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what is laser bias current?
A bias current is the direct and/or alternating current required to operate a bolometer at a specified resistance under specified ambient conditions.
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2003-02-18 Coherent purchases laser manufacturer
Coherent Inc. has signed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Positive Light Inc. for an undisclosed amount.
2006-07-19 Coherent expands LAMBDA SX industrial laser series
Coherent introduced three new models to its LAMBDA SX series of high-power, industrial excimer lasers, all operating at up to 300Hz.
2002-12-11 Coherent acquires laser test equipment company
Coherent Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Molectron Detector Inc. for $11.5 million in cash.
2000-04-12 Characterization report on 622Mbps logic interface laser transmitter for OC12/STM4
This application note describes the characterization work performed on the XMT5170B-622 20 PIN DIP logic interface laser transmitter. The note also evaluates the XMT5170B-622 performance under all conditions against target parameters in the product specification.
2000-01-03 Characterization report on 1.25Gbps 1300nm laser transceiver for IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet
The HFCT-53D5 family of transceivers are high performance modules for serial optical data communications applications specified for signal rates of up to 1.25Gbps. The HFCT-53D5 is designed to provide an IEEE 802.3 compliant link for intermediate reach Gigabit Ethernet applications. This application note details the characterization work performed on the HFCT-53D5 Duplex Transceiver. It also evaluates the HFCT-53D5 performance under all conditions against target parameters in the product specification.
2002-04-18 CEO develops 1.5kW laser module for EUV lithography
Cutting Edge Optronics Inc. has demonstrated a 1.5kW laser module as a plasma source for extreme ultraviolet semiconductor lithography.
2004-03-31 CEIEC laser pick-up units suit VCD, CD players
China National Electronics' CEIECSXD3-021 laser pick-up units feature a numerical aperture of 0.45 and laser wavelength of 760nm to 800nm.
2005-11-15 Casix unveils Nd:GdVO4 laser crystals for solid state laser market
Casix Inc. announced the introduction of Neodymium Doped Gadolinium Vanadate (Nd:GdVO4) laser crystals for the solid state laser market.
2007-04-02 Blue-violet laser diodes roll for next-gen DVD
A team of UCSB researchers led by Shuji Nakamura has created a low-threshold-current, non-polar blue-violet laser diode that it says could replace the c-plane violet laser diodes used by Blu-ray and HD DVD.
2007-03-29 Blue-violet laser diodes eye combo DVD players
Sharp's high-power blue-violet laser diode GH04P21A2G achieves 210mW power output and will enable high-speed 6X recording on next-generation dual-layer Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs.
2007-12-17 Blue, violet laser diodes increase variety, cut costs
Power Technology Inc. has unveiled high-power blue and violet laser diodes for use with its PM laser module, 405nm at 60mW, to reduce costs and increase variety.
2002-05-17 Blue Sky lens captures nearly all of blue laser diode power
Blue Sky Research has announced that they have a system that can capture nearly all of the light power of blue laser diode, generating a high power, low-divergence, and diffraction-limited beam that will enable blue laser diodes to be commercially-viable.
2009-02-02 Blue laser to bring projectors to mobiles
An optimized TO38 package makes the new blue laser diode from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors the smallest in its class, the company said, bringing the world one step closer to a vision of tiny projectors that can be integrated into mobile devices such as cellphones and digital cameras.
2014-06-19 Blue laser module gives 2000lm boost to projectors
Osram's laser multi-chip package houses up to 20 blue laser chips in a 25.5mm by 35mm module, providing an overall output of 50W, with wavelengths of 440nm to 460nm.
2006-07-14 Blue laser disc tech market to exceed $28B by 2010
The blue laser disc technology market is expected to exceed $28 billion in sales in 2010, according to a report by the Santa Clara Consulting Group.
2004-05-07 BinOptics laser combines edge-emitting laser reliability, VCSEL benefits
The new class of surface-emitting lasers from BinOptics combines the power and reliability of an edge-emitting laser with the low cost and ease of packaging of a VCSEL.
2002-02-28 Bell Labs develops broadband semiconductor laser
Bell Labs has developed a semiconductor laser that emits light over a broad spectrum of infrared wavelengths.
2002-08-08 AXSUN to manufacture CyOptics electro-absorption laser
AXSUN Technologies Inc. has entered into a commercial agreement with CyOptics Inc. to manufacture the Telcordia GR468 Hybrid EML.
2005-01-03 Atmel laser diode drivers target PC drives, DVD recorders
Atmel's ATR084x family is designed for digital versatile disk with read/write function (DVDRW)/CD-RW combo drives.
2004-12-22 Atmel laser diode driver includes LVDS
Atmel's new laser diode driver family has low voltage differential signals for enhanced write speed.
2002-09-05 Applied Optoelectronics DFB laser outputs 25mW
The DFB-1310-BF series of 1,310nm DFB lasers has an output power of up to 25mW and CSO distortion <-57dB, making it suitable for both forward- and return-path CATV applications.
2005-10-18 Applied exits e-beam, laser tool markets
Applied Materials Inc. is quietly exiting the electron-beam and laser pattern-generation equipment markets, ending a painful and loss-ridden period in the competitive sectors, according to industry sources.
2006-10-17 APC solution targets laser power control in DVD/CD
Sipex has announced the SP8036 APC solution, a single-ended optical power sensor designed for automatic laser power control in DVD and CD recorder applications.
2003-01-06 Anritsu laser diode features high power efficiency
Anritsu Corp. has released a laser diode, which features an asymmetric cladding layer structure that improves output power efficiency.
2004-03-15 Analog Devices buys laser trim tool from GSI Lumonics
Analog Devices Inc. has purchased GSI Lumonics Inc.'s WaferTrim M310 systems. The systems will be delivered in the first and second quarters of this year.
2001-09-11 AlphaArray CCD array detector vs. laser-based systems
This application note describes the ability of the AlphaArray system to deliver high-resolution, full-slide image acquisitions 10X to 100X faster than laser- and CCD-based microarray scanners.
2002-11-28 Agility to launch 20mW, 25GHz tunable laser
Agility Communications will be launching a high-powered 20mW tunable laser called the Agility 3205 CW Widely Tunable Laser Assembly (TLA).
2003-02-07 Agilent tunable laser outputs 13dBm
The company's 819xxA compact tunable laser source offers an optical power output of 13dBm.
2004-09-06 Agilent sensor supports Logitech's laser mouse
Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that its laser navigation sensor technology is the key component inside the newest mouse from Logitech.
2008-05-16 Agilent designs laser combiner for microscopy apps
Agilent Technologies has introduced a multi-wavelength laser combiner for microscopy applications.
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