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2010-06-23 Using the MCP4728 12bit DAC for LDMOS amplifier bias control applications
The DAC is favourably used in the bias control circuit for the base station power amplifier module. In practical applications, the bias control circuit maintains the IDQ within a 4 percent range. This application note shows an example of how the DAC converter is used for this purpose.
2007-04-23 Using the DS4303 to bias LDMOS RF power amps
One key element to providing high performance with LDMOS amplifiers is compensating the gate bias voltage to maintain a constant quiescent current over temperature.
2002-03-01 UltraRF appoints Arrow as LDMOS distributor for North America
UltraRF Inc. has appointed wireless electronics component distributor Arrow Electronics Inc. to handle its RF power semiconductor products in North America.
2006-08-01 Sirenza unveils 'first' SOF 26-packaged LDMOS transistor
Sirenza has released its first plastic encapsulated, surface mount packaged LDMOS transistor exclusively housed in the company's low thermal resistant SOF-26 package.
2002-08-20 Sirenza to acquire LDMOS developer
Sirenza Microdevices has signed a pact with Xemod to acquire the latter for about $4.5 million in cash.
2004-06-14 RF LDMOS transistor family just right for 2.5G, 3G wireless infrastructure
Freescale Semiconductor added sixth-generation RF products to its line of LDMOS power transistors for 2.5G and 3G wireless infrastructure apps.
2004-11-10 RES L-Band amplifiers use 'state-of-the art LDMOS technology'
Richardson Electronics announced the availability of two new L-Band power amplifiers designed and manufactured by RF Engineered Solutions Ltd.
2006-06-14 Philips unveils next-gen LDMOS WiMAX solutions
Philips announced its next-generation LDMOS WiMAX line-up for base station solutions, which promises to deliver up to 3.8GHz over the 802.16e mobile WiMAX platform.
2004-11-29 PD54008L: 8W-7V LDMOS in PowerFLAT packages for wireless meter reading applications
This app note introduces the PowerFLAT case, the new concept of chip-size packaging representing a fundamental step to reduce the costs of assembly and to shrink power amplifier modules.
2006-06-15 Next-gen LDMOS supports WIMAX, 802.16 bands
Infineon's new LDMOS tech will yield transistors that operate up to 3.8GHz, which is within the WiMAX and IEEE 802.16 wireless access frequency bands.
2003-05-26 Modeling Thermal Effects in RF LDMOS Transistors
This application note illustrates the different results obtained from a simulation using Motorola's MRF19125 root model and the Motorola Electro Thermal model.
2010-09-28 LDMOS UHF transistor capable of 120W DVB-T output
NXP Semiconductors says BLF888A is "most powerful" LDMOS broadcast transistor
2011-05-03 LDMOS transistors cover full frequency for wireless stations
Freescale introduces LDMOS power transistors that can cover full frequency bands, allowing high efficiency and wide bandwidth for network operators.
2006-06-02 LDMOS transistors bias control in basestation RF power amplifiers using Intersil's LUT-based sensor signal conditioners
A new way to bias an LDMOS amplifier is presented here, which involves digitally converting temperature information and adjusting the DC bias using look-up table memory.
2008-11-26 LDMOS transistor delivers 500W RF output power
NXP Semiconductors has released its latest LDMOS transistor for L-band radar applications that delivers RF output power of 500W at frequencies between 1.2GHz and 1.4GHz.
2008-03-07 LDMOS RF power transistors eye China market
A portfolio of RF power transistors based on LDMOS technology has been launched by TriQuint Semiconductor for China.
2007-06-06 LDMOS RF power transistor delivers 1kW output
Freescale Semiconductor unveiled what it claims as the highest power LDMOS RF power transistor, the MRF6VP11KH that delivers pulsed RF output power of 1kW at 130MHz.
2009-04-08 Integrated RF LDMOS bias controllers debut
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX1385/MAX1386/MAX11008 dual RF laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) bias controllers, which the company claims is the industry's smallest to integrate all of the A/D and D/A interfaces and logic functions for cellular base station control.
2007-03-02 Freescale intros LDMOS RFIC for TD-SCDMA
Freescale has introduced a high-power multistage RF power LDMOS FET characterized for TD-SCDMA wireless base stations.
2008-06-05 Freescale debuts 50V LDMOS power transistors for L-Band
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled the world's first 50V LDMOS RF power transistor for L-Band radar applications.
2006-12-01 Design for balun integration in RF LDMOS
This article deals with LDMOS IC substrate specifics and balun design challenges, and presents two successful designs and the associated measurement data.
2008-05-20 Chip brings power efficiency to LDMOS base stations
NXP Semiconductors has launched the BLC7G22L(S)-130 base station power transistorthe first to feature its Gen7 LDMOS technologyoptimized for high power use and Doherty amplifier applications.
2002-12-19 BLF2022-90: Linear LDMOS amplifier for 3GPP applications in the 2110-2170 MHz frequency band
This application note presents the BLF2022-90, a linear amplifier for base station applications in the 2110-2170 MHz frequency band.
2003-06-11 APT-RF releases LDMOS device for Avionics market
Advanced Power Technology has released its 1011LD110 and 1011LD110 series of LDMOS transistors that are targeted for the Avionics market.
2004-03-25 Agere puts LDMOS in plastic package
Agere Systems' line of lead-free overmolded plastic-packaged LDMOS transistors will reduce the cost of RF transistor packaging by up to 25 percent.
2005-04-14 Agere exits RF LDMOS market, sells line to startup
Agere Systems Inc. has exited the radio-frequency (RF) LDMOS chip market, selling its product line to a startup called Ciclon Semiconductor Device Corp.
2007-06-29 A new way to predict LDMOS DC signal behavior
To reduce the design cycle time and cost for wireless applications, it is useful to have models that can help predict and simulate the behavior of RF power transistors, such as ST's PD54003L-E device.
2013-05-06 200W DVB-T pallet amplifier runs Freescale's LDMOS
Using Freescale's 50V rugged RF LDMOS, The RPAP470860M200 offers high gain, efficiency and power in a small pallet footprint, using advanced broadband RF matching networks and RF LDMOS transistors.
2002-05-20 UltraRF, Hitachi Kokusai codevelop amplifier modules
UltraRF Inc. and Hitachi Kokusai Electric of Japan have agreed to jointly develop RF power amplifier modules based on UltraRF's LDMOS-8 technology.
2007-06-01 Transistor manages 300W over full UHF band
NXP's BLF878, said to be the first true 300W UHF transistor in high voltage generation 6 LDMOS, promises to deliver 300W over the full UHF band with high linearity and ruggedness.
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