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2009-07-30 Using a linear regulator to produce a constant current source
This application note shows how to use linear voltage regulators to provide a constant current
2003-08-04 Sipex LDO regulators feature up to 3.1V output
The company has announced that their SPX3819, a low dropout (LDO) linear regulator, is now available in 1.8V, 3V, and 3.1V fixed output voltages.
2007-07-11 Overvoltage protection regulator suits car, industrial apps
Linear Technology has introduced an overvoltage protection regulator with overcurrent protection and inrush current limiting for car and industrial apps
2002-04-23 Maxim LDO linear regulator measures 2.3-by-2.3-by-0.65mm
The MAX1819 LDO linear regulator from Maxim Integrated Products delivers 500mA load current with a dropout of 133mV, and fits into a 0.5mm-pitch 6-pin UCSP casing that measures 2.3-by-2.3-by-0.65mm.
2000-06-19 LPR30 linear controller
This application note proposes the LPR30 Linear Controller, which is developed for high-current LDO linear regulators. It describes the internal blocks and the operating mode of the IC, and suggests an application example based on an existing demo-board
2002-05-24 Linear Tech controller has on-chip LDO
The LTC3700 step-down dc/dc controller from Linear Technology Corp. operates up to 94 percent efficiency and includes an on-chip 150mA LDO linear regulator, housed in a 10-lead MSOP casing.
2008-06-20 Leadis beefs up linear regulator offering
Leadis Technology Inc. has announced samples of the LDS1541P, an LDO linear regulator with ENABLE delivering 1A continuous load current.
2006-09-04 LDO supports CPU, DSP based on 90nm tech
Power Analog Microelectronics has introduced the PAM3111, an ultralow output voltage (0.9V) LDO linear regulator that supports CPU and DSP based on 90nm technology.
2005-12-23 LDO regulator with low internal reference voltage
Linear Technology Corp. unveiled a 300mA very low dropout linear regulator with input voltage capability down to 1.7V
2005-06-09 LDO regulator with 2% accuracy
The new dual output low dropout linear regulator from ON Semiconductor provides a 2 percent accuracy over its operating temperature range, and features a fixed output voltage of 3.3V
2010-03-02 LDO offers 1.22V to 20V adjustable voltage
Linear Technology offers LT3032, a dual, low-noise, positive/negative low dropout voltage linear regulator that delivers up to 150mA continuous output current on each channel with
2010-02-04 LDO delivers 100mA continuous output current
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT3060, a high voltage, low noise, low dropout voltage linear regulator delivers up to 100mA continuous output current with a 300mV dropout voltage at full load
2003-08-07 IR LDO regulator suits noise-sensitive circuitry
International Rectifier has introduced the IRU1502-33, a fixed PMOS LDO linear regulator in a 6-pin MLPM package with a <0.6V dropout at 1A.
2007-10-16 Dual-level LDO simplifies programming of eFUSE, SIM cards
TI has introduced a dual-level 200mA LDO linear regulator with simple dynamic voltage scaling in a tiny, five-ball chip-scale package, a first of its kind according to the company.
2003-11-04 AnalogicTech linear regulator suits portable apps
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. (AnalogicTech) has released its AAT3223 low dropout (LDO) linear regulator that is designed to suit power-sensitive portable applications such as PDAs, cellphones and digital cameras.
2004-09-01 AnalogicTech LDO linear regulator has uP reset
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced an LDO linear regulator with uP reset.
2009-12-21 Triple LDO guarantees stability in portable apps
austriamicrosystems expands its low drop out regulator portfolio with the AS1355, capable of delivering up to 300mA at its regulated outputs
2005-02-09 Toko LDO regulator IC with on/off control
Toko announced the general availability of its TK70203CS2G0 low dropout linear regulator that is suitable for use in battery powered systems
2004-01-23 TI LDO family features high PSRR
The family of low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) from TI is claimed by the company to feature the industry's highest PSRR and ultra-low noise for 200mA
2011-05-17 Switching regulator offers 55V transient protection
Linear Technology has introduced a 500mA (IOUT), 36V step-down switching regulator with integrated LDO packaged in a 3mmx3mm QFN or MSOP-12E.
2004-08-16 Right regulator can cool handset
Pick the best regulator to cool off your cellphone: linear low-dropout, inductorless switching or inductor-based switching regulators
2005-05-10 Regulator with 100mV dropout voltage while delivering 1.5A
Linear Technology released a 1.5A very low dropout (VLDO) linear regulator with input voltage capability down to 1.14V
2008-06-04 Regulator has switched output, load-dump protection
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX15009/MAX15011 highly integrated, 300mA automotive linear regulators with a switched output and load-dump protection
2009-10-29 Power system demonstration kit based on the PM6686 dual step-down controller with adjustable voltages and adjustable LDO
The PM6686 is a dual step-down controller with adjustable output voltages, adjustable LDO and charge pump circuit for notebook power systems
2007-10-11 Power manager integrates buck regulator, LDO
An ultra-small dual channel power management IC that provides two high-performance outputs for portable device applications has been launched by Micrel Inc.
2013-03-01 Plessey rolls out linear regulators for bipolar process
The PS2292X LDO family targets consumer applications such as Set Top Boxes and gateways, industrial, communication and computing markets and are ideal for low voltage, post regulation applications
2006-10-17 Micrel intros ULDO regulator in ultrasmall package
Micrel has launched a single LDO offering an ultralow dropout of 40mV at 150mA, more than 75db PSRR and ultralow output noiseall in an extremely compact form factor
2007-03-08 Micrel adds new device to LDO portfolio
Micrel has introduced the the latest member of its MIC68000 LDO family designed for powering FPGA, CPLDs, DSPs and MCUs
2016-03-10 Linear's new module regulators are UL60950 compliant
Linear's new regulators operate from an input voltage of 2.8V to 40V, while their flyback topology allows them to regulate an output voltage above, below, or equal to the input voltage
2002-06-04 Linear Tech dc/dc converter packs step-down, LDO controllers
The LTC1704 dual output dc/dc converter from Linear Technology Corp. integrates a step-down synchronous controller and an LDO controller into a 16-lead SSOP casing
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