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2015-08-03 Microsoft places hope on Windows 10 Mobile
Microsoft is confident Windows 10's universal apps will help plug the holes in its mobile offering, which will allow developers to truly create apps that run on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
2014-01-10 Microchip introduces flexible, turnkey sensor hub
The low-power SSC7102 consumes about 4mA while running complex sensor-fusion algorithms, resulting in longer battery life for Windows 8.1 tablets, laptops, ultrabooks and smartphones.
2007-07-25 Mass production of OLPC laptops kicks off
The non-profit OLPC project founded by Nicholas Negroponte reported it has authorized mass production of its XO laptop.
2006-11-10 Li-ion battery standard up for revision
IEEE begins revision of the Li-ion laptop battery standard --the IEEE 1625--to address recent calls and to improve overall performance, as well as make laptop battery systems more reliable and robust.
2007-02-02 Li-ion battery lasts as long as the notebook
Boston Power's Sonata battery promises to deliver three times the lifetime of current batteries, enabling high-end business users who consume two or three batteries with every notebook computer to have one battery that lasts the life of their notebook.
2009-12-30 Li-ion batteries boast improved electrode materials
Panasonic Corp. has developed two new 18650-type high-capacity Li-ion battery cells for use in laptop computers and environmentally-friendly energy technologies.
2013-09-03 Leadless package one-gate logic IC for mobile devices
The TC7SZ32MX one-gate logic IC operates at a voltage range of 1.65V to 5.5V and is aimed at laptop PCs, digital cameras and smart phones.
2007-12-04 Lancor sues OLPC for patent infringement
Lancor Management Ltd has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nicholas Negroponte, One Laptop Per Child Association (OLPC) and its enablers in Nigeria.
2002-08-12 Kycon DIN connector reduces footprint
Kycon Inc.'s KMDR series of mini-DIN connectors, reducing its height and width by 23 percent and footprint area by 25 percent, making it suitable for use in portable computers.
2006-10-24 JEITA task force to set notebook PC battery guidelines
A task force was formed by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association to set guidelines for safety use of Li-ion batteries in notebook PCs.
2007-05-07 iSuppli: Most laptops will come with flash memory soon
The percentage of new laptops carrying some form of flash memory for data storage will soar to more than 50 percent in the next two years, says iSuppli.
2009-01-13 Intel to bring out chip for lower-cost thin laptops
Intel will bring out a new Core-architecture processor for lower-cost ultra-thin laptops later this year, according to sources.
2002-04-29 Intel ships Pentium 4s for laptops
Intel Corp. has introduced the Mobile Pentium 4 Processor-Mrunning at 1.4GHz, 1,5GHz, and 1.8GHzand are expected to usher at least 30 new laptops for both consumer and business users.
2007-07-17 Intel joins OLPC project
Intel and One Laptop per Child (OLPC) have agreed to work together to bring the benefits of technology to the developing world through synergy of their respective programs.
2006-01-10 Intel announces new digital entertainment platforms
Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini unveiled two platforms and several content alliances at the 2006 CES that promise to provide the foundation for new experiences from digital entertainment and wireless laptops.
2008-07-31 India to develop $10 laptops
The India Ministry of Human Resources Development plans to develop a very low-cost access, low-power device designed to link Indian technology and other institutes.
2002-06-11 ICC expands line of safety circuits for batteries
International Components Corp. has expanded their line of safety circuits for Li-ion batteries, enabling greater flexibility.
2008-03-06 HP tops, Acer overtakes Dell in notebook rankings
Thanks to two major acquisitions, Acer surpassed Dell as the number two supplier of notebooks, second to top-ranked HP.
2007-06-06 HD DVD-RW drive for laptops slims down
Toshiba is set to showcase its half-inch thick SD-L912A rewriteable HD DVD drive for laptops at this week's Computex 2007 in Taiwan.
2015-08-11 Global smart textile/fabric market to hit $1.59B in 2020
The market is expected to be driven by the rising penetration of smartphones and other smart or high-tech devices including iPods, stated Grand View Research.
2007-06-25 Gateway recalls 14,000 fire-hazard batteries
Another PC maker has launched voluntary recall of defective laptop batteries. Gateway Inc. began last week a recall of about 14,000 laptop batteries that could pose a fire hazard.
2003-04-21 Furukuwa develops thinnest heatsink
Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd has announced the development of a sheet-type heatsink, which the company claims to be the world's smallest.
2003-03-12 Fujitsu 2.5-inch HDDs have highest areal density
Fujitsu Ltd has introduced the MHT series of 2.5-inch mobile HDDs with capacities ranging up to 80GB and boasts of an areal density of 10.7Gbps/cm?.
2015-08-27 Fuel cell tech delivers week-long power to phones, laptops
Intelligent Energy recently showed iPhone 6 and Macbook Air retrofits with a fuel cell exactly the same size as its current Li-ion battery, but which energises the devices for a week between refuelling.
2006-11-16 Fingerprint sensors keep data secure in laptops
One method for safeguarding data is biometric technology, specifically, fingerprint sensors. These devices are embedded in PCs and handhelds to add a new level of security by making it almost impossible for unauthorized access.
2002-05-02 Fairchild CMOS power amp produces 1W
Designed for mobile phones, DECT phones, PDAs, and other portable applications, the FAN7021 CMOS power amplifier from Fairchild Semiconductor produces up to 1W of low-distortion continuous output power with supply voltages from 2V to 5.5V.
2016-05-06 ESD protection diodes secure wearable, mobile devices
The latest devices from Toshiba flaunt low dynamic resistance and achieve high-performance capabilities through a low dynamic resistance of about 0.5.
2009-02-23 Embedded modem growth trips over downturn
Despite the positive picture for embedded modems, the global recession will inevitably have an impact on the market, notes ABI Research.
2003-09-01 Embedded Linux technologies: More power to you
While users perceive results of power management in terms of battery life, it is really a combination of CPU capabilities, system software, middleware and policy.
2005-09-20 DuPont establishes LCD glass plant in China
DuPont has expanded its investment in China and established a second plant in Shenzhen that will serve the company's Displays and Liquid Packaging Systems businesses.
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