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2008-11-17 Smart lamp ballast IC eyes fluorescent lamps
Infineon Technologies AG launched its next-generation lamp ballast controller that features intelligent digital/mixed signal power control
2004-12-07 Using the FMS7401 to implement a 200KHz full-digital dimming ballast for a fluorescent lamp
This app note discusses how to use the FMS7401 digital power controller (DPC) to digitally implement power compact fluorescent lamp ballast with a power range of 32W to 57W.
2002-04-17 Understanding cold cathode fluorescent lamps
2003-05-28 Thyristors for Ignition of Fluorescent Lamps
This application note presents design tips on how to use thyristors for ignition of fluorescent lamps
2006-08-10 Syfer offers ceramic chip capacitors for fluorescent lighting systems
Announced by Syfer Technology is a range of ceramic chip capacitors designed specifically for use in the snubber circuit of high frequency ballasts for fluorescent lighting systems
2003-05-27 Signal lamp (CCFL) application with the UBA2070
This application note details the use of the UBA2070 integrated half bridge driver IC to design a one lamp inverter with dim-function, operating at a typical input voltage of 200Vdc
2008-03-11 O2Micro receives open-lamp detection patent
O2Micro International has been granted 14 claims under U.S. patent number 7,253,569 for its EEFL open-lamp detection invention
2014-03-04 Lower prices drive LED lamp uptake in Indonesia
While fluorescent lamps have dominated the Indonesian market, promotion of environmental issues in addition to reducing prices aid in boosting LED lamp revenues.
2006-11-13 IR unveils 600V ballast controller for fluorescent lamps
International Rectifier's IRS2166D is a 600V fully-integrated and protected ballast control IC for advanced linear fluorescent lamp ballasts that incorporate active PFC.
2004-07-06 IR ballast control IC increases lamp reliability
IR introduced a CFL ballast control IC that can adapt to changing supply voltage, frequency and lamp conditions to increase lamp life and reliability
2009-02-10 Intelligent multipower digital ballast for fluorescent lamps
This application note describes an electronic ballast that is able to recognize lamps within the T5 fluorescent family such as 24W, 39W, 54W and 80W
2007-02-06 HVIC with PFC eases multilamp circuits in fluorescent ballasts
IR's IRS2168D HVIC features a wide range input voltage PFC to simplify complex multilamp circuits.
2014-01-16 How to drive LED with fluorescent ballast (Part 2
Learn about AC/DC converter with active LED current control, high harmonic input current and maximum LED string lengths for ballast types.
2014-01-02 How to drive LED with fluorescent ballast (Part 1
Here's a look at an AC/DC converter without active LED current control.
2003-05-27 Desktop lamp (CCFL) application with the UBA2070
This application note details the use of the UBA2070 integrated half bridge driver IC to design a two lamps (700V/6mA per lamp) inverter with dim-function, operating at a typical input voltage of 200Vdc
2002-03-18 Cold cathode fluorescent lamps: A history and overview
This application note provides a brief history and overview for the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) also called as SMFL (sub-miniature fluorescent lamp) and a description of CCFL electrical discharge lighting devices.
2002-04-17 Cold cathode fluorescent lamps
This application note describes the functions and properties of cold cathode fluorescent lamps
2005-03-03 Atmel MCUs tailored for lamp ballast apps
Atmel's new family of MCUs is designed for different types of lamp ballast applications, including single and multiple fluorescent tube apps.
2006-10-24 Combo' ballast IC enables brighter fluorescent lamps
STMicroelectronics says its L6585 "combo IC," which integrates a power factor correction stage with a half-bridge controller and all the relevant drivers and logic for an electronic ballast IC, delivers higher efficiency and ultimately makes for fluorescent lamps that shine brighter
2003-02-17 Using CCFL backlight converter in portable device applications
This paper discusses a PZT-based backlight power supply solution.
2005-05-16 TFT-LCD modules improve video quality
The popularity of LCDs has grown rapidly in the last five years and has taken over CRTs in many desktop applications
2006-10-04 Taiwan court's judgment favors O2Micro over Asus
Claims of alleged violations of AsusTek Computer Inc. (Asus) against O2Micro were dismissed by the Taiwan High Court, affirming the Taipei District Court's prior judgment.
2006-07-06 Research team achieves UV-accelerated oxide growth
University College London has succeeded in oxidizing silicon using ultraviolet light rather than a high-temperature furnace.
2005-05-24 New custom backlight inverters from Phihong
Phihong offers custom backlight inverters for flat panel display apps that drive the CCFL in LCD back lighting apps to support displays as small as two inches and up to 37 inches.
2005-08-16 New CCFL inverters freeze from ERG out harsh environments
Endicott Research Group's E200II and SE/SE2 series inverters for powering the cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlights for LCDs feature a vacuum-encapsulated design to ensure reliable lamp ignition in rough environments.
2003-03-31 Maxim VFD controller includes filament drive
A vacuum-fluorescent display controller from Maxim Integrated Products features embedded fonts and filament timing for flicker-free displays
2004-03-10 Maxim backlight controller powers CCFLs
Maxim Integrated Products' integrated backlight controller is designed for powering cold-cathode fluorescent lamps
2011-10-25 LED sol'n reduces lighting system cost, complexity
Bridgelux has announced the release of its newest LED solution, the Bridgelux Micro SM4, which aims to address the demands for 20C40 watt replacement lamp market
2005-08-18 LED backlighting solutions enhance brightness control
CI Displays now offers field-upgradeable and OEM LED backlighting solutions that provide greater brightness control and extended display life.
2000-06-19 L6569-L6561 lighting application with PFC
This application note has been developed to supply two 18W fluorescent lamps. It consists of two sections: a Power Factor Corrected (PFC) pre-regulator, using the L6561, and the lamp ballast stage with the L6569.
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