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2004-08-16 Dual regulator typology needed to power modern cellphones
Advances in process technology require newer power management to wring every minute out of the battery in cellphones.
2010-02-18 Dual LDO packs independent inputs, shutdown controls
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT3029, a dual low-noise, low-dropout regulator with independent inputs and independent shutdown control for each channel
2014-08-12 Diodes rolls out adjustable LDO regulator
The TO252 packaged adjustable LDO regulator offers designers a high degree of stability under extreme conditions of change in either input voltage or load.
2007-01-19 Compact LDO powers FPGA, MCU apps
Micrel has launched a compact dual 2A LDO regulator aimed at powering FPGA and MCU applications, including broadband modems, routers, STBs, home entertainment systems, storage networks, wireless base stations and car infotainment systems.
2005-11-15 CMOS LDO regulator ICs deliver high-accuracy output voltage
Toko announced that they have begun shipping samples and mass-produced products of its TK631xxB/H/S-G and TK637xxB/H/S-G positive voltage CMOS LDO regulator ICs.
2003-05-07 CMD LDO regulator works with VRM/VDO 10.0 motherboards
The CM3112-12 low-voltage LDO regulator of California Micro Devices is designed to specifically work with VRM/VRD 10.0-compliant PC motherboards.
2008-07-10 austriamicrosystems tips 1A LDO regulator
austriamicrosystems has expanded its low dropout regulator portfolio with the AS1364, capable of delivering up to 1A while operating at lowest dropout voltages
2004-09-01 AnalogicTech LDO linear regulator has uP reset
Advanced Analogic Technologies introduced an LDO linear regulator with uP reset.
2010-11-18 700mA LDO regulator features reverse current protection
Torex launches 700mA high-speed LDO regulators with reverse current protection
2011-02-11 3A LDO can be paralleled for heat spreading
Linear Technology Corp. unveils the LT3083, a 3A LDO regulator that can be paralleled for heat spreading and higher output current.
2006-12-04 Smallest' LDO drives LED lighting in portables
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a two-bank LDO, touted to be the smallest of its kind, for supporting LED lighting in portable applications such as mobile phones, navigation systems, and MP3 and media players
2011-02-07 Voltage regulator supplies 1A output current
Torex Semiconductor has developed the XC6602 series, a 0.5V low input, 1A, ultra-low dropout voltage regulator with soft-start
2009-07-30 Using a linear regulator to produce a constant current source
This application note shows how to use linear voltage regulators to provide a constant current.
2008-03-17 Ultralow-dropout regulator guarantees 200mA output
An ultralow dropout regulator with a guaranteed 200mA output current has been launched by austriamicrosystems for space critical applications such as mobile phones and PDAs that require high performance despite limited PCB space
2009-12-21 Triple LDO guarantees stability in portable apps
austriamicrosystems expands its low drop out regulator portfolio with the AS1355, capable of delivering up to 300mA at its regulated outputs
2004-01-23 TI LDO family features high PSRR
The family of low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) from TI is claimed by the company to feature the industry's highest PSRR and ultra-low noise for 200mA.
2008-04-28 Three-channel step-down DC/DC converter touts LDO controller
A triple channel, current mode, pulse-width modulation step-down DC/DC converter with three internal 36V power switches and an LDO controller has been announced by Linear Technology Corp
2005-08-30 TFT-LCD regulator offers a cool way out
The EL7585A quad-output regulator from Intersil provides a highly integrated power source for large (19 inches and greater) TFT-LCDs of the kind used in TVs and desktop monitors
2008-02-21 Synchronous boost regulator comes with output disconnect, LDO
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3537, a 2.2MHz current mode synchronous boost DC/DC converter with integrated output disconnects plus an LDO
2008-11-14 Switching regulator simplifies flyback converter design
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LT3573 isolated monolithic flyback switching regulator with an integrated 1.25A NPN power switch
2011-05-17 Switching regulator offers 55V transient protection
Linear Technology has introduced a 500mA (IOUT), 36V step-down switching regulator with integrated LDO packaged in a 3mmx3mm QFN or MSOP-12E.
2007-10-29 Switching regulator handles cold-crank in cars
A switching regulator and a linear controller suitable for load dump and cold-crank conditions found in automotive applications has been launched by Linear Technology
2007-07-25 Surface-mount LDO is easily paralleled
Linear Technology Corp.'s LT3080 is a 1.1A device is said to be easily paralleled with 300mV dropout at full load, accepts inputs from 1.2V to 40V and has adjustable output of 40V down to 0V.
2007-07-17 Small power solution IC integrates battery charger, diode, LDO
Linear Technology Corp. unveils the LTC3557, a multifunction power management solution for Li-ion/polymer battery applications.
2003-08-04 Sipex LDO regulators feature up to 3.1V output
The company has announced that their SPX3819, a low dropout (LDO) linear regulator, is now available in 1.8V, 3V, and 3.1V fixed output voltages.
2009-07-24 Single-chip LDO tailored for car antennas
Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled what it touts to be the first single-chip linear voltage regulator (LDO) with integrated diagnosis and car radio system protection functions.
2016-04-12 Selecting step-up/down voltage regulator for portable apps
In portable applications, the voltage regulator efficiency is of the utmost importance. In this article we will review the available options, compare their performance, and determine the most efficient solution
2004-08-16 Right regulator can cool handset
Pick the best regulator to cool off your cellphone: linear low-dropout, inductorless switching or inductor-based switching regulators
2005-05-10 Regulator with 100mV dropout voltage while delivering 1.5A
Linear Technology released a 1.5A very low dropout (VLDO) linear regulator with input voltage capability down to 1.14V
2008-06-04 Regulator has switched output, load-dump protection
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX15009/MAX15011 highly integrated, 300mA automotive linear regulators with a switched output and load-dump protection.
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