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2005-10-18 Cascade Microtech's new software simplifies RF measurements
Cascade Microtech released the WinCal 2006 software to address the testing challenges brought on by the increase in the volume of complex, high-speed semiconductors that are designed and tested for use in mobile communications products.
2009-07-29 Camera module covers 90 field angle
Alps Electric Europe GmbH has developed what it claims to be the first wide-angle (90 field angle) optical size 1/10 inch VGA camera module for use in mobile phones and handheld game machines.
2015-01-13 Busting the big LED lighting myth
Consumers may have yet to experience the touted primary benefit of LED, which is long operational life. This article explains why LED lighting fails earlier than we might expect.
2003-07-24 Bus switch families offer high-speed at lower voltage
Texas Instruments' Standard Linear and Logic division will introduce this week several bus switches designed to handle higher speeds and lower voltages.
2015-10-01 Bridge gap between USB and traditional interfaces
In this article, we examine how integrated isolation and power bridge the gap between USB and traditional industrial interfaces.
2007-04-18 Bluetooth module shipments to hit 1.6B in '10
Bluetooth module shipments are expected to grow to 1.6 billion in 2010. Between 2006-2010, unit shipments will grow 33 percent per year and revenue will expand from $1.47 billion to more than $3.2 billion.
2012-06-27 Bluetooth bats for second wave
IC Insights reports that Bluetooth technology is set for a second wave as applications that were not possible in the past are becoming doable due to the Bluetooth low-energy standard.
2009-01-08 Battery management tech improves safety
SigFx LLC has launched the SaFPWR energy management system that extracts more power from a lithium polymer battery, prolongs the battery cell life and improves safety.
2003-02-11 Auto makers catch fuel-cell fever
Auto makers and researchers are applauding the Bush administration's efforts to bring vehicles powered by fuel cells to the marketplace, saying the technology has a more realistic chance of success than the battery-powered cars of a decade ago.
2004-07-26 Atheros hits home with WLAN chipset
Atheros Communications has extended its WLAN chipset for high-definition TV and other multimedia distribution throughout the home.
2008-02-07 Aruba intros 'blast-resistant' Wi-Fi gear
Aruba Networks has come out with a new line of "explosion-resistant" access points that it says are the first units especially designed for the often harsh environments of industrial users.
2005-08-03 Arrays save PCB space, costs
Diodes Inc. introduced a new product platform featuring two series of application specific complex arrays
2007-05-21 Antenova springs Shanghai surprise
Antenova has opened its newest sales and support office in Shanghai, China.
2004-07-05 Anadigics selects Emcore as RF wafer supplier
Anadigics Inc. has selected Emcore Corp. to be its primary supplier for all RF materials.
2015-01-12 Aluminium-air battery uses salt water to recharge
The battery from Fuji Pigment boasts a modified structure that controls anode corrosion and by-product accumulation, which results in longer battery lifetime.
2008-09-25 Aixtron: LED market boom not before 2013
After enjoying record sales in Q4 07, due to energy saving trends, LED production equipment manufacturer Aixtron now sees a "digestion phase" during which the semiconductor market will absorb the production capacity built up over the past quarters.
2003-05-15 Agilent photo sensor accurately detects ambient light
Agilent Tech's HSDL-9000 photo sensor detects the amount of light at any given time and sends a signal to adjust the backlighting in a mobile screen.
2008-01-21 Address power management issues in mobiles
Increasing focus towards system aspects of cellphones forces designers to take a holistic and dynamic approach to power management to effectively decrease power consumption without degrading performance.
2006-09-13 Accelerometer features 3-by-3-by-1mm footprint
HDK America Inc. unveiled what it touts as the smallest piezoresistive three-axis accelerometer with a 3-by-3-by-1mm footprint.
2012-02-02 A look at multilevel cell SSDs
Know the attributes, features and requirements needed to support the data center to ensure user data reliability.
2005-10-04 4GB embedded storage device to replace micro hard drives
SanDisk's iNAND is a small, high-speed NAND flash storage device that the company is touting as an alternative to micro hard drives in mobile applications.
2006-05-01 3D flexible circuits ease packaging
When it comes to designing flexible circuits, there is no better teacher than your fabrication house, says Andy Buja. He shares a few more design tips.
2009-02-04 'My Wi-Fi' to enable traveling PANs
Intel Corp. wants to connect millions of Wi-Fi-enabled devices by building a wireless access point called My Wi-Fi into Centrino 2-equipped notebook PCs, establishing a personal area network (PAN) that travels with users.
2005-08-15 WLAN on the move: 802.11xyz
The 802.11 standard (a.k.a. Wi-Fi) may play an even larger role in the future as it continues to evolve.
2011-08-26 Wind River, McAfee strengthen security for embedded designs
The rise of Internet-enabled devices has given embedded system designers the challenge to incorporate security into their designs.
2008-03-27 WiMAX takes off at airports
WiMAX is set to make its commercial debut at airports, updating manifests, flight plans and onboard entertainment each time a plane lands.
2016-05-05 Will Apple mark the end of 3.5mm headphones?
Since Apple's already navigated the 30-pin to Lightning transition, what's the incremental motivation to additionally drop the legacy headphone jack connection?
2010-01-04 What's the next big application?
Here's a list of the 10 technology applications to watch for in 2010, examining examine the features that make them so compelling as well unresolved issues that might keep them from breaking out.
2015-06-26 What are the advantages of using USB Type-C?
Using the USB Type-C allows manufacturers to deliver power, data and display over a single connector, cable and port. It is good for over 100W, high-speed data and a 4K display.
2006-06-02 Vista OS sags, FlexGo scores
A new system concept for emerging markets called FlexGo stole the show at Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference last month.
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