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what is laser bias current?
A bias current is the direct and/or alternating current required to operate a bolometer at a specified resistance under specified ambient conditions.
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2013-10-25 Oracle inches closer to macrochip vision with low-power laser
Oracle Labs is developing a low-power laser it hopes will be a significant driver in the adoption of silicon photonics.
2005-06-08 Optimizing the MAX3656 output network for long laser leads in GPON/GEPON ONT application
This app note discusses the impact of the increased inductance in more detail and illustrates by simulation and lab measurements a compensation network that provides excellent gigabit operation with large amounts of lead inductance.
2007-12-17 Optical antenna allows submicron laser scans
Co-inventor of the quantum-cascade laser, Harvard professor Federico Capasso, has devised an optical antenna that enables QC lasers to perform submicron scans by focusing the laser's spot with nanoscale accuracy.
2004-01-19 Opnext laser diodes offer 80mW output power
The HL6525MG and HL6526FM red laser diodes from Opnext Inc. feature a maximum rated optical output power of 80mW CW at 658nm.
2008-05-02 Ophir-Spiricon claims 'first' CO2 laser beam profiler
Ophir-Spiricon has introduced what is claimed as the industry's first real-time, high-power CO2 laser beam profiler.
2002-07-05 OOC rolls laser module for OC-768 networks
Oki Optical Components has released the OL5155M electro-absorption modulated laser module designed specifically for OC-768-based fiber-optic networks.
2004-03-05 Omron laser sensor offers advanced object detection
Omron's photoelectric laser sensor provides advanced object detection, positioning and high-resolution sensing.
2002-05-22 Oki laser module transmits up to 40km
Designed for OC-192-based fiber-optic networks, Oki Semiconductor's OL5150M electroabsorption modulator features an integrated DFB laser and is claimed by the company to transmit data up to 40km.
2004-07-19 OIF approves tunable laser agreement
The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has approved the multisource agreement and technical specifications for integratable tunable laser assemblies, known as ITLA-MSA.
2002-11-29 OES, AOSRA develops blue laser HD-DVD format
Opto-Electronics & System Laboratories and Advanced Optical Storage Research Alliance have developed next-generation blue laser HD-DVD format.
2002-02-04 OES develops blue laser diodes for DVDs
The Opto-Electronics & Systems Laboratories (OES) of Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has developed GaN blue laser diodes for use in next-generation digital-image optical HD DVDs.
2005-03-10 NTT, NEC partner on laser emission sources
NTT and its subsidiary NTT Electronics announced that NEC will release next week three laser emission sources that the companies have developed.
2004-02-27 Nikon laser system features 0.92 NA
Nikon has developed a lens-based scanning ArF excimer laser stepper for use in the mass-production of advanced 65nm or smaller devices.
2002-12-20 Nichia, Sony to co-manufacture blue-violet laser diodes
Nichia Corp. and Sony Corp. have reached a basic agreement whereby they will jointly develop blue-violet laser diodes for mass-production level, to be used in optical disc recording and playback.
2004-04-27 Nichia, Sony sign blue laser licensing deal
A cross-licensing deal with Nichia Corp. will make Sony Corp. the second supplier of blue-violet laser diodes. Nichia and Sony first announced their collaboration in December 2002.
2004-11-19 Nichia, Sony develop laser coupler for optical disks
Nichia and Sony unveiled the latest piece of their strategy to capture the optical disk market.
2003-03-31 NEC ships 11.9-by-9.6-by-4mm SMT laser modules
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd has announced the development of a 10Gbps directly modulated laser modules in an 11-by-9.6-by-4mm SMT package.
2004-01-20 NEC laser diode modules have wavelength monitor
NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd and NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH have announced the availability of a DFB laser diode module.
2014-05-12 NASA preps laser demo, expects to break 622Mbit/s record
The latest undertaking focuses on correcting for the effects of atmospheric turbulence and spacecraft vibration, a feat that could deliver 100x higher data rates than typical communication satellites.
2002-10-03 Nanosys licenses breakthrough laser technology
Nanosys Inc. has signed an agreement with The Regents of the University of California for the exclusive license of semiconductor nanowire-based nanolasers developed by the university's research team.
2003-03-05 MSA formed for strategic tunable laser deployment
iolon Inc., Intel Corp., Bookham Technology and Santur Corp. have joined forces to form an MSA for tunable lasers.
2003-06-02 Moretec laser diode module outputs 99mW
The LM-635/650/670 red laser diode module of Moretec Electronics produces an elliptical beam output with a power of up to 99mW.
2002-09-16 Mitsubishi pump laser diode delivers 1.1W output
The ML861ES 980nm ridge-wavelength pump laser diode is claimed to deliver a peak output of 1.1W through the use of window structure technology that prevents catastrophic optical damage for DWDM applications.
2002-07-01 Mitsubishi expands laser diode to cover eight wavelengths
Mitsubishi Electric Corp, has announced that it is expanding its uncooled ML9XX19 DFB laser diode into a family that covers eight wavelengths in the 1,470nm to 1,610nm range.
2002-09-02 Mitsubishi DFB laser diode delivers 60mW output
Mitsubishi Electric's ML9XX37 single-mode, DFB laser diode delivers a minimum output of 60mW throughout the 00C to 500C temperature range.
2006-02-23 Mitsubishi claims first laser-based rear projection TV
Mitsubishi Electric has developed what it says is the world's first rear projection television that uses a laser as its light source instead of a mercury lamp as with current rear projection TVs.
2003-03-27 Mideal laser diode modules have 1W output
The HDRLM-1 series of high-power laser diode modules from Mideal Technology Co. Ltd delivers an elliptical beam with an output up to 1W.
2003-03-06 Mideal laser diode module outputs 1W
The HDRLM-1 red laser diode module of Mideal Technology produces an elliptical beam over the 635nm to 670nm wavelength range with an output power of up to 1W.
2011-10-28 Microring resonator yields constant laser pulses
The device measures 80?m and can create hundreds of billions of pulses per second.
2005-05-24 Micrel unveils low power laser driver for FP/DFB lasers
The new 2.7Gbps high-current, low power laser driver for FP/DFB lasers from Micrel offers 2.4V minimum laser compliance voltage for high-current, DC-coupled apps.
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