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what is laser bias current?
A bias current is the direct and/or alternating current required to operate a bolometer at a specified resistance under specified ambient conditions.
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2005-09-16 Ultrasensitive quantum lasers sniff toxins
A Georgia Tech researcher develops an ultrasensitive spectrometer using quantum cascade lasers, waveguides and detectors.
2002-12-13 SPI to develop fiber lasers for QinetiQ
Southampton Photonics Inc. has received a contract from QinetiQ to design, develop, and manufacture distributed feedback fiber lasers.
2014-03-17 Silicon photonics evolve into 1.3m quantum dot lasers
The quantum dot lasers developed by UCSB researchers are expected to facilitate the integration of low-cost, multi-channel laser devices with CMOS driver circuits.
2002-02-27 Silicon nanoparticles enable microscopic lasers
Researchers at the University of Illinois have demonstrated a method of producing fluorescent red, blue, green and yellow nanoparticles from plain-vanilla silicon wafers.
2003-12-05 SEI transceivers use 1,310nm DFB lasers
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd (SEI) has developed the XFP and X2 10Gbps pluggable optical transceivers that use the company's uncooled 1,310nm DFB lasers.
2002-11-06 Santur to supply XLight with tunable lasers
XLight Photonics and Santur Corp. have formed an agreement for the supply and utilization of Santur's tunable lasers in XLight Photonics' products.
2012-09-21 Researchers utilise inkjet tech to print lasers
Cambridge University researchers have developed a method of printing lasers using inkjet technology for applications ranging from biomedical testing to laser arrays for displays.
2007-01-04 Pulse compression gratings suit ultrafast lasers
Kaiser Optical Systems has developed a line of pulse compression gratings for ultrafast laser applications.
2003-03-10 Princeton Optronics takes part in MSA for tunable lasers
Princeton Optronics Inc. has teamed with Agility, Alcatel Optronics and Bookham Technology in an MSA to provide equipment manufacturers with standardized tunable laser modules.
2007-01-04 Next-gen lasers support 100Gbps data rates
Apogee Photonics is developing a family of uncooled CWDM lasers that will support aggregate data rates of more than 100Gbps.
2010-11-03 Microvision produces pico projector prototype with "direct green" lasers
Benchtop prototype of pico projector created using "direct green" lasers
2005-05-24 Micrel unveils low power laser driver for FP/DFB lasers
The new 2.7Gbps high-current, low power laser driver for FP/DFB lasers from Micrel offers 2.4V minimum laser compliance voltage for high-current, DC-coupled apps.
2002-09-12 Lucent, iolon sign sourcing agreement for cavity lasers
iolon Inc. has signed a sourcing agreement with Lucent Technologies for iolon's Apollo line of tunable external cavity lasers.
2002-06-20 Low-dislocation-density GaAs wafers grown by vertical gradient freeze process, suitable for mass production of semiconductor lasers
This application note describes the use of the vertical gradient freeze process to develop silicon wafers suitable for the production of laser diodes.
2004-01-28 LightPath module circularizes elliptical diode lasers
LightPath Technologies Inc. has developed an optical product for circularizing elliptical red and blue diode lasers.
2010-11-25 Lasers encode quantum hard drives
A team from the California Institute of Technology has demonstrated a device which they say leads the way to quantum hard drives.
2010-02-02 IPG ventures into IR lasers with new acquisition
IPG Photonics has acquired outstanding shares of Photonics Innovations Inc., a maker of active and passive laser materials and tunable lasers.
2003-01-14 Intel fires up tunable lasers
In a major move into optical communications, Intel Corp. plans to roll out its first tunable lasers for enterprise networks and MANs.
2007-07-24 High-brightness CW diode lasers fit industrial apps
Intense Ltd's HPD Series 1110-1064 are high power, continuous wave (CW) lasers that simulate the Nd:YAG wavelength of 1,064nm.
2013-11-06 Graphene holds potential to yield terahertz lasers
Despite its lack of a bandgap, Max Planck researchers were able to demonstrate population inversion in graphene at terahertz frequencies after exciting it with an infrared laser.
2006-04-24 Fujitsu, Mitsui form quantum dot lasers JV
Fujitsu and Mitsui have formed a joint venture, dubbed QD Laser Inc., to develop and make quantum dot lasers.
2002-01-16 Ekips receives funding for commercial development of lasers
Ekips Technologies Inc. has received a $0.4 million grant from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology and the Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center.
2003-05-11 Current Sources for Fiber Optic Lasers
This application note discusses the practical requirements for a fiber optic current source, as well as the various sources of Fiber Optic Lasers.
2009-05-12 Corning green lasers power Microvision picoprojectors
Corning Inc. has signed an agreement with Microvision Inc. to supply G-1000 green lasers for the latter's Microvision's PicoP enabled microprojector accessory product.
2007-03-13 Conductively cooled lasers offer extended lifetime
A series of conductively cooled semiconductor laser bars from Coherent promises high power and extended lifetime, even under adverse operating conditions.
2008-07-31 Coming soon: Lens-free lasers
Focusing semiconductor lasers usually require bulky optical lenses acting as a collimator, but researchers have recently demonstrated a plasmonic collimator that utilizes grooves etched directly into the laser facet.
2002-06-24 Coherent to develop lasers for ISMT
Coherent Inc. has received a multi-year contract from International SEMATECH for the development of lasers used in advanced photomasks applications.
2013-09-13 CO2 Optics for 9.3?m to 10.6?m lasers
Laser Research Optics' CO2 laser optics have a 40-20 scratch-dig surface finish per MIL-PRF-13830 and 1/40 wave max. flatness at 10.6?m on two faces.
2003-09-05 Chunhui optical fibers transmit He-Ne, YAG lasers
Nanjing Chunhui Science & Technology Ind. Co. Ltd has put forward its silica optical fibers that are suitable for transmitting He-Ne, Ar ions and YAG lasers.
2008-07-16 Beyond supercool: room-temperature THz lasers
A heterodyning method, cast in nonlinear materials, mixes two optical frequencies whose difference is the desired THz frequency, resulting in a room-temperature THz laser. This may act as scanner like x-rays safe for people and can detect hidden weapons, toxic materials present in the air or distinguish improvised explosive devices at a distance.
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