s French subsidiary have held protest in recent days on the job cuts and lackluster severance packages offered by the chipmaker.
2012-08-24 Rambus' restructuring plan involves job cuts
Roughly 75 jobs will be terminated as part of Rambus Inc.'s plan to improve profitability.
2008-10-15 Qimonda exits 200mm, cuts 3,000 jobs
Qimonda will implement a global restructuring and cost reduction program intended to reposition the company in the market and substantially increase its efficiencies through a wide-ranging realignment of its business.
2015-08-18 Poor smartphone sales cause Lenovo, HTC job cuts
HTC and Lenovo have recently confirmed they would lay off workers as part of different restructuring plans in the face of slowing handset sales.
2005-06-28 PMC-Sierra cuts 63 more jobs despite meeting guidance
Broadband communications semiconductor supplier PMC-Sierra Inc. has decided to eliminate 63 jobs in addition to the 26 positions eliminated earlier.
2011-11-29 Planned job cuts arrive in AMD Singapore
AMD Singapore's workforce reduction was implemented across all groups, including equipment and maintenance engineering, product engineering, and manufacturing operations and support.
2005-09-19 Philips chip division to make cuts, says report
European electronics giant Royal Philips Electronics NV has said it is aiming to achieve 250 million euro (about $305 million) in cost reductions by the end of 2006, according to an AFX online report Thursday (Sept. 15), which cited Frans van Houten, the division's chief executive officer, as its source.
2012-08-03 ON Semi continues to scale back, cuts more jobs
With its CFO stepping down, ON Semi has announced its plans to lay off additional employees as part of a plan to save $10 million to $15 million each year.
2006-02-02 Nokia to reorganize, job cuts likely
Nokia disclosed that it plans to redeploy hundreds of workers in its Enterprise Solutions Business and Networks business groups, possibly eliminating many positions.
2008-11-13 Nokia Siemens finalizes job cuts in Finland, Germany
Nokia Siemens Networks has completed the preliminary planning process to identify the proposed headcount reductions to reach its adjustment goal in Finland and Germany.
2003-04-14 Nokia Networks cuts 1,800 jobs, realigns R&D
Nokia said that it plans to cut 1,800 jobs from its infrastructure division as part of a restructuring that will see the company try to incorporate efficiencies into its R&D and support operations.
2007-07-09 Motorola charged $101M due to job cuts
Motorola said it expects to incur a net pretax charge of $101 million in Q2 as a result of its work-force reductions, according to a Reuters report.
2012-04-10 Mindspeed cuts workforce after Picochip buy
The restructuring plan consists primarily of a targeted headcount reduction in connection with the acquisition of PicoChip, Mindspeed said.
2008-10-13 Micron implements job cuts, reduces production
Micron Technology has announced that it will reduce its workforce by around 15 percent and will slash the output of its NAND flash joint venture with Intel as part of streamlining its IC memory operations.
2011-12-12 MEMC restructuring cuts jobs
The company's restructuring program will also idle, close or reduce the capacity of some of its production facilities.
2012-05-03 LDK Solar downsizes, cuts more than 5,000 jobs
Jack Lai, the company's chief financial officer, said the company's most recent headcount shows LDK with 19,495 employees, 5,254 less than it had at the end of 2011.
2007-09-27 JVC reports job cuts, trims 18% of workforce
Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer JVC will hand back to its 1,150 employees their working papers by mid-October as part of its turnaround effort.
2008-12-22 Intel: No job cuts despite market slump
A Wall Street analyst again reduced earnings estimates for Intel Corp., citing continued deterioration in PC demand, but noted that Intel said it is not planning a meaningful headcount reduction.
2009-01-23 Intel succumbs to job cuts, fab shutdown
After declining to post revenue forecast for Q1, Intel Corp. has announced that it will close two fabs and three IC assembly factories.
2009-01-30 IBM faces workers' fury over more job cuts
IBM Corp. has cut more workers, including within its chip, research and other units, causing anger and friction inside the computer giant.
2005-07-25 HP reportedly cuts four R&D projects
The massive restructuring that is slashing 14,500 jobs at Hewlett-Packard has also cut four major research projects at the company, according to an Associated Press report.
2005-10-24 Front-end weakness to cause job cuts, says analyst
The value of the market for front-end semiconductor manufacturing equipment is set to drop sequentially for the next three quarters, and give rise to a new round of layoffs in the sector, according to The Information Network, a market research company.
2007-06-04 Dell, Motorola, IBM announce more job cuts
The tech industry is set to be hit by another round of layoffs following announcements from three of the sector's giants last week.
2012-07-25 Cisco systems cuts 1,300 more jobs due to company restructuring
Cisco to lay off 1,300 workers in connection with its on-going restructuring.
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