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2012-12-05 China's display makers set to clash with Taiwan, South Korea
China 's display manufacturers have begun to narrow the competitive gap as the country has increased focus on display development and production investments.
2006-03-16 China patents a must-have
Protecting the company's IP in China by applying for local patents is quickly taking on greater importance.
2005-04-14 Chi Mei to license Honeywell's LCD patents
Honeywell and Chi Mei Optoelectronics Inc. have signed a license agreement enabling Chi Mei to use several Honeywell technologies relating to liquid crystal display products.
2007-07-17 Broadcom offers free IC license for public safety
Following a ruling on a controversial patent dispute case, Broadcom announced it is willing to grant free licenses for its patented wireless chip technology to state and local public safety users.
2006-11-06 Broadcom exec refutes Qualcomm announcement
According to Bill Blanning, vice president of corporate communications for Broadcom, Qualcomm's recent announcement is "misleading in several fundamental aspects."
2016-02-24 Basics of software standards compliance (Part 4)
Building quality and security into software is done by adopting an enforceable coding standard. Read on to learn more.
2006-07-05 Axiom debuts CMOS power amps for mobiles
Axiom claims it's the first-to-market inventor of a patented quad-band CMOS-based power amplifier for cellphones.
2008-05-28 Atrua brings Authentec to court for patent violation
Atrua Technologies Inc., a provider of fingerprint touch control solutions for mobile phones, has filed a countersuit against Authentec for infringement of Atrua's patented technology and illegal interference with Atrua's business.
2010-03-08 Apple-HTC suit brews smart phone patent war
Apple's suit against Taiwan smart phone maker HTC filed is the first shot in what could be the next big mobile patent war over the look and feel of the iPhone, according to a report from Nomura Securities.
2007-02-05 Apple, Cisco to resolve iPhone trademark suit
Apple and Cisco are nearing an agreement that could resolve their dispute over rights to the iPhone name in an out-of-court settlement.
2007-02-26 Apple loses out on shuffle fight, faces countercharge
The duel between Apple Inc. and Luxpro Corp., which started two years ago, continues until now, this time, with the tables turnedas Luxpro receives a favorable higher court ruling and countercharges Apple with $100 million compensation damages.
2007-04-23 Another Samsung exec pleads guilty in DRAM scandal
Another executive from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has agreed to plead guilty to participating in a global conspiracy to fix DRAM prices.
2012-08-29 Android may face darker days ahead in wake of Apple's win
With an arsenal of court backed arguments, Apple now holds a legal edge over its Android based competition.
2010-04-08 Analysts weigh in on what's next for Spansion
Troubled NOR flash vendor Spansion Inc. missed its target date to emerge from bankruptcy. So what's next?
2007-02-28 Analysts cut SanDisk forecast with Samsung's royalty threat
Analysts have lowered their estimates of SanDisk's revenue for 2007 and 2008 due to concerns that Samsung might dictate a change to the royalties it pays on SD flash memory cards.
2008-09-17 Analyst: Fabless model is 'stressed out'
In a report, analyst Doug Freedman wrote that the "fabless business model seems to be getting stressed out" and that the Nvidia-TSMC relationship "sounds problematic" and "needs to evolve."
2009-11-16 Analysis: What's next after Intel-AMD settlement?
Intel's acceptance of a $1.25 billion settlement deal delivered to AMD what it has always sought: an implicit admission by Intel it had not always played fair in the global chip market.
2008-06-18 Analogix files antitrust suit vs. Silicon Image
Analogix Semiconductor Inc. has filed an antitrust complaint against Silicon Image in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.
2004-06-02 Ampex seeks ban on imports of Sanyo's digital cameras
Ampex Corp. is claiming that Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd infringed its intellectual property and is seeking a ban on U.S. imports and sales of Sanyo's digital still cameras and camera phones using the dispute technology.
2013-01-18 AMD sues former staff for theft of trade secrets
AMD filed a suit which claims that four of its ex-employees made off with documents, including secrets about technology which will be used for the next generation of gaming consoles.
2006-04-18 AMD subpoenas Microsoft for Intel antitrust case
Advanced Micro Devices said it had issued Microsoft a subpoena to produce documents as part of its antitrust suit against Intel.
2008-08-06 Altera brings Zilog to court over patent breach
Altera Corp. has filed suit against Zilog Inc. for patent infringement.
2014-06-19 ADI sharpens RF edge with Hittite
The acquisition of Hittite is expected to reposition Analog Devices on the high-end of radio parts suppliers, strengthening its foothold in the industrial, communications infrastructure, and automotive markets.
2006-09-21 Actions Semi optimistic for U.S. market despite patent loss
Actions Semiconductor claims that the loss of a patent infringement case to SigmaTel Inc. won't significantly hinder its growing business in the U.S. MP3 chip market.
2007-05-15 Acer seeks suppliers' help in HP suit
Acer Inc. is asking its contract manufacturers to share responsibility in the patent suit filed by rival Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP), according to a report from Taipei Times.
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