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2010-08-02 Uprating semiconductors for high-temperature applications
This technical note describes the issues associated with temperature uprating and the risks involved in using components outside the manufacturers' environmental specifications
2010-06-09 Understanding temperature specifications: an introduction
Power is required to operate ICs. This power is provided to the IC in the form of voltage and current via power supply pins. This technical note is intended to give the reader a basic understanding of the temperature specifications found in Cypress' product data sheets
2014-01-03 Temperature sensors target advanced CMOS tech
Moortec unveiled what it describes as an improved range of on-chip temperature sensors with an uncalibrated accuracy of ±3°C and a calibrated accuracy of ±1°C, from -40°C to 125°C
2008-07-22 Schottky diodes achieve maximum junction temp
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduces two new Gen. 5.0 high-performance 45V Schottky diodes that, according to the company, are the industry's first such devices to offer maximum junction temperature to +175C.
2011-01-25 Rectifiers up solar cell junction box current density
Vishay Intertechnology rolls four 45V TMBS trench MOS barrier Schottky rectifiers packaged in SMPC and axial-leaded packages that are aimed at solar bypass apps.
2002-07-16 Maxim temperature switch exhibits 1.50C accuracy
The MAX6685 dual remote-junction temperature switch from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. measures the temperature of a PN junction in an external IC with 1.50C accuracy.
2005-03-02 Low-power FPGAs now available with industrial temperature ratings
QuickLogic announced that its Eclipse II family of ultra low power FPGAs is now available for apps requiring components that operate over the industrial temperature range
2010-04-13 LED driver operates with up to 150C junction temp
Linear Technology offers the H-grade version of the LT3517 DC/DC converter designed to drive high current LEDs, which operates with a junction temperature up to 150C.
2007-06-28 Implementing cold-junction compensation in thermocouple applications
This application note discusses the basic operation of a thermocouple, which includes the definition and function of a reference (cold) junction
2010-05-06 Estimating junction temperature by top surface temperature in power MOSFETs
The thermal data provided on MOSFET datasheets is usually limited to thermal impedance between junction-to-lead and junction-to-ambient
2001-08-21 Effects of temperature on thyristor performance
This application note discusses the effects of junction temperature on the performance and reliability of thyristors.
2012-01-17 DC/DC converter offers 150C max junction temp
The H-grade version of the LT3692A , a monolithic, dual output step-down switching regulator, delivers up to 3.5A of continuous output current from each channel.
2011-07-18 DC/DC controller operates at 55C150C junction
Linear's H- and MP- grade versions of the LTC3851A offer a wide input voltage range of 4C38V.
2001-08-20 Calculation of junction temperature
This application note presents systematic computational techniques in getting the junction temperature of transistors.
2006-12-05 Module enhances temperature measurement accuracy
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has developed a cold junction compensation module, providing design engineers a device to enhance the accuracy of temperature measurements.
2005-07-04 How to measure temperature in integrated systems
As thermal management becomes more significant, the techniques used become even more complex and conditional.
2006-10-06 CVD system enables low-temperature processing
TEL has announced its latest 300mm metal CVD system that enables deposition of Ti and TiN films in low temperature process regimes
2008-01-31 350mA buck boost LED driver using bipolar junction transistors, high side current sensing and a NCP3063 controller
This application note and associated demo board will focus on driving multiple LEDs, at a regulated 350mA, from low voltage DC or AC sources commonly used in lighting applications.
2008-02-27 TRIACs require no parameter derating up to 150C
STMicroelectronics has unveiled a series of high-temperature TRIACs, which maintain full specified performance up to a junction temperature of 150C, and which deliver outstanding turn-off capability.
2011-06-23 TMBS rectifiers offer current ratings of 10C60A
Vishay Intertechnology unveils 12 45V Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers in three power package options.
2002-12-06 Thermal management
This application note provides an introduction into thermal management of PLDs.
2014-11-05 Thermal evaluation method for TLV62065
Here's a look at an accurate evaluation method of junction temperature. This method is proven to be easy to use and have good accuracy and relevance to real applications.
2002-11-03 Thermal Design
This article provides a description of a thermal design as well as a representation of thermal resistances.
2003-10-03 Thermal Considerations for PAs
This application note describes the thermal considerations for ANADIGICS power amplifiers.
2007-05-04 Step-down DC/DC converter delivers 200mA
Linear Technology has introduced the H-grade version of LT3470, the 40V micropower step-down DC/DC converter with integrated boost and catch diodes.
2007-11-16 Sensors toughen up for industrial use
While there has been a lot of discussion recently about the CMOS and charge-coupled device image sensors used in mobile devices, there's a plethora of sensor types used in other applications including HVAC, motion control, hydraulic systems and robotics.
2000-05-04 Paralleling HEXFET power MOSFETs
The three most important parameters in paralleling operations are voltage current and junction temperature. The application note analyzes the effects of current and temperature unbalances.
2014-10-02 Optimise power designs with IGBT thermal calculations
Evaluating the temperature of the semiconductor dice in a multi-die package requires additional analytical techniques compared to those applicable for single die. This article shows how to do it properly
2008-12-08 Linear extends temp range of MOSFET driver
Linear Technology has released a new high reliability grade version of the LTC4444-5, a high-speed, high input supply voltage, synchronous MOSFET driver designed to drive upper and lower power n-channel MOSFETs in synchronous rectified converter topologies.
2011-09-28 Learn about Bandgap Reference Calculator
Here's a detailed discussion on the functionality of the Effective Number of Bits Calculator.
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