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2008-05-06 Programmable multi-output regulator targets UMPCs
STMicroelectronics has combined all supply-voltage and reference sources for a multimedia chipset and DDR2/3 memory into a single device by introducing the PM6641 multi-output regulator
2009-10-29 Power system demonstration kit based on the PM6686 dual step-down controller with adjustable voltages and adjustable LDO
The PM6686 is a dual step-down controller with adjustable output voltages, adjustable LDO and charge pump circuit for notebook power systems
2007-10-11 Power manager integrates buck regulator, LDO
An ultra-small dual channel power management IC that provides two high-performance outputs for portable device applications has been launched by Micrel Inc.
2007-07-11 Overvoltage protection regulator suits car, industrial apps
Linear Technology has introduced an overvoltage protection regulator with overcurrent protection and inrush current limiting for car and industrial apps
2004-09-03 NJR LDO voltage regulator eyes portable apps
NJR announced the release of a new low dropout voltage regulator that is engineered for use in portable equipment with built-in batteries
2011-12-21 Microphone combines pre-amplifier, LDO, ADC
Fairchild's FAN3850A and FAN3850T convert electret condenser microphone outputs to digital pulse density modulation data streams.
2004-03-18 Microchip LDO operates at very low supply current
Microchip Technology has launched a low dropout regulator that operates at a very low supply current
2006-01-27 Micrel regulator enables slimmer phones
Micrel unveiled what it touts as the industry's first 8MHz, 500mA synchronous buck regulator for portable applications
2006-10-17 Micrel intros ULDO regulator in ultrasmall package
Micrel has launched a single LDO offering an ultralow dropout of 40mV at 150mA, more than 75db PSRR and ultralow output noiseall in an extremely compact form factor
2005-01-11 Micrel buck regulator provides low noise, high efficiency
The new MIC2205 from Micrel is a high efficiency 2MHz PWM synchronous buck regulator that features a LOWQ LDO standby mode.
2007-03-08 Micrel adds new device to LDO portfolio
Micrel has introduced the the latest member of its MIC68000 LDO family designed for powering FPGA, CPLDs, DSPs and MCUs
2002-04-23 Maxim LDO linear regulator measures 2.3-by-2.3-by-0.65mm
The MAX1819 LDO linear regulator from Maxim Integrated Products delivers 500mA load current with a dropout of 133mV, and fits into a 0.5mm-pitch 6-pin UCSP casing that measures 2.3-by-2.3-by-0.65mm.
2002-06-04 Linear Tech dc/dc converter packs step-down, LDO controllers
The LTC1704 dual output dc/dc converter from Linear Technology Corp. integrates a step-down synchronous controller and an LDO controller into a 16-lead SSOP casing
2009-04-20 Li-ion charger with 50mA LDO flaunts slim form
Texas Instruments has launched what it claims to be the smallest 1.1A Li-ion linear battery charger with integrated 50mA low-dropout regulator to support mobile phones and other handheld electronics
2008-06-20 Leadis beefs up linear regulator offering
Leadis Technology Inc. has announced samples of the LDS1541P, an LDO linear regulator with ENABLE delivering 1A continuous load current.
2007-01-04 LDO touts superior PSRR for GSM handhelds
Intersil's low-dropout regulator, touting superior power supply rejection ratio, delivers 150mA continuous for GSM portable wireless apps
2006-12-29 LDO targets highly integrated A/V equipment
New Japan Radio has announced a 500mA-output LDO, suitable for use in today's increasingly integrated A/V equipment and PC devices
2009-07-09 LDO regulators enable always-on power supplies
Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled a line of LDO linear regulators operating from 1.425V to 3.6V to deliver up to 1A
2009-11-12 LDO offers 20?VRMS output voltage noise
austriamicrosystems' dual LDO AS1374 can deliver up to 200mA continuous load current at each output, operating from a 2V to 5.5V supply
2010-03-02 LDO offers 1.22V to 20V adjustable voltage
Linear Technology offers LT3032, a dual, low-noise, positive/negative low dropout voltage linear regulator that delivers up to 150mA continuous output current on each channel with
2011-02-21 LDO in HSNT-4(0808) package consumes 0.9?A
Seiko Instruments' ultra-small LDO voltage regulator ICs enable high component density designs, improved power dissipation and thermal shutdown protection.
2004-11-23 LDO improves white LED current matching
This app note shows how a low cost linear regulator (LDO) can improve matching and dissimilar LEDs.
2015-02-26 LDO design techniques in the era of miniaturisation
Find out how a properly designed LDO will maintain overall system efficiency and long battery life, minimising the need for large energy storage elements
2006-08-28 LDO delivers high output current in small package
Said to be the first in the industry, Microchip's MCP1727 is an efficient, low-power 1.5A LDO that provides high output current and low output voltage in small, thermally capable packages
2010-02-04 LDO delivers 100mA continuous output current
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT3060, a high voltage, low noise, low dropout voltage linear regulator delivers up to 100mA continuous output current with a 300mV dropout voltage at full load
2008-05-15 LDO controllers drive NMOS, NPN pass transistors
Leadis Technology has released samples of a new family of LDO controllers designed to drive NMOS or NPN pass transistors
2014-11-19 Impact of parasitics on switcher regulator designs
Know several frequently overlooked design parameters and design considerations related to equivalent series resistance, load capacitor, vias and feedback networks.
2006-05-05 IC combines DC/DC converter, LDO outputs
Micrel launched the MIC2800, a power management IC that provides three output voltages and a power-on-reset.
2008-12-09 High-efficiency LDO saves board real estate
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a 300mA low-dropout (LDO) solution balancing efficiency, transient response, and footprint size for energy-sensitive systems
2008-11-21 High voltage LDO delivers 3?A quiescent current
Linear Technology Corp. has released the newest member of its family of high voltage, micropower PNP-based LDOs featuring ultralow quiescent current of just 3?A.
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