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2014-01-30 Xilinx-Flextronics lawsuit puts the spotlight on gray market
Xilinx sued Flextronics, accusing the contract manufacturer of fraudulent and unfair business practices, and claims that Flextronics misrepresents whom it was purchasing Xilinx parts for.
2006-02-14 Tessera files patent lawsuit against ChipMOS subsidiary
Tessera Technologies filed a patent infringement lawsuit against a subsidiary of ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd, ChipMOS Technologies Inc. (ChipMOS Taiwan), and ChipMOS Taiwan's wholly-owned subsidiary, ChipMOS U.S.A. Inc.
2005-01-20 Samsung to license Mosaid patents, settling lawsuit
Mosaid Technologies Inc. said Tuesday (Jan. 18) it has settled its patent suit with Samsung Electronics Co. in the District Court of New Jersey, with Samsung agreeing to license Mosaid's portfolio of DRAM patents.
2002-03-13 Samsung files patent infringement lawsuit against ScanDisk
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against supplier of Flash data storage products ScanDisk Corp.
2007-02-20 Ruling on infringement lawsuit favors TI
The U.S. district court in the central district of California dismissed a patent infringement case filed against Texas Instruments by Microprocessor Enhancement Corp.
2006-09-27 Pioneer files PDP patent lawsuit against SDI
Pioneer Corp. announced that it has filed a complaint against Samsung SDI Co. Ltd and several other Samsung companies alleging SDI's infringement of Pioneer patents related to plasma display panel technology.
2007-03-21 Nokia, Qualcomm lawsuit saga continues, Nokia files complaints
Nokia has filed complaints against Qualcomm in Germany and the Netherlands over the continuing validity of some of Qualcomm's IP.
2006-10-20 NEC files patent lawsuit vs. SIAE Microelettronica
NEC Corp. initiated a patent infringement litigation against SIAE Microelettronica S.p.A. in the Italian District Court of Milan.
2002-01-03 MIPS, Lexra resolve lawsuit
MIPS Technologies Inc. and Lexra Inc. have resolved the pending lawsuit between the two companies.
2006-05-31 Maxim announces shareholder derivative lawsuit
A shareholder derivative suit was recently filed against Maxim Integrated Products in connection with stock options granted to certain officers during the period from 1995-2001.
2006-10-18 MagnaChip pushes on patent lawsuit vs. Pixelplus
MagnaChip Semiconductor clarified that it is continuing to pursue all legal remedies for the remaining two of the four patents it has filed in the Seoul Central District Court against Pixelplus, and is considering adding additional patents to its case.
2011-05-19 M/A-COM Tech to fight GigOptix lawsuit
M/A-COM is prepared to defend itself vigorously from the lawsuit filed by GigOptix Inc. The lawsuit filed involves allegations of breach of contract and trade secret misappropriation.
2001-04-15 Ikos lawsuit against Axis turns more complex
Is the Ikos lawsuit strictly 'black and white' or is it tied to a takeover bid? This technical news article describes that issue against Axis Systems, which deals about the emulation patents of both companies.
2011-08-26 Giant chip vendors face patent lawsuit
Power Management Systems is suing Intel, Freescale and Marvel for allegedly violating its copyright contents, specifically the companies' Atom Z6xx, i.MX515 and PXA940 ICs.
2006-04-20 Fairchild files patent-infringement lawsuit against Power Integrations
Fairchild Semiconductor filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Power Integrations, a supplier of high-voltage analog ICs for power conversion.
2007-03-09 E-mail tactics of Intel questioned in AMD lawsuit
Whether Intel suffers severe legal consequences for failing to save all potential evidence in AMD's antitrust lawsuit against the chipmaker will depend in large part on whether Intel can convince a judge it followed best practices.
2006-09-15 Cree files patent infringement lawsuit against BridgeLux
Cree Inc. announced that it has filed suit against BridgeLux Inc. (formerly eLite Optoelectronics) for infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,657,236 and 5,686,738.
2011-06-17 Court favors AWR in ZTE lawsuit
The U.S. Court found that ZTE has violated the terms of its software license agreement with AWR.
2009-03-19 Court dismisses lawsuit vs. Qualcomm
The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California granted Qualcomm Inc.'s motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Broadcom Corp. seeking a declaration that Qualcomm's patents are exhausted and unenforceable.
2006-11-27 Court affirms status of O2Micro lawsuit
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a decision affirming a prior grant of summary judgment that O2Micro International Ltd does not infringe U.S. patent number 6,259,615 by Monolithic Power Systems Inc.
2007-01-12 Cisco files lawsuit vs. Apple for iPhone
Cisco has filed an infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc., seeking injunction to prevent the copying and use of its iPhone trademark, which Cisco claims to have obtained in 2000.
2007-12-06 Apple, AT&T face lawsuit over iPhone voice mail tech
A patent infringement lawsuit has been filed by Klausner Technologies against Apple and AT&T over the voice mail technology used by the iPhone.
2008-03-17 Apple faces patent lawsuit over iTunes
A lawsuit was filed against Apple over the alleged illegal use by iTunes of a patented method of distributing music over the Internet.
2007-02-13 Analogix disputes lawsuit charges by Silicon Image
Analogix Semiconductor Inc. denied lawsuit allegations filed against the company by Silicon Image Inc. in a federal court in California.
2006-10-19 AnalogicTech, Siliconix settle patent lawsuit
AnalogicTech and Siliconix settled their patent litigation pertaining to trench double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor technology.
2009-02-09 ADI slams lawsuit vs. Hittite
Analog Devices Inc. has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts against Hittite Microwave Corp.
2006-10-13 Transmeta sues Intel for patent infringement
Transmeta has filed a lawsuit against Intel for patent infringement. The suit alleges that Intel infringed upon ten of Transmeta's patents on computer architecture and power efficiency technologies.
2007-12-05 TI takes Chipcon founder to court
TI has filed a lawsuit against Geir Forre, founder of Chipcon, which TI acquired it January 2006, for allegedly trying to recruit TI staff in contravention of terms and conditions laid down at the time of the acquisition.
2011-06-01 Tessera sues Sony for contract violation
Tessera has filed a lawsuit against Sony in the California State Court for violating of contract due to non-payment of royalties.
2007-03-14 Spansion, Macronix settle trademark infringement suit
Spansion and Macronix announced the resolution of litigation between the parties commenced by Spansion LLC, a subsidiary of Spansion, involving claims of false advertising, trademark dilution and copyright violations.
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