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2003-04-09 Wankeda laser pick-up unit has 0.45 NA
The SKD-B13 laser pick-up unit of Wankeda Ind. Co. Ltd operates over the 760nm to 800nm wavelength and exhibits a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.45.
2005-02-11 Ruixiang laser pick-up units have 0.45 numerical aperture
Designed for use in CD players, the new laser pick-up units from China Ruixiang Electronic Technology feature strong reading performance.
2003-02-13 Ruixiang laser pick-up unit suits VCD players
The KSS-213CCM laser pick-up unit of Ruixiang Electronic Technology Co. Ltd operates from a 5V supply, over a wavelength of 760nm to 800nm.
2004-03-31 CEIEC laser pick-up units suit VCD, CD players
China National Electronics' CEIECSXD3-021 laser pick-up units feature a numerical aperture of 0.45 and laser wavelength of 760nm to 800nm.
2005-06-13 Taiwan unveils plug-in ready ac LED, blue laser DVD PUH
The Industrial Technology Research Institute's Optoelectronics & Systems Laboratories (OESL) in Taiwan has developed an LED that can operate under 110V AC.
2007-07-19 Laser diode driver supports combo DVD formats
Atmel Corp. launches what it claims as the industry's smallest laser diode driver solution, ATR0881, designed for use in combined HD DVD/Blu-ray, DVD and CD drives, claimed to be the
2005-01-03 Atmel laser diode drivers target PC drives, DVD recorders
Atmel's ATR084x family is designed for digital versatile disk with read/write function (DVDRW)/CD-RW combo drives.
2004-12-22 Atmel laser diode driver includes LVDS
Atmel's new laser diode driver family has low voltage differential signals for enhanced write speed
2003-01-14 Intel fires up tunable lasers
In a major move into optical communications, Intel Corp. plans to roll out its first tunable lasers for enterprise networks and MANs.
2002-05-20 Stratos RJ Format optical transceivers meet Infiniband specs
Stratos Lightwave Inc. has announced the shipment of its RJ Format of optical transceivers that comply with the Infiniband standard, and are intended for use in heavy-traffic environments.
2002-03-01 ERNI fiber-optic transceiver supports 500kbps data rate
The ERbic SafetyBus p-system fiber-optic transceiver converts the electrical signals from a SafetyBus p-interface into optical signals, and supports bidirectional data transmission at rates of up to rates of up to 500Kbps
2007-04-19 Photodetector IC suits slim laptop DVD drives
Atmel unveiled the ATR0874, a photodetector IC for use in the optical pick-up units of DVD and CD drives and is suitable for the slim drives found in most laptops
2007-09-03 Front monitor diode suits HD DVD, Blu-ray drives
Atmel has unveiled the ATR1841 and ATR1842 front monitor diode ICs targeted at optical pick-up units of slim and ultraslim HD DVD and Blu-ray drives
2004-05-04 Finisar to acquire Infineon optics unit
Finisar Corp., a specialist in photonic components and subsystems, has emerged as the successful bidder for Infineon Technologies AG's fiber-optics business.
2002-01-07 Elantec modulation oscillators cut noise, improve read performance of OPUs
The EL6202C, EL6203C, EL6204C and EL6205C low-power, low-noise laser modulation oscillators are targeted at optical storage drives found in PCs and DVD players
2005-11-07 Atmel rolls latest DVD-SoC
Atmel Corp.'s AT78C4050 DVD-SoC touted to be the industry's highest level integrated optical system based on 0.13?m tech.
2014-07-07 The cost of overlooking design-for-test
To prevent costly printed circuit board rework, it is important to have an effective DFT strategy based on a close partnership and working relationship between PCB design and test engineering.
2009-01-15 Coming soon: HD projector cellphones
Are you ready for cellphones that could generate, play and even project high-definition (HD) video?
2002-02-15 Sipex PDIC enables faster CD, DVD read speeds
The SP8040 is a high-performance four-channel PDIC that combines a photodetector array and high-speed analog processing in a single chip for the pick-up head read-channel
2003-07-18 Advantest spectrum analyzer tests at 0.5s
Advantest Corp. has released its Q8341 Optical Spectrum Analyzer for short-wavelength laser diodes that has an expanded wavelength range of up to 1,000nm
2002-09-30 Samsung Electro to sell capacitor business
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Corp. has decided to sell its electrolytic capacitor business to Samhwa Electric Inc. this year-end.
2003-11-20 China unveils its own video format
In a move calculated to separate itself from new consumer electronics standards emerging elsewhere, China announced a new digital video format called Enhanced Versatile Disc (EVD).
2006-01-19 Toshiba unveils new CD-MP3 processors for automotive apps
Toshiba America Electronic Components announced two new CD-MP3 processors that enable playback of CD and multiple compressed audio formats from a single IC.
2004-02-13 SG system requires little operator intervention
System General's automated programming system requires very little operator intervention.
2013-06-21 Sensor determines sound direction through light
A sensor developed within SINTEF's MiNaLab gives microphones hyper-acute hearing and a sense of direction.
2015-10-30 Say goodbye to 'old-fashioned' ghost hunting
This Halloween, we offer you the finest in mobile apps, devices, and technology to help you survive your encounters with the paranormal.
2014-02-17 Quantum photolithography writes 1nm lines at industry speed
An experiment headed by Storex CEO Eugen Pavel was conducted using a proprietary photoresist material that functions as a nanolens, enabling a very high resolution at the centre of the beam.
2013-01-31 Philips returns to lighting roots, drop CE business
Philips has exited the consumer electronics market choosing to focus instead on segments such as LED lighting and control systems.
2000-08-01 Moving to 12-bit embedded control
At the Embedded Systems Conference in 1998, Tremont Mao of Analog Devices was demonstrating his own version of the Rube Goldberg machine.
2008-04-01 ICs ready for medical practice
Recent semiconductor advances in the medical field give credence to a rising belief that biology will be one of the next big application areas in electronics.
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