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2000-04-12 Characterization report on 622Mbps logic interface laser transmitter for OC12/STM4
This application note describes the characterization work performed on the XMT5170B-622 20 PIN DIP logic interface laser transmitter. The note also evaluates the XMT5170B-622 performance under all conditions against target parameters in the product specification.
2013-12-11 Research: Transmitter boosts optical fiber capacity tenfold
A research group at EPFL used Nyquist sinc pulses to allow information to be encoded on pulses that overlap in the time domain and use a minimum of spectral bandwidth, maximizing optical capacity.
2004-01-20 NEC laser diode modules have wavelength monitor
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd and NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH have announced the availability of a DFB laser diode module
2002-11-13 HFRD-2.0: 2.5Gbps Small Form Factor transmitter
This application note describes HFRD 2.0 SFF MSA 2.5Gbps transmitter
2014-03-21 Gen II transmitter provides dual 1310nm deployment option
EMCORE's 2804 Generation II 1310 nm transmitter is designed for small and independent CATV operators
2011-05-06 Emcore launches 1550nm CATV transmitter platform
Emcore has released a new platform under its 1550nm CATV fiber optic transmitter product portfolio for extending traditional CATV systems, such as head-end consolidation and broadcast transport
2002-12-03 Bandwidth9 rolls 'extended reach' transmitter
Bandwidth9 Inc. is sampling its MetroFlex G2 series of tunable transmitters that addresses regional ring apps.
2003-10-03 Optical Module Development Platform 2.5 Gbps Transmitter with Digital Diagnostics
This application note describes the Optical Module Development Platform 2.5 Gbps Transmitter with Digital Diagnostics
2005-01-07 VCSEL sub-assembly achieves 2.5Gbps data rate
Optek Technology has developed an 850nm VCSEL packaged in an FC style receptacle capable of data transmission rates up to 2.5Gbps.
2002-12-23 Sirenza obtains patent for method on broadband ICs
Sirenza Microdevices Inc., a designer and supplier of RF components, has been granted U.S. patent number 6,480,067, entitled
2004-07-06 Sirenza obtains patent for fiber-optic transmitters
Sirenza Microdevices has received an U.S. patent number 6,750,717 entitled "Peaking Control for Wideband Laser Driver Applications.&quot
2007-05-31 Robocop, who? South Korea's military to get high-tech makeover
They are stuff taken from sci-fi movies but South Korea is eyeing to have its military carry firearms with a laser-target system and real-time battleground display helmets by 2020
2011-11-16 Reliability demo of VCSEL devices at 40Gbit/s
The VCSEL devices made from a material at IQE operate at 850nm for short-reach fiber data communication storage area networks.
2010-05-07 Radar detector packs location-aware features
Without specialty ASICs, but with beautiful RF engineering, the Escort 9500ix seems to own the top spot in radar/laser detectors for now
2003-03-27 Optical subassembly modules come in JEDEC TO cans
Mitsubishi Electric has introduced uncooled 10GbE TOSA and ROSA modules in an industry-standard, coaxial JEDEC TO can package.
2012-06-29 Optical solutions fill cloud, data center needs
Avago's 120Gb/s MiniPOD multichannel optical transmitter and receiver modules offer 12 unidirectional channels while its CXP pluggable transceiver contains 12 transmit and 12 receive lanes
2007-03-29 NEC extends 10Gbps XFP transceiver reach to 160km
NEC Corp. demonstrated an extended-reach 10Gbps XFP transceiver for 160km links without dispersion compensation.
2002-08-13 Lightconnect attenuator suits receiver protection apps
Lightconnect Inc. has announced the shipment of the FVOA Series 4000, a MEMS-based device suited for receiver protection or as a safety switch during transmitter turn-up
2010-07-29 Intel: Silicon photonics to replace copper
Silicon photonics will replace copper connections in everything from supercomputers to servers to PCs, according to Intel Corp. researchers who demonstrated 50-Gb/s optical transmitter and receiver chips that it plans to scale up to terabit-per-second speeds prior to commercialization
2003-01-14 Intel fires up tunable lasers
In a major move into optical communications, Intel Corp. plans to roll out its first tunable lasers for enterprise networks and MANs.
2007-03-30 GC-DFB features high optical reflection tolerance
Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd announced a gain-coupled DFB laser that is tolerant of optical reflection
2004-06-22 Broadband amp fuses programmability, ultra-low distortion
Striving to be a choice for comm systems apps, Linear Technology announces the release of its 850MHz programmable gain, broadband amplifier.
2003-09-23 ADI LDD features dual loop control
The ADN2870 3.3Gbps laser diode driver (LDD) from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is fully compliant with the SFP Multisource Agreement
2007-03-29 Firms ink MSA for 40Gbps optical transceivers
Six optical chip manufacturers announced the formation of a Multi-Source Agreement for compatible sources of optical transmitter and receiver devices for use in 40Gbps optical transceiver modules
2003-03-12 Bayton SFF transceiver features temperature compensation
The company's BT7320-61-1 SFF transceiver comes with a 1,310nm or 1,550nm FP or DFB laser diode transmitter and a temperature compensation circuit.
2002-11-11 Photon 10Gbps optical transponder functions to 60C
Shenzhen Photon Technology's bidirectional optical transponder is screened for operation over the 0C to 60C temperature range.
2011-08-19 Transceiver offers up to 14.025GBd signaling rates
Avago's 16Gb fiber channel transceiver is ideal for 16Gb fiber channel switches, routers, host bus adapters, RAID controllers, tape drives and video switching.
2008-08-06 TOSA/ROSA solution supports HDMI 1.3
Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced a bi-directional optical subassembly (OSA) pairs targeting the HDMI 1.3 high-definition (HD) video transmissions at speeds of up to 3.5Gbit/s.
2016-04-04 Terahertz system boasts of innovative sensor heads
Berlin-based researchers gave the Terahertz technology a much-needed boost, as the latest development reveals low-cost components and allows easy testing of various components.
2002-07-12 Tektronix offers wavelength selectable 10Gbps transmission test system
Tektronix Inc. has announced that its OTS9100 series of modular optical test system now offers what is claimed to be the industry's first fully integrated wavelength selectable 10Gbps transmission test system.
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