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2015-08-24 Basics of software standards compliance (Part 2)
This instalment focuses on how to determine a target system failure rate and use it to determine the appropriate level of development rigor.
2006-08-16 Atmel works to smooth Zigbee dev't
Atmel Corp. will move users of its AVR microcontroller to the generic IEEE 802.15.4 stack and the more-specific Zigbee stack with its Z-Link protocol transition program.
2005-02-02 ASICs face stiffening competition from ASSPs, says analyst
Although structured ASICs are helping designers shorten turn-around time and lower NRE costs for system-on-chip LSIs, ASSPs will emerge as the long-term solution for a wider range of core silicon, according to an analyst for iSuppli Japan.
2011-10-11 ARM, UMC partnership extends to 28nm tech
The existing collaboration between ARM and UMC will allow access to IP solutions validated on UMC's 28HPM process technology.
2012-11-28 ARM rises from Acorn to lead system-chip revolution
Acorn was not destined to enjoy success in its own name. ARM evolved from the RISC machine fabricated by VLSI Technology and went to to lead the system-chip revolution of the 1990s.
2010-11-15 ARM GPU cuts memory bandwidth use by 30%
ARM debuted a graphics processing unit that the company claims delivers five times better than its predecessor.
2014-01-24 Apple taps Samsung 28nm HKMG process for A7
Chipworks' Sinjin Dixon-Warren dissects the front end of line transistor structure used in the A7, with comparison to advanced technologies used by both Apple and other vendors.
2004-05-13 Apogee redefines super capacitor
Apogee believes its new capacitor technology can significantly extend the operating life of Li-ion batteries in digital communications devices.
2013-05-28 Annular electrodes as PCM solution (Part 2)
Learn about the possible advantages and limitations offered by nanotechnology and self-assembly techniques.
2013-05-24 Annular electrodes as PCM solution (Part 1)
Fine-tuning parameters such as electrode diameter and edge thickness help reduce current density.
2013-01-04 Analyst: iPad 3 GPU mismatched with high-end display
As rumours linking TSMC and Apple start to swirl, tech watcher David Kanter stated that Apple's quick move in ushering in the fourth generation iPad is due to the third generation's unbalanced design.
2012-12-05 Analysis: Intel as foundry for Apple, Cisco
Intel may need to focus less on processor design to becoming a foundry that supplies bigwigs like Apple and Cisco if it wants to stay relevant in the industry, according to this EE Times analysis piece.
2002-07-29 Analog receives ISO-14001 certification for its SOI fab
Analog Devices Inc. has received an ISO-14001 certification for its SOI substrate manufacturing facility in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2011-01-12 Aeroflex to acquire Korean firm’s spectrum analyzer assets
Aeroflex is set to acquire LIGNex1’s spectrum analyzer assets, confident that its long-standing relationship with the Korean company will allow for a smooth transition and continued customer support.
2012-04-09 Advantages of resistive RAM for next-gen NVM
Here's a discussion on the strengths of hafnium-oxide-based resistive RAM cells, and the main challenges ahead for this technology.
2016-03-17 Achieve picosecond precision with FPGA techniques
When dealing with digital converters implemented on FPGA, you need to take important features into consideration to reach picosecond precision.
2016-01-19 A tech walkthrough of metal gate I/O transistors
The input/output (I/O) transistor is the workhorse of the metal gate CMOS transistors, yet noone really talks about it. In this article, we'll see why it is worth a look.
2010-08-23 6ch microcontroller enables zoned cooling
Maxim introduces its MAX31782, a system management microcontroller that utilizes six temperature measurement channels with six channels of closed-loop fan control.
2009-08-19 20W plug adapters are energy-efficient
Phihong's new compact, energy-efficient 20W interchangeable adapters offer single 12-, 24- and 48V outputs.
2005-01-27 0402-packaged resistors with 'industry's widest resistance range'
Vishay extended its family of Vishay Beyschlag thin film flat chip resistors with the introduction of high-stability, precision devices in miniature 0402 packages.
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