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2006-12-07 IBM sues Intel-based PC maker
IBM is suing an Intel-backed maker of computers that uses a version of IBM's high-end mainframe operating system reconfigured to run atop Intel's industry standard processors.
2008-06-11 HP, Acer conclude patent dispute
HP has settled all ongoing patent litigation with Acer.
2007-09-11 Hot patent reform bill gets through U.S. Congress
The U.S. Congress last week passed HR1908, the sweeping and controversial patent reform bill that aims to raise the quality of patents and reduce patent litigation and abuse.
2014-04-24 Google voices further support for Samsung in patent case
Samsung's mobile phone products run on Google Android so the tightly coupled interests have been obvious to court watchers throughout the case.
2015-03-30 Global repercussions of patent disputes
A recent court decision in the United States indicated that companies found guilty of patent infringement, even those under an injunction, may be permitted to carry out many global activities.
2002-05-16 FTC stops short of confirming Rambus antitrust suit
A government antitrust investigation of Rambus Inc.'s involvement in a memory standards group is continuing, a Federal Trade Commission spokesman said May 14.
2006-09-11 Foxconn drops iPod libel suit against Chinese journalists
Foxconn has dropped its libel suit against two Chinese journalists and their newspaper for publishing a report claiming that workers at an iPod manufacturing plant were mistreated.
2007-11-12 Former employee sues AMD for son's birth defects
A former AMD employee sued the company and a regional medical association of being responsible for birth defects of her son, born with a missing lower right arm and lifelong cognitive deficits.
2010-03-10 Fairchild sues Power Integrations in China
Fairchild Semiconductor has sued Power Integrations Inc. for patent infringement in the People's Republic of China.
2012-03-27 Facebook stocks up on patent artillery
It seems that Facebook is preparing its artillery for the patent infringement battlefield as it has confirmed that it bought several patents from IBM Corp.
2006-06-14 Express Logic: micro-Velosity familiar to ThreadX RTOS
Embedded software provider Express Logic alleges that Green Hills infringed its ThreadX API, and took the case before the American Arbitration Association.
2008-05-09 eSilicon eyes acquisitions to drive growth
eSilicon is building up a portfolio of IP cores and has taken its first steps on the acquisition trail by buying Sweden's SwitchCore, a provider of Ethernet switching chips.
2002-01-24 Energy Conversion, Matsushita stay pending litigation
Energy Conversion Devices Inc. and Matsushita Battery Ind. Co. Ltd are in discussions regarding the settlement of their disputes relating to NiMH batteries.
2010-01-13 Elan files patent suit against Pixcir
The patent relates to touch-sensitive input devices with the ability to detect the simultaneous presence of two or more fingers.
2007-07-09 Eight firms sued over Compact ISA-Bus patent
OPTi sued eight companies, including AMD, Broadcom and ST, for alleged infringement of patents relating to Compact ISA-Bus technology.
2005-02-21 EDA 'bigwigs' field provocative questions
EDA executives sparred over a variety of topics at the Design and Verification Conference (DVCon) "Bigwigs Panel" moderated by industry gadfly John Cooley Tuesday (Feb. 15).
2009-05-19 EC ruling hits Intel with $1.45B fine, PR nightmare
With $10.6 billion in cash and short-term investments as at the end of Q1, Intel Corp. would seem to have more than ample resources to pay off a $1.45 billion fine levied by the European Commission for actions that violated antitrust rules.
2010-06-28 DRAM vendors fined $173M for price-fixing
Some 32 states in the United States agreed on a $173 million-settlement with six DRAM manufacturers who 'conspired in an illegal global scheme to fix prices.'
2015-05-13 Diablo storage tech makes it into Lenovo X6 servers
Diablo announced that its Memory Channel Storage will be integrated with the latest Lenovo's X6 servers to power the eXFlash microcontrollers. The X6 servers support up to 32 eXFlash DIMMs.
2007-12-13 Dell aims touchscreen tablet PC at Gen Y workers
Dell this week rolled out its first tablet PC, saying that businesses are ready to consider more flexible types of computers for employees who belong to the twenty-something group or the so-called Gen Y.
2006-06-05 Defending your company against patent bullies and trolls
. Developing a strategy for your patent portfolio and understanding the players in the patent community can pay off if you need to defend against patent trolls or bullies.
2008-09-03 Defective HD TVs spell legal woes for Hitachi
The U.S. subsidiary of Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Hitachi Ltd is being sued over alleged defects in the company's high-definition TV sets.
2007-09-14 Court lifts ban on third-party imports of Qualcomm chips
Qualcomm scored a victory as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit granted a stay pending appeal that will allow third parties to import handsets into the United States originally banned by the ITC.
2007-11-08 Court finds Taiwan LED maker infringing Osram patents
The District Court of D�sseldorf in Germany has upheld almost all the claims of Osram in the company's patent dispute with the Taiwan LED maker Kingbright.
2006-02-27 Court denies Rambus' bid to prove chip makers colluded
A San Francisco court decision last week refused Rambus Inc.'s motion to release possible evidence that a number of chip makers conspired against the company by fixing prices and engaging in other anti-competitive practices.
2011-08-11 Court bans Samsung's Galaxy Tab in EU
A district court in Germany has favored Apple and has temporarily barred Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all countries of the European Union except The Netherlands, says reports.
2008-01-08 Commentary: Will RIAA help kill off a dying format?
It's ironic that RIAA is busy splitting hairs just as year-end statistics for both audio CDs and HD DVDs show that physical formats for multimedia content may be dying on the vine.
2007-02-23 Cisco, Apple settle iPhone war
Cisco Systems and Apple announced that they resolved their dispute involving the iPhone trademark.
2003-08-15 Cirrus, Nvidia ink pact for litigation settlement
Nvidia and Cirrus Logic both entered into a cross-license agreement and have settled all outstanding litigation between the companies.
2006-09-04 Chinese journalists sued over iPod report
Two journalists from China have had their assets frozen and are being sued for $3.7 million after writing a report critical of work conditions in a factory that makes Apple's iPod.
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