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2002-07-26 MAS LDO regulator is 80 percent smaller
The MAS9160 LDO regulator is offered in a CSP casing that is 80 percent smaller than MSOP-8 packages.
2002-08-28 MAS LDO regulator has 10.55A quiescent current
The MAS9161 80mA LDO regulator IC offers a quiescent current of 10.55A and dropout voltage of 200mV, making the device suitable as a power supply in applications with long standby periods.
2003-01-29 MAS LDO regulator exhibits 30?Vrms output noise
The MAS9167 LDO voltage regulator from Micro Analog Systems Oy exhibits 30?Vrms of output noise, even without a bypass capacitor.
2002-01-14 MAS LDO regulator delivers 305V output noise sans bypass capacitor
The MAS9162 low dropout (LDO) regulator is rated at 80mA and exhibits a 305Vrms output noise level, even without a bypass capacitor.
2007-01-08 Low-voltage LDO supports 65nm logic ICs
The new 5A low-voltage, single-supply LDO regulator from Micrel can support the voltage supply requirements of current and future FPGAs, MCUs and other logic ICs using 65nm processes.
2006-01-10 Low dropout regulator incorporates ramp control
Micrel launched a 2A low dropout regulator featuring built-in sequencing, tracking and ramp control for low voltage FPGAs, DSPs and ASICs
2013-03-15 Linear's LDO Regulator runs Independent Inputs
The LT3030's full feature set and low quiescent current of 115?A/70?A per regulator (operating) and
2002-05-24 Linear Tech controller has on-chip LDO
The LTC3700 step-down dc/dc controller from Linear Technology Corp. operates up to 94 percent efficiency and includes an on-chip 150mA LDO linear regulator, housed in a 10-lead MSOP casing.
2007-01-18 LDO with boost preregulator cuts cost, size
The buck-boost operation achieved by the combination of LDO and boost preregulator in Maxim's MAX5092 reduces component count and size, thus saving space and cost
2006-12-15 LDO touts 60 percent lower quiescent current
Maxim's new LDO has a maximum light-load quiescent current is 100mA, which is approximately 60 percent lower than the nearest competitor, the company said
2006-09-04 LDO supports CPU, DSP based on 90nm tech
Power Analog Microelectronics has introduced the PAM3111, an ultralow output voltage (0.9V) LDO linear regulator that supports CPU and DSP based on 90nm technology.
2005-07-05 LDO shrinks 30% for portable apps
Micrel is offering a dual low dropout regulator in a miniature 2.5-by-2.5mm MLF package
2009-10-01 LDO regulators trim mounting area
Torex Semiconductor Ltd's new series of LDO regulators suit cellphones and other communication devices
2007-07-04 LDO regulators source up to 300mA output currents
Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT6217 and CAT6218 LDO regulators source 150mA and 300mA output currents, respectively, in a five-lead, 1mm profile SOT-23 package
2008-10-01 LDO regulators ready for noise-sensitive portable apps
ADI introduces a family of high-performance LDO regulators that generates the low noise, low voltage supply rails and extended battery life required for mobile handsets and other battery-powered devices
2008-08-04 LDO regulators eye high efficiency applications
Micrel Inc. introduces the MIC5313/4/5/6, a new family of low input voltage capable, low dropout (LDO) regulators
2010-06-01 LDO regulators consume 32?A per channel
Micrel Inc. is rolling out two new high-performance, low dropout (LDO) regulators for portable and space-constrained electronics
2015-10-07 LDO regulators aimed at noise sensitive loads
The Intersil ISL80510 and ISL80505 provide 1A and 0.5A of continuous output current and ultra-low dropout of 130mV and 45mV at full load, respectively, to deliver outstanding dropout performance.
2012-01-30 LDO regulator works from 0.5-3V
The XC6603/XC6604 series has integrated N-ch driver transistor that allows the minimum I/O voltages of the devices to be much lower than traditional LDOs with integrated P-ch transistors.
2005-06-28 LDO regulator with voltage detector
ON Semi's new LDO regulator is capable of supplying 150mA with a dropout of 160mV at 100mA, and offers an ultra-low quiescent current of 50?A (typ) at full load and 0.25?A (typ) when the device is disabled.
2005-12-23 LDO regulator with low internal reference voltage
Linear Technology Corp. unveiled a 300mA very low dropout linear regulator with input voltage capability down to 1.7V
2005-06-09 LDO regulator with 2% accuracy
The new dual output low dropout linear regulator from ON Semiconductor provides a 2 percent accuracy over its operating temperature range, and features a fixed output voltage of 3.3V
2005-02-02 LDO regulator with ?Cap design
Micrel introduced a high performance, dual ?Cap low dropout (LDO) regulator that offers low operating current and a second, even lower operating current mode.
2008-12-15 LDO regulator touts ultralow quiescent current
The XC6502 series of low dropout (LDO) regulators from Torex Semiconductor Europe Ltd provide an ultralow quiescent current of only 1.0?A. These devices are particularly well-suited for power-sensitive applications
2011-11-28 LDO regulator touts 1.6-5.5V input voltage
Torex Semiconductor's XC6421 series has an overcurrent protection circuit of 450mA and short-circuit protection of 125mA.
1999-04-08 LDO regulator stability and ceramic capacitors
This article explains LDO stability related to the output capacitor and why ceramics can have this effect
2005-12-02 LDO regulator powers low-voltage MPU cores
Micrel launched an ultra high-bandwidth, low-dropout, 5A voltage regulator for powering core voltages of low-voltage microprocessors
2005-04-19 LDO regulator offers high PSRR
The new dual 150mA ?Cap LDO regulator from Micrel is touted to be an ideal solution for any application in portable electronics, including both RF and digital apps.
2004-11-30 LDO regulator offers best quiescent current, regulator performance compromise
austriamicro rolled out a new high-performance programmable quad CMOS low dropout voltage regulator in a single 4-by-4mm package
2005-02-01 LDO regulator offers 60mV dropout voltage at 150mA
A high performance, dual ?Cap low-dropout (LDO) regulator with integrated power-on reset supervisor was announced by Micrel.
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