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2002-05-01 Weltrend to launch latest LCD driver ICs this May
IC design house Weltrend Semiconductor Inc. will introduce it's a new set of TFT-LCD single-chip drivers this month in a bid to become one of the largest TFT-LCD driver IC suppliers in the industry by 2004.
2005-09-08 TFT LCD driver IC with 65K-color display
MagnaChip Semiconductor unveiled its newest TFT LCD driver IC that has a chip size of 15mm? and features a 65K-color display.
2002-08-02 Taiwan's HiMARK to merge with local IC houses
HiMARK Technology Inc. has announced that it will merge with local design firms Advanced Reality Technology Inc. and Asia Bell Telecom Inc.
2006-10-04 Taiwan panel makers feel LCD driver IC shortage
Several panel makers from Taiwan are reportedly experiencing supply shortage of LCD driver ICs for the past few weeks and expect supply to further tighten this month
2004-09-23 Taiwan LCD driver IC shipment to grow 10 percent
LCD driver IC makers in Taiwan, including Himax Technology Co. Ltd and Winbond Electronics Corp., are planning on increasing their volume shipment next quarter by about 5 to 10 percent.
2004-12-10 South Korea driver IC makers enter small-size production
Several fabless LCD driver IC design companies from South Korea are slated to enter production of handset-use TFT driver IC next year.
2004-11-26 Solomon Systech introduces single-chip TFT-LCD driver IC
Hong Kong-based Solomon Systech Ltd recently announced that it has released its first single-chip TFT-LCD driver IC -- SSD1278 -- suitable for smart phone systems.
2007-01-18 Silicon Works taps Dongbu for LCD IC production
Korea's Dongbu Electronics has started volume production of 8-inch CMOS wafers of LCD Driver IC (LDI) chips for Silicon Works Co. Ltd, a supplier of display driver IC (DDI) chip solutions.
2004-10-27 Samsung develops TFT-LCD driver IC for mobile handsets
South Korean maker Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed a TFT-LCD driver IC that is suitable for mobile handsets.
2003-08-19 Samsung announces TFT-LCD panel technology advances
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has developed 1.8-inch, high-res, dual TFT-LCDs driven by a single driver IC and backlight
2008-01-02 Leadis unrolls QVGA AMOLED LCD driver
Leadis Technology has announced sample availability of the LDS532, a QVGA 16M color AMOLED LCD driver IC.
2004-11-24 Leadis to mass produce LCD driver ICs next year
The Taiwan office of the U.S.-based chip maker Leadis Technology recently announced that it will begin mass production of TFT-LCD driver ICs for mobile handsets beginning next year
2008-04-30 Leadis infuses proprietary tech in new driver IC
The LDS285 is the first production LCD driver to incorporate Leadis Technology's PowerLite Dynamic Backlighting Control, a feature that, according to the company, greatly reduces power consumption of the display module for longer battery life for portable devices
2010-05-11 LCD driver IC shortage fuels price hike
LCD driver chips shortage has resulted in an increase in the Himax's cost of revenues and the company is raising its selling prices to offset such impacts
2005-03-29 LCD driver IC shipment to grow 16 percent this quarter
Chip design houses are bullish of growth in LCD driver IC shipments this quarter.
2007-07-25 LCD driver IC rolls for high-resolution handsets
MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd has begun to ship a new cellphone LCD driver chip that supports QVGA resolution and can be easily mounted on high-definition Low Temperature Polysilicon LCD panels
2007-06-07 Design lib for LCD driver chips debuts
Dongbu HiTek Co. Ltd has developed a special design library that enables higher yields, improved performance and faster time-to-market of LCD driver IC devices implemented at the 130nm CMOS node.
2009-08-13 Design guidelines for COG modules with NXP monochrome LCD drivers
This application note explains how to design the optimal ITO layout on the input side of the LCD driver IC.
2005-02-24 Color TFT LCD driver targets 2.5G, 3G mobile phones
Epson announces the S1D19105, the latest addition to its line-up of color TFT LCD driver ICs for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones
2002-06-20 ChipMOS to build IC testing, assembly plant in Shanghai
ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd will construct IC testing and assembly factory in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone
2008-02-01 WLED driver enables large LCDs in portable apps
By driving up to 10 WLEDs in a serial string, AnalogicTech's new boost converter simplifies the use of larger LCD panels in battery-powered portable devices
2004-07-19 Winbond to commence driver IC volume production
Winbond Electronics Corp. plans to kick off volume production of driver ICs for LCD TV receivers of over 20-inches in the last quarter of the year
2008-10-27 White LED driver suits up for automotive displays
Rohm Electronics white LED driver IC (BD8113EFV-E2) provides constant current for white LED backlights in medium- to large-format TFT-LCD automotive displays.
2000-05-31 Using PIC16C5X Microcontrollers as LCD Drivers
This application note describes an LCD controller implementation using a PIC16C55 microcontroller. This technique offers display capabilities for applications that require a small display at a low cost together with the capabilities of the standard PIC16C55 microcontroller
2004-10-01 Toko LED driver IC provides LCD backlighting
The recently-released white LED driver IC from Toko features LCD backlighting for digital still cameras and mobile phones.
2006-05-05 TFT-LCD panel suits mobile devices
Samsung announced that it has developed an amorphous silicon, 7-inch, single-chip TFT-LCD panel that reproduces colors in high resolution
2007-11-01 TFT LCD driver powers wQVGA displays
Upon continuous enhancements in display driver IC technology, Solomon Systech Ltd has developed a single chip TFT LCD driver, dubbed SSD2220, for mobile display applications.
2004-07-27 Taiwan driver IC shipment expected to grow in Q3
Makers in Taiwan predict that shipments will increase by 15 to 20 percent this quarter.
2003-09-29 Suprl driver IC suits LCD monitors, TV receivers
Shenzhen Suprl Industrial Co. Ltd has announced the availability of driver ICs that are designed for use in high-class LCD monitors and TV receivers
2002-10-18 Supertex ships dual EL lamp driver
Supertex Inc.'s HV831 dual EL driver IC can drive two separate or concurrent EL lamps
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