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2005-02-08 LDO regulator mixes low dropout voltage, high ripple rejection
The NJM2845/46 from NJR is a LDO regulator that features high precision output, high ripple rejection and low dropout voltage.
2005-07-19 LDO regulator includes ON/OFF control
The NJM2831 from New Japan Radio is a low drop out regulator with ON/OFF control
2006-05-02 LDO regulator improves battery life of portable apps
austriamicrosystems introduced a low dropout regulator, which is said to improve operating times in battery-powered portable equipment
2005-01-03 LDO regulator IC supplies 1A load current
Toko has rolled out its TK733xx high current output positive LDO regulator IC, which can supply 1A load current.
2005-12-28 LDO regulator features RC pin
Micrel launched a 2A LDO regulator designed for powering FPGA or ASIC core voltages that require high start-up current with lower nominal operating current.
2005-08-09 LDO regulator extends battery life
The two new 150mA low-noise low-dropout regulators from Vishay Intertechnology are touted to have the highest available current density in the 5-pin SC-70 package.
2009-04-03 LDO regulator equipped with power save mode
Torex Semiconductor Ltd has released the XC6220 series of 1A output high-speed CMOS LDO regulator.
2015-09-15 LDO regulator enables fingerprint recognition modules
The AP7346 from Diodes has a low quiescent current and high efficiency under light loads that cuts power consumption in smartphones, tablets and similar consumer electronic products.
2006-02-14 LDO regulator dishes 150mA output
Rohm Electronics' latest CMOS low dropout regulator is said to feature an output current of 150mA and high output voltage accuracy (1 percent
2006-05-15 LDO regulator designed for portable apps
Micrel launched a new family of dual ultra-low dropout (ULDO) voltage linear regulators.
2005-04-08 LDO regulator delivers 20mA
A high voltage, micropower, low dropout (LDO) regulator capable of delivering 20mA output current was recently announced by Linear Technology Corp.
2011-04-04 LDO regulator boast low power consumption, high speed
Torex Semiconductor releases a 10.5V input, low power consumption, high speed 200mA LDO regulator aimed at specifications requiring 5V supply.
2005-09-15 LDO offers 60mV dropout
With a wide Vin range of 2.25V to 5.5V, Micrel's new 150mA LDO features ultra-low Iq of 16?A (typ) and 0.01?A shutdown current
2000-11-01 LDO noise testing depends on filters
Telecommunications, networking, audio and instrumentation require low-noise power supplies. In particular, there is an interest in low-noise, low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs).
2007-10-30 LDO integrates two 300mA regulators
Catalyst Semiconductor's newest LDO integrates two 300mA regulators in a 6-lead, 0.8mm-tall TSOT-23 package
2007-02-20 LDO features 80V input, 140C operating temp
Linear Tech's LT3010 features an input range of 3-80V and its H-grade version enables operation up to 140C.
2007-08-23 LDO extends operating time of low-power applications
austriamicrosystems has expanded its portfolio with the AS1360 LDO operating at an ultralow supply current and handling an operating input voltage of up to 20V
2008-10-01 LDO design solves load transient problems
Design analysis of CMOS low dropout regulator (LDO) focusing on low quiescent current and load transient improvement methodologies and structures are discussed in this article. A novel structure using operational transconductance amplifiers is discussed.
2007-04-03 LDO cuts power draw in automotive ECUs
Rohm has announced the development of a high-reliability, 50V/500mA LDO regulator IC suitable for use with MCUs and memory in automotive ECUs.
2009-10-27 LDO boasts wide input, output voltage ranges
Microchip offers the MCP1804 low dropout regulator that delivers up to 150mA of output current and support output voltages from 1.8V-18V
2009-08-20 LDO achieves high precision, ripple rejection
From Torex Semiconductor Ltd comes a new 700mA high-speed transient response low dropout regulator (LDO) with reverse current protection.
2003-08-07 IR LDO regulator suits noise-sensitive circuitry
International Rectifier has introduced the IRU1502-33, a fixed PMOS LDO linear regulator in a 6-pin MLPM package with a <0.6V dropout at 1A.
2002-05-31 IR LDO regulator halves system footprint
The IRU1120 adjustable LDO linear voltage regulator from International Rectifier achieves stability by using ceramic capacitors to lower the system cost and reduce the system footprint by up to 50 percent.
2004-02-18 Intersil regulator IC reduces space, BoM cost
The power regulator ICs from Intersil are designed to provide reduced BoMs, manufacturing costs, board space and routing problems
2000-12-13 Intelligent LDO regulator with external bypass control
This application note discusses the MC33565 Intelligent LDO Regulator, which contains detection and logic circuitry to determine which supply is active and take appropriate action to maintain a steady 3.3V output, even as the supply planes change from "working" state to "system sleep" state.
2003-05-11 High-Efficiency Regulator has Low Drop-Out Voltage
This application note describes a design for a high output current regulator using a regulator chip, an external transistor, and a few passive components
2011-09-05 Green LED as substitute for LDO regulator
Learn how a single green LED can replace a 1.8V LDO regulator in a level-translator circuit.
2002-04-09 GMT LDO regulator sources 300mA
The G901 LDO voltage regulator IC can source 300mA of output current with a dropout voltage of 0.45V (typ.), making it suitable for PC equipment such as CD-ROM drives, modems, mouse, keyboards, and LAN hubs.
2013-04-26 Gate driver comes with 3.3V LDO regulator
The FAN3180 from Fairchild can power MCUs or ASICs as well as provide a strong gate drive for an external semiconductor switch.
2002-10-29 Fairchild LDO regulator sinks, sources up to 3.1A
Fairchild's FAN1655 LDO regulator is able to sink and source up to 3.1A peak current.
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