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2008-09-10 Intel launches 'green' Xeon processors
Moving a step closer to fulfill the environmental footprint of its products, Intel Corp. has released four halogen-free 45nm Xeon processors and said all previous versions of the Xeon 5200 and 5400 series are now halogen-free
2002-04-19 Impulsesoft cuts Asian, U.S. Bluetooth deals
Impulsesoft, a provider of short-range wireless technology, has announced a series of deals to license its Bluetooth designs to Asian and U.S. customers
2007-11-28 Illuminated tactile switch touts 'see-hear-touch' effect
C&K Components has developed a compact top-actuated illuminated tactile switch which features a high-brightness single or bi-color integrated LED for backlight illumination
2008-03-07 Illuminated pushbutton switches offer more cap styles
C&K Components has added three different style caps to its ELUM series of pushbutton switches.
2008-01-18 Heat sinks keep high-power LEDs cool
Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced the Star series of heat sinks designed specifically for cooling higher power, surface-mount power LED packages
2002-01-18 GCS secures $17.5M in equity funding
Global Communications Semiconductor Inc. (GCS), a III-V compound semiconductor foundry service provider, has raised $17.5 million in Series D equity funding
2012-08-23 Fundamentals of RF amplifier measurements
Know how to setup fundamental amplifier measurements such as S-parameters, K-factor gain compression, or pulsed measurements using a vector network analyzer
2008-03-14 Fundamentals and design principles of RF, antenna (Part 3)
The conclusion of the three-part series focuses on small loop antennas with differential feed, single-ended loop and trapped PCB loop antennas
2009-01-21 Frequency domain tutorial: Understanding spectral components (Part I)
Here's what you need to know about the mathematics and notation of FFTs and the discrete frequency domain. This is article is the first part of a two-part series and discusses the ambiguities of discrete signals
2009-07-20 Flexible slide switches tailored for mobile apps
C&K Components has unveiled the OS series of compact two-position slide switches that feature flexible design for easy integration into standard and custom mobile communication devices.
2015-07-03 Flat chip temperature sensors boost thermal cycling
The Beyschlag PTS AT series devices feature enhanced thermal cycling, accurate and stable temperature sensing, operating temperature range of -55C to 175C, and 3s or under reaction times
2007-07-02 Euro fabs take niche path to avoid TSMC
Even as TSMC prepares to roll out a series of 45nm manufacturing process variants, the world's leading foundry is pursuing a two-pronged strategy that is putting increasing pressure on its European competitors
2012-02-27 DIP switch geared for portable computers, CEs
The TDA series DIP switch from C&K Components is process-sealed for surface-mount soldering and washable-processing.
2009-06-11 Detect switches tailored for portable medical apps
C&K Components has developed a broad line of detect switches for Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture and Advanced Mezzanine Card use in portable medical equipment
2008-05-12 Detect switches offer safety in ATCA apps
C&K Components has developed a variety of detect switches for use in Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) applications
2009-08-07 Detect switches flaunt ultralow profile
C&K Components has developed a new series of micro-miniature, side-actuated detect switches.
2009-03-12 Detect switches come in right, left actuations
C&K Components has developed a new family of micro-miniature, side-actuated, surface mount detect switches in right and left actuation configurations
2008-11-14 Detect switch targets ATCA apps
C&K Components has developed a surface-mount, micro-miniature, snap-acting detect switch with extended life cycles. Designed for ATCA applications, the MDS Series device joins C&K's family of detect switches including the SDS Series, SDT Series and HDT Series components.
2010-04-13 Detect switch boasts reliable contact design
C&K Components has released a series of through-hole subminiature detect switches that features a highly-reliable contact design with a minimum electrical life of 10,000 actuations at full load.
2011-12-08 Designing 3D-ICs (Part 2)
Here's the second instalment of this series that tackles the tools that can be used to handle a complete backend flow, and enable true 3D design partitioning, synthesis, placement, and routing
2002-11-22 Densei-Lambda full-bricks deliver at least 700W
The company's PAF700F series of full-brick power modules deliver at least 700W from a 116.8-by-12.7-by-61mm form-factor
2007-06-18 DAQ operates at a sustained rate of 1MSps
Adlink Technology Inc. introduces the DAQe-2500 series, bringing the benefits of a high-bandwidth via a x1 lane PCIe bus to a new series of DAQ cards
2002-05-29 Cotco LEDs provide up to 30cd luminous intensity
The eXtra Bright series of LEDs from COTCO Int. Ltd provides a luminous intensity of up to 30cd from a T1 ? package, and is available in white, blue, pure green, and bluish green colors
2009-06-02 Connectors suit medical imaging apps
From C&K Components comes a family of high reliability connectors for medical applications designed for medical applications ranging from cryogenic processes to imaging equipment
2008-09-11 Connectors deliver versatility in multiple apps
C&K Components has created a series of rectangular microminiature connectors tested in accordance with ESA specifications.
2009-02-09 Compact snap switches last up to 50,000 cycles
C&K Components has developed a subminiature snap switch with extended life cycles and high electrical capabilities
2008-08-20 Compact capacitors deliver volumetric efficiency
Vishay has expanded its 298D series of MicroTan solid tantalum chip capacitors giving an industry-best capacitance-voltage rating in the molded 0402 package size. These capacitors represent a major innovation in volumetric efficiency
2006-06-30 Circuit protection device prevents damage to VoIP equipment
Raychem Circuit Protection has released its 2Pro device series that features integrated overcurrent/overvoltage circuit protection technology designed to help prevent damage to telephony communications equipment
2011-04-20 Chip resistors offer 0.0025% stability
Vishay Precision Group introduces a series of ultra-high-precision Z1-Foil wrap-around chip resistors with exceptional load-life stability of 0.0025 percent (25ppm) at 70C and rated power for 2,000 hours
2006-09-15 Chip resistors deliver stability, reliability in harsh conditions
The TNPW e3 series of high-stability thin-film flat chip resistors are said to provide extremely stable and reliable operation even under harsh environmental conditions
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