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2007-04-23 TI intros 200mA LDOs for battery-run portables
TI introduced a family of dual, 200mA LDOs in a 2-by-2mm SON package for portable, battery-powered equipment.
2012-08-22 TI expands TI FPD-Link III chipset family
The DS90UB913Q serializer and DS90UB914Q deserializer claim to provide seamless video and data interface to megapixel driver assist camera modules.
2005-02-16 Reduce costs in automotive power systems
The proper design of a power supply can reduce the overall engineering cost. Here's how.
2011-12-16 Power management ICs flaunt 3V dropout
TI's PMICs power up supply rails in SSDs, hybrid drives and other flash memory management applications.
2003-05-09 NSC linear regulators drop out 160mV
National Semiconductor Corp.'s LP3881 dual-input LDO regulator kicks out as little as 75mV.
2003-01-08 Microchip dc/dc converter ICs allow inductor-less design
The MCP1252 and MCP1253 120mA regulated charge pump dc/dc converters are packaged in 8-pin MSOPs and eliminate the need for inductors.
2006-05-12 Micrel's dual LDOs deliver low-dropout, high-PSRR edge
Micrel's new dual LDO regulator offers ultra low dropout voltage (35mV at 150mA), greater than 70db power supply ripple rejection, and ultra low output noise.
2000-06-19 LPR30 linear controller
This application note proposes the LPR30 Linear Controller, which is developed for high-current LDO linear regulators. It describes the internal blocks and the operating mode of the IC, and suggests an application example based on an existing demo-board
2000-11-30 LP2980, LP2981, LP2982, LP2985 micro SMD demo boards
This application note describes the characteristics of the demo board designed for use with the micro SMD versions of National Semiconductor's LP298X low dropout regulators.
2000-11-30 Linear regulators: Theory of operation and compensation
This application note discusses the theory of operation and compensation of LDO regulators and quasi-LDO linear regulators that utilize an NPN Darlington pass transistor
2008-10-28 LDOs meet power demands of portable apps
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC5326/27/37 family of single output, low quiescent current LDO regulators designed for power-hungry battery-powered electronics
2007-01-05 LDOs feature ultralow quiescent current
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced two high-voltage LDO regulators with ultralow quiescent currentdown to 10?A quiescent current at no load
2008-11-07 LDOs ease the stress of start-up
The LP38851/52/53 devices, with soft-start, provide a reliable way to ensure that start-up into high capacitive loads is uneventful and stress free.
2002-12-04 Intersil IC replaces three regulators
The ISL6411 triple LDO regulator IC from Intersil Corp. replaces three regulators, a reset function, and extensive circuit protections.
2002-10-10 Intersil combo controller operates up to 24V
Intersil's Endura ISL6226 synchronous buck PWM and LDO combo controller operates over 24V to power chipsets, memory, and audio apps
2004-06-22 Holtek regulators with low power consumption
Holtek Semiconductor announced the availability of its higher driving low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator - the HT73XX series.
2015-01-23 HDMI protection devices from ST target Ultra-HD devices
The HDMI2C1 series boasts active pull-ups on all display data channel (DDC) lines to maintain Ultra-HD signal integrity and reduce dependence on HDMI cable quality.
2009-10-02 Digital power regulators pack gate drivers
Entering the digital power market, Exar Corp. has introduced two highly-integrated field-programmable power regulator ICs series
2012-05-15 Charge pumps provide low input, output ripple
Linear Technology's LTC3261 and LTC3260 charge pumps function in either low quiescent current Burst Mode operation or low noise constant frequency mode at up to 88 percent efficiency, delivering up to 100mA of output current operating from 4.5V to 32V input voltage.
2011-07-28 Buck regulators,?LDOs occupy 69mm2 board area
Analog Devices has unveiled its ADP5024 and ADP5034 regulators/LDOs that features 3MHz and 1.2A step down regulators.
2008-07-16 Atmel bestows upgrades to PMU
Atmel Corp. introduces the AT73C237, a power management unit (PMU) compatible with a 5V input supply and generating four regulated output voltages, with programmable output voltage selection and output current up to 70mA.
2007-02-28 Z-Alliance welcomes Micrel as newest member
Micrel announced that joined the Z-Alliance of power supply and semiconductor manufacturers offering products and components for the Z-One digital power architecture.
2011-08-22 Understanding power issues in SDI products (Part 2)
Here's the second instalment of this two-part series. It discusses the various ways of meeting the power requirements of SDI video components.
2007-03-06 Ultralow-noise LDOs enable 3.9mm? solution size
Maxim's ultralow-noise, 150mA LDOs are available in a 1-by-1.5-by-0.8mm ?DFN package that enables a total solution size as small as 3.9mm?, including external components.
2001-04-30 TMS320C62x/67x power supply solutions for 1-2 DSPs: Using the TL5001A and TPS7133
This application note describes a low-cost power solution for Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP applications using the TL5001 PWM controller and the TPS7133 LDO voltage regulator.
2002-08-07 TI power management ICs extend battery life
TI's new power management devices provide dual outputs for system and core voltages, extending battery life in portable devices with 95 percent efficiency.
2002-11-26 TI dc/dc converter feature 95 percent efficiency
The company's TPS61107 synchronous step-up dc/dc converter features an LDO linear regulator, which extends battery life significantly.
2008-01-18 Switch mode USB PMIC minimizes battery heat
Linear Tech has released the LTC3556, the latest in a family of smaller next-generation, multifunction power management solutions for Li-ion/polymer battery applications.
2008-02-14 Step-down DC/DC leaves compact footprint
Linear Technology's LT1939 step-down switching regulator comes in a 3mm x 3mm DFN-12 package, providing a very compact, thermally efficient footprint
2004-03-16 Software becomes manager of power
The biggest roadblock to continuing integration of highly mobile devices is the analog and simple digital functions necessary to support the SoC and RF components.
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