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2015-04-13 High-voltage IC technology for bias supply design
Here's a look at some of the key requirements and challenges in designing off-line, non-isolated bias supplies, and how high-voltage IC technology can help simplify such designs.
2007-11-06 Five-function memory card interface fits handhelds
STMicroelectronics has announced a tiny, highly integrated chip that provides five essential functions required by memory card interfaces in handheld devices.
2012-01-13 Design smart gas and water meters with superior energy efficiency
Learn how to boost energy efficiency of smart gas and water meter designs.
2008-03-07 Design fuel gauging for multicell Li-ion battery pack (Part 2)
This is the conclusion of the two-part article that describes how the fuel gauging technology, the Impedance Track from TI, tackles these challenges in battery design and presents a brief example of a three-series, two-parallel battery pack solution.
2006-01-11 Controller combines digital manager and battery charger
Summit Microelectronics' SMB118 power manager ICs integrates six precision programmable regulators and a programmable battery charger to cut system size and cost in portable consumer electronics.
2008-12-17 Compact power management IC rolls
Linear Technology Corp. has announced the LTC3101, the latest power management IC in a family of multifunction, compact power management solutions for battery-powered and battery backup applications.
2007-03-16 Choose the best buck-boost converter
Design engineers have many choices for generating 3.3V from a Li-ion battery. The optimal solution depends on the specific system requirements. Most systems will benefit from the advantages provided by a buck-boost converter.
2005-04-22 Chinese designers to beat twin forces in cellular handset race
A hefty fraction of the world's mobile phones is manufactured in China.
2007-05-01 Buck converter suits W-CDMA/N-CDMA PAs
Maxim introduced the MAX8805Y/MAX8805Z 600mA, PWM step-down converters in 2-by-2mm WLPs for W-CDMA/N-CDMA power amplifiers.
2007-10-17 Buck boost converter extends battery runtime
In single-cell Li-ion applications requiring a 3.3V output, the buck-boost topology of Linear Technology's LTC3520 dual-channel, 2MHz synchronous converter, can enable over 25 percent longer battery runtimes compared to a standard buck converter.
2004-11-18 Battery charger delivers up to 1A to a single-cell Li-ion battery
Linear Tech announced a small standalone single-cell Li-ion linear battery charger that also provides a regulated output voltage for system supply.
2005-10-31 Atmel 4x power supply PMU offered in QFN 3-by-3mm package
The AT73C239 Power Management standard product from Atmel is touted to be the smallest 4x power supply Power Management Unit available on the market with a QFN 3-by-3mm package.
2007-06-27 Analog ICs aid low-power handset designs
A cluster of new, analog-centric, components from National Semiconductor can help handheld designers implement the low-power tactics essential to longer operating times.
2007-11-09 Analog companion IC suits multimedia apps
Atmel Corp. has released the AT73C206 analog companion power supply and audio interface IC designed for handheld wireless multimedia devices.
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