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2000-09-07 Z8602/14/15/C15/E23 microcontrollers control a 101/102 PC keyboard
This application note depicts a typical method of interfacing a standard keyboard to a PC XT/AT by using the Z8602/14/15/C15/E23 MCUs.
2008-08-29 Using USB keyboard with an embedded host
This application note demonstrates how to develop a USB keyboard application that can run on the Explorer 16 demo board with a USB PICtail Plus daughter board using a Microchip USB On-The-Go MCU as the embedded host.
2001-06-07 Using a PCAT keyboard with a TICkit 63/74
This application note details a simple process of using a PCAT keyboard for alphanumeric input on a TICkit 63/74 processor.
2008-08-27 Using a keyboard with the Microchip Graphics Library
The Microchip Graphics Library simplifies the design of a keyboard-based GUI, as this application note will demonstrate.
2002-12-11 USB Keyboard using PDIUSBH11A
This application note describes how to use the PDIUSBH11A to implement a USB keyboard.
2008-08-29 USB controller packs software to connect mouse, keyboard
Seiko Epson Corp. has developed the S1R72U01, Japan's first USB controller LSI that includes dedicated software for connecting a mouse or keyboard.
2004-12-08 STR71x ADC driving an analog keyboard
This app note provides an example of how to use the STR71x analog to digital converter (ADC) to read inputs from an analog keyboard.
2012-12-03 Roll-Qi unveils rollable keyboard for mobile devices
The Qii turns virtually any surface, soft or hard, flat or curved, into a full functionality user interface for your computers, tablets or smartphones.
2002-03-12 Poly-Optical fiber-optic panel backlights keyboard using one LED
The company's UniGlo fiber-optic panel backlights full-travel computer keyboards and flat panel membrane switch keyboard overlays with a single LED as light source.
2016-02-29 New smart glasses offer virtual keyboard
The processor used for K-Glass 3 is composed of a pre-processing core to implement stereo vision, seven deep-learning cores to accelerate real-time scene recognition within 33ms.
2008-05-06 Monitor with keyboard quickens portable PXI testing
When the NI PMA-1115 portable touchscreen monitor with integrated keyboard is used with a new or existing PXI chassis, this accessory is suitable for a variety of portable PXI applications.
2002-08-23 Minebea, Huan Hsin to engage in PC keyboard business
Japan based-Minebea Co. Ltd and Huan Hsin Holdings Ltd Group of China have signed an agreement to establish Sheng Ding Ltd which will mainly manufacture PC keyboards.
2003-02-07 Micronas keyboard controller enables desktop VoIP
The UAC 3556B USB keyboard controller enables desktop VoIP by integrating an additional audio channel directly into existing keyboard architectures.
2015-07-23 Keyboard, display multiplexing: The traditional approach
Learn about multiplexing, the technique of configuring displays and keyboards/switches in a matrix in order to reduce the number of I/O lines used in hardware.
2015-08-28 Keyboard, display multiplexing: Charlieplexing
Learn about multiplexing, the technique of configuring displays and keyboards/switches in a matrix in order to reduce the number of I/O lines used in hardware.
2008-03-12 Keyboard backlight requires less power, fewer LEDs
Global Lighting Technologies has introduced a thinner, LED-based backlight for use with desktop or notebook PC keyboards.
2008-02-01 Industrial keyboard features new function keys
EAO's mechanical, metal keyboards now offer an additional row of function keys to deliver a six-row version for public or harsh industrial environment applications including kiosks and information terminals.
2002-09-23 Image-projection keyboard eyes mobile gear
Canesta Inc.'s projectable keyboard could help solve the problem of how to increase the number of text in pocket-sized devices.
2010-02-08 I/O expanders handle up to 96 keys in keyboard matrix
Toshiba offers flexible I/O expander ICs that help overcome CPU limitations, adding connectivity and programmable functionality, including signal generation, keyboard support and PAL logic functions.
2009-10-27 I?C keyboard controller supports QWERTY
The IC's oscillator debounces at 50?s keeping a 10-byte FIFO of key-press and key-release events.
2002-09-11 Fujitsu MCUs function as laptop keyboard controllers
Fujitsu Ltd has announced the availability of a pair of 16-bit microcontrollers with built-in power management functions for use as mobile PC keyboard controllers.
2000-06-02 Four-Channel Digital Voltmeter with Display and Keyboard
This application note demonstrates the capability of the PIC16C71 by multiplexing four seven-segment leads into different implementations with the PIC16C71, a 4-by-4 keypad, an A/D channel, and a 4-by-4 keypad and four A/D channels.
2005-06-16 Four-channel digital voltmeter with display and keyboard
This app note demonstrates the capability of the PIC16C71 and has been broken down into four subsections.
2003-09-19 Driving an analog keyboard with the ST7 ADC
This application note presents an example on how to use the analog digital converter function of the ST7 microcontroller.
2014-05-29 Dialog pursues HID market with keyboard reference design
The Bluetooth Smart keyboard reference design is built on the company's SmartBondTM DA14580 SoC, maximising wireless keyboard battery lifetime longevity and reducing BoM.
2001-03-29 Designing a USB keyboard with the Cypress Semiconductor CY7C63413 USB microcontroller
This application note describes how to design a USB keyboard using Cypress Semiconductor's single-chip CY7C63413 USB microcontroller.
2001-03-26 Designing a USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse combination device using the Cypress semiconductor CY7C63413 USB Microcontroller
This application note describes how to design a USB keyboard and PS/2 mouse combination device using the Cypress Semiconductor single-chip CY7C63413 USB microcontroller.
2003-04-30 Cypress, NMB to co-develop wireless keyboard, mouse solutions
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and NMB Technologies Corp. have collaborated to jointly develop wireless keyboard and mouse solutions based on Cypress' WirelessUSB technology.
2005-02-21 Broadcom launches chip for Bluetooth mice and keyboard
Broadcom announced a new Bluetooth chip the company said increases battery life and cost savings for Bluetooth wireless keyboards and mice.
2003-04-25 AVR313: Interfacing the PC AT Keyboard
This application note describes the procedure in setting up a standard PC AT keyboard as a human interface for the Atmel microcontrollers.
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