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What does MPEG stand for?
MPEG stands for Moving Pictures Experts Group. It is a standard for compressing digital video.
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2006-09-07 TED releases 'fastest' JPEG chipset for DVRs, cameras
Tokyo Electron Device has announced the inrevium JPEG chipset, a three-chip solution touted to be the industry's fastest.
2005-02-21 SoC sensor with flexible auto focus, real-time JPEG compression
Micron's new 2Mpixel SoC sensor features DigitalClarity technology, and introduces advanced features that enable easier design implementation and faster time-to-market for mobile phone makers.
2012-04-25 Real-time HD JPEG 2000 codec on multicore DSPs
TI's four TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs with JPEG 2000 codecs are available on Advantech's DSPC-8681E half-length PCI express card for easing broadcast and digital cinema development.
2008-04-25 Motion JPEG demo on TMS320DM6446 (Rev. A)
This application report describes how to build a motion JPEG demo running on Texas Instruments DM6446 processor leveraging the JPEG codec combo and XDC tools provided with the DM6446 DVEVM/DVSDK package.
2006-05-26 Microsoft beats JPEG with new photo format for Vista
The long running and increasingly acrimonious patent infringement battle between Qualcomm and Nokia have reached the U.K. courts.
2004-04-23 Media processors offer MPEG-4, JPEG hardware encoding, decoding
Fujitsu's two Mobile Media Processors for mobile phones and other handheld devices boast MPEG-4 and JPEG hardware encoding and decoding functionality.
2003-08-12 Lexar Media memory card stores 45,000 JPEG images
Lexar Media's 4GB CompactFlash memory card is designed for professional photographers shooting hi-resolution images.
2004-01-16 JPEG at the heart of digital camera
For its relative simplicity and flexibility, JPEG is the foundation upon which DSC designers are building increasingly advanced camera designs.
2005-10-21 JPEG 2000 video encoder card plugs into PC/104-Plus stack
The new PC/104-Plus module from Parvus is designed for high-rel and mobile embedded applications where digital video recording is needed, such as surveillance and security.
2006-07-11 JPEG 2000 encoder touts speed
Firmware that is claimed to turn the MathStar FPOA into the fastest available JPEG 2000 encoder gives designers a high-performance solution for medical imaging, machine vision, professional video, military and aerospace systems, and high-performance digital imaging.
2011-09-09 Guide to using JPEG decoder
Learn how to use the M3S-JPEGD-LIB for the RX Family (JPEG decoder) and sample programs.
2002-06-11 Cast JPEG cores achieve >70MSa/s
Cast Inc. has released its new JPEG encoder and decoder cores that achieve a sampling rate >70MSa/s for fast FPGA families.
2002-04-12 ALi DVD A/V decoder supports MPEG-2, JPEG decoding
Acer Laboratories Inc. has announced the release of the M3325 DVD A/V decoder that supports MPEG-2's MP@ML format and JPEG decoding, to provide DVD/VCD movie disk playback and for browsing digital photographs in picture CDs.
2003-06-18 ADI JPEG IC powers NHK broadcast system
NHK, a major national broadcast company in Japan, has selected ADI's JPEG2000 image compression chip to be incorporated into its latest Hi-Vision HDTV system.
2004-09-24 ADI IC supports JPEG 2000 standard
ADI announced that its JPEG 2000 video compression technology has led a major breakthrough for the emerging digital cinema market.
2007-08-08 3.2Mpixel image processor has JPEG encoder
Nethra Imaging has introduced a 3.2Mpixel image processor with JPEG encoder that fits into a 5mm x 6mm package for small camera module designs and handsets.
2004-10-05 TI brings SoundPix audio capability in digital cameras
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) is featuring SoundPix Inc.'s All-in-One JPEG sound capture and integration technology on its digital media processor for digital cameras.
2002-07-17 Tensilica turns spotlight on Xtensa microprocessor
Tensilica will be presenting the Xtensa microprocessor at the Embedded Systems Conferences - Asia show.
2007-09-05 Ten-dollar DaVinci delivers HD at 400mW
Texas Instruments has added to its DaVinci family of video-oriented chips the DM355, which is capable of HD MPEG-4 encode or decode.
2002-07-26 Synopsys to take full control of inSilicon
Synopsys Inc. and inSilicon Corp. have signed a definitive agreement for Synopsys to acquire all outstanding shares of inSilicon for about $64 million.
2004-02-10 Shanghai Jade licenses Hantro video engine for DCP
Hantro Products Oy has signed a licensing agreement with Shanghai Jade Technologies for their Camcorder Engine with the 4350 MPEG-4/H.263 hardware codec.
2007-03-26 Samsung takes interesting route in media player race
Samsung's latest effort, the YP-K5, features an MP3 player, FM radio and JPEG image viewer designed with a slide-out, pop-up stereo speaker panel to serve up tunes sans headphones.
1998-12-01 Raising the PC audio performance bar
A plethora of audio programming interfaces and decompression technologies have made designing PC audio systems a daunting task. Careful IC and board-level design, based on the ACU97 specifications can help improve device performance.
2007-07-16 Pinpoint best approach to digital video apps
Deciding whether to design a homegrown solution or begin with a board-level digital video recorder depends on what your objectives are and how you set out to accomplish them.
2004-03-16 Multimedia, video and imaging need FPGAs
JPEG2000 and AVC offer unprecedented levels of performance but at a computational cost that favors FPGA technology over traditional processor-based solutions.
2004-05-03 Mobile vector graphics makes wireless multimedia practical
Mobile SVG is playing a pivotal role in making wireless promises an everyday reality.
2003-11-03 Layered compression coding based on DCT
Scalable coding means that one image can be encoded and compressed at a certain quality to adapt a given bandwidth. Here are two ways to accomplish this.
2002-12-27 Lambda Systems to use Amphion tech for video broadcast
Lambda Systems Inc. of Japan has licensed Amphion Semiconductor Inc.'s Motion-JPEG image compression technology in a color video graphics processing system for HDTV applications.
2012-10-12 H.264 PCI Express encoder provides dual output streams
Sensoray's Model 819 16-channel H.264 PCI Express encoder can provide multiple output streams: a low frame rate JPEG stream and an uncompressed (preview) stream.
2005-04-18 Enhance picture quality using advanced camera system
See what's inside Micron's 2Mpixel CMOS image sensor with an integrated camera system
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