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What is assembly language (also assembly code)?
A simple computer programming language, specific to each microprocessor or microcontroller, which has a direct, one-to-one correspondence between each assembly-language instruction and the associated machine-code instruction.
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2013-07-09 Wind River Linux receives Ada language support
The GNAT Pro Ada development environment on the Wind River Linux platform allows the development of applications that combine modules in Ada, C and C++, and manipulates and analyses Ada applications.
2004-01-01 Verification platform for Jeda language rolls
Jeda Technologies released Jeda-X, a commercial product based on the Jeda hardware verification language.
2003-11-17 The power of Unified Modeling Language class diagrams
Being adept at UML can be beneficial, as it is a powerful language for capturing the different aspects of a system.
2008-05-01 The language of multiprocessing
At AdaCore, which is in the business of producing Ada compiler systems for many architectures, the only thing that needed to be done for multicore systems was to update the marketing literature.
2006-01-02 SystemVerilog won't kill 'e' language
Backers of 'e,' which is nearing IEEE standardization, say that rumors of the language's death are exaggerated.
2003-12-18 Sun invites IBM, Cray to collaborate on high-end computer language
Sun Microsystems is inviting competitors IBM Corp. and Cray Inc. to collaborate on defining a new computer language it claims could bolster performance and productivity for scientific and technical computing. The effort is part of a government-sponsored program under which the three companies are competing to design a petascale-class computer by 2010.
2002-09-18 Sugar language sweetens assertions
Three EDA vendors will announce support for the Sugar 2.0 formal property language, adding to a growing list of endorsements that suggests this new Accellera standard will be widely accepted.
2005-08-08 Solve the complexity issues in network system design with a packet processing language model
SBC system providers are rising to the challenge of network system complexity by providing equipment with the necessary performance.
2004-12-01 Scripting language uses small instruction set
Mirabilis Design's SmartMachine uses only 10 instructions to describe complex models in a few lines of code.
2011-08-01 Programming language geared for safety-critical systems
The parallel programming language being developed by SoftCheck and Ada Compilers targets safety-critical systems where C/C++ and parallelizations of C/C++ are notoriously unsafe.
2010-01-15 Parallel language, early verification to drive 2010 success
According Mathworks India Pvt. Ltd managing director, Kishore Rao, parallel language and early verification with Model-Based Design will serve as cornerstones of engineering success in 2010.
2002-12-04 Novas systems to support Verisity language
Novas Software Inc. has announced that it will increase its support for Verisity Ltd's "e" verification language in Novas' debugging systems, and will participate in "e" language standardization efforts.
2003-11-13 New verification platform is based on Jeda language
New verification platform is based on Jeda language
2008-10-13 New language tool allows reusable model designs
Ver 3 of Simscape from The Mathworks integrates a new language that helps the users to design their own physical modelling components and libraries in the Simulink environment.
2003-05-26 New EDA consortium promotes assertion language
Seeking to accelerate the adoption of the PSL, 13 EDA companies have joined together with two user companies to form the PSL/Sugar Consortium.
2006-02-01 Language standards from IEEE open choices
Once seen as competitors, SystemC and SystemVerilog languages appear to be settling into largely complementary niches.
2006-06-01 IEEE standardizes 'e' language
The IEEE has put its stamp of approval on Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s "e" verification language, making it an open standard that anyone can use or support.
2001-05-11 How to interface C and assembly language with the TMS320 floating point C compiler
This application note offers a simple approach using case studies to describe the main choices available to the programmer to interface C and assembly language with the TMS320 floating-point C compiler.
2004-03-30 HDL generation language adds open-source license
Confluence, a declarative programming language, is now available under the GNU General Public License.
2003-03-03 Getting the most from unified modeling language
This article will summarize the general ways UML can be applied to a development project and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
2002-07-26 Eten introduces Chinese-language PocketPC
Eten Information Systems Co. Ltd has introduced the InfoTouch P600 PocketPC that supports traditional and simplified Chinese characters, and provides GPRS capability.
2009-02-05 EPRI joins group developing language for home nets
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is now collaborating with the Zigbee Alliance and the HomePlug Powerline Alliance to develop a common language for home area network (HAN) devices to use advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).
2002-08-09 Engineer creates open-source HDL in Ruby language
Illustrating the power of the Ruby scripting language, consulting engineer Phil Tomson has used it to create the open-source Ruby hardware-description language.
2003-09-23 Engineer creates HDL generation language
A declarative, functional programming language that eases RTL code generation is now going into beta sites, and is available for free downloading.
2002-08-13 EDA startup develops new design language
SpiraTech Ltd. thinks it has such unique technology that its CY language will find a compelling niche.
2008-06-02 Don't kiss assembly language goodbye
Jack Ganssle tells us why assembly programming will always be an important--even critical--skill for firmware developers.
2003-10-20 Design language links to open-source model checker
Confluence, an RTL generation language, has a new link to an open-source model checker used primarily to verify complex software systems.
2014-10-28 Cx: New language for hardware design, verification
Cx is close enough to C in terms of syntax that it is easy to learn, and anyone with notions of C-like curly syntax should be able to read and understand Cx code. Find out more about it in this article.
2004-05-20 Celoxica C-language compiler supports IPFlex DAPDNA
Celoxica Ltd and IPFlex Inc. have signed an alliance extending Celoxica C-based synthesis technology to the IPFlex digital application processor/distributed network architecture (DAPDNA) dynamically reconfigurable processor technology.
2002-05-03 Cadence supports Accellera specification language
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has revealed that it is supporting the standard property specification language defined by Accellera to enable assertion-based simulation and formal verification.
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