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2005-04-22 Voltage divider in SOT-23 package eases board routing and layout problems
TT Electronics BI Technologies Electronic Component Division has developed a SOT-23 packaged precision voltage divider network for aerospace, industrial, military and medical industries.
2007-08-31 UWB antenna eases circuit layout, set-up
The ANT1085-4R1-01A from TDK offers enhanced in-band impedance matching stability allowing for smaller board dimensions, reduced part count and easier circuit layout.
2008-04-25 USB 2.0 board design and layout guidelines
This application note from Texas Instruments discusses schematic guidelines when designing a universal serial bus system.
2001-10-15 Transformer output network layout (S6006/S3015)
This application note illustrates the recommended layout for the transformer output network for the S6006/S3015 networking chips.
2011-02-08 TPD12S015 PCB layout guidelines
The TPD12S015 is a multifunction ESD protection device targeting portable High Definition Multimedia Interface applications.
2003-12-19 Tanner upgrades layout editor
Tanner EDA has released a new version of its L-Edit Pro Windows-based IC layout editor with new functionality and ease-of-use features.
2004-07-09 Synopsys to adopt Oasis IC layout data format in 2005
Claiming a leg up in EDA tools targeting design for manufacturing (DFM), Synopsys Inc. said it would stick with the venerable GDSII IC layout format until the first half of 2005 rather than adopt the more compact Oasis layout format created in 2003.
2009-05-05 STMAV335 evaluation board and PCB layout recommendation
STMAV335 has three sets of 3 to 1 switches that are well suited for switching analog video signals on the back panel of TV sets or monitors.
2002-05-03 SONET/SDH/ATM OC-12 layout: S3019 example
This application note illustrates connections, guidelines and layout for the S3019 transceiver device.
2001-10-16 SONET/SDH ATM OC-3/12 layout (S3035)
This application note illustrates the pin connections for the S3035 SONET/SDH/ATM transceiver.
2001-10-10 SONET/SDH ATM OC-12 layout application note (S3019)
This application note illustrates the pin connections for the S3019 SONET/SDH/ATM transceiver chip.
2003-06-13 Sipex buck regulator reduces layout area by 40 percent
Sipex has announced the release of SP6655 buck regulator that is suitable for PDAs, MP3 players, cellphones, and other portable applications.
2002-11-08 Simple Switcher PCB Layout Guidelines
This application note discusses quick-set rules for simple switcher PCB layout.
2003-05-14 Silicon Canvas adds interactive IC layout
Silicon Canvas has introduced a feature that gives users more control over its full-custom editor tool.
2005-06-08 Schematic and layout guidelines for high-speed data converters
This app note presents proper layout techniques, component selection, and placement for high-speed ADCs commonly used in IF and baseband applications
2010-06-07 Scaling custom digital layout for next-generation chip design
This article details how one digital IC design team at a large fabless semiconductor company in the consumer product market is leveraging standards-based tool interoperability to maintain the benefits of hand layout for large, performance-sensitive 40nm designs.
2004-10-18 Reducing jitter via board layout analysis
By understanding the source of jitter, one can minimize its impact and make cost vs. performance trade-offs optimize the final product.
2001-04-25 Recommendations for PHY layout
This application note makes recommendations for the layout of the physical layer (PHY) and Link layer devices in an IEEE 1394 environment.
2004-07-01 Pulsic releases layout tool for analog RF design
Pulsic released a layout tool targeted specifically at analog RF designs and has introduced a new version of its Lyric Physical Design Framework.
2010-06-08 Practical layout for current sensing circuit of IRMCF300 series IC
This application note provides practical tips on PCB layout and how to set configuration registers when using the IRMCF300 series of sensorless motor control ICs.
2004-08-02 Physical design flow taps partition layout
This article describes a new hierarchical design flow and its usage on a 3 million-gate chip.
2011-03-03 PCB layout, ADC circuit suggestions for LPC1100 and LPC1300
Discover how to develop a PCB that is optimized for the ADC on the LPC1100 and LPC1300 families.
2000-12-04 PCB layout recommendations for SAW filters in DIP18D package
This application note gives several guidelines in optimizing the PCB layout in the vicinity of a SAW filter to reduce crosstalk and other unwanted effects. A reference design of a PCB for a DIP18D SAW package is shown in this note.
2009-06-16 PCB layout recommendations for BGA packages
This application note provides a brief overview of PCB layout considerations when working with BGA packages. It outlines some of the most common problems and provides tips for avoiding them at the design stage.
2010-05-13 PCB layout guidelines for SPEAr600
This application note provides guidelines for successfully designing the PCB layout for SPEAr600.
2010-05-24 PCB layout guidelines for SPEAr3xx
This application note provides guidelines for successfully designing the PCB layout for SPEAr3xx applications.
2009-06-05 PCB layout guidelines for MPC5674x switch mode power supply (SMPS)
The MPC5674F device provides an internal SMPS regulator that may be used to provide the VDD voltage, eliminating the external VDD supply. To ensure that the switched regulator operates as designed, the designer should select the appropriate components and design the PCB following some simple rules.
2004-06-17 PC87591x RTC on-chip oscillator circuit design and layout guidelines
The app note describes the design and calibration of the oscillator circuit and the placement of the backup lithium battery.
2008-12-17 PC board layout checklist: DC-DC converters
Here is a checklist of PCB design guidelines that should be followed to produce a working switching regulator design using Fairchild's RC50XX series of switch-mode controllers.
2005-06-07 Parametric measurement unit (PMU) layout guidelines
This app note discusses ways to help system designers apply proper layout techniques and signal routing.
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