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2003-09-23 Sipex LDOs offer low output noise
Sipex Corp. has introduced the SP6205 and the SP6203, two 500mA and 300mA low dropout linear regulators that offer low output noise.
2012-10-20 Renesas announces power supply ICs
The RAA23021X series provide functions such as stepping down the voltage supplied to an MCU and its peripheral devices, and controlling the power supply in standby mode.
2014-11-17 Realising Industry 4.0: What we need to know
There are various system design hurdles to resolve before we get Industry 4.0 really going. Take a look at some of these key challenges presented and discuss possible solutions.
2006-09-21 Quad-output PMUs ease design and save space
National said the level of integration of its two new power management units simplifies system design and increases space efficiency in mid-range, quad-output applications.
2010-08-30 Programmable PMIC designed for 1-cell Li-ion polymer systems
Linear's LTC3675 features seven rails with I2C control and fault monitoring
2007-03-06 Power-management IC has three output voltages
Micrel has launched a highly efficient and flexible power-management IC that provides three output voltages and power-on reset in a 3-by-3mm-by-MLF-16 package.
2013-12-06 Power tip: Implications of envelope tracking
Envelope tracking calls for a high-bandwidth power supply with the ability to source and sink current, which complicates the design.
2010-08-16 Power supply improves AMOLED pictures
TI's TPS65137 200mA dual output power supply is designed to provide improved picture quality for active matrix OLED displays that require positive and negative supply rails.
2013-10-25 Power mgmt architecture with internal regulation
Learn about the viable solutions and alternatives to prevent performance problems in ICs.
2004-11-01 Power management trends in 3G cellphones
Manufacturers are now adopting switching regulators over the simpler, but less efficient, linear low-dropout regulators in 3G cellphones.
2006-06-23 Power IC targets GSM mobile apps
Analogic's new addition to its power management IC family offers a compact solution designed for GSM mobile phone applications.
2011-12-01 Power IC supports 3.5-6.5V input voltage
The TPS75005 features two low-noise, 500mA low-dropout linear regulators for TI's real-time control MCUs.
2010-06-18 PoL converter supports 500?F load capacitance
Extending its range of Okami non-isolated PoL DC/DC converters, Murata Power Solutions has introduced the OKI-78SR series of switching regulator converters for industrial applications
2002-04-18 ON Semiconductor buck controller fits low-voltage computing apps
Designed for use in dc/dc converters in computing and telecom boards, the NCP1570 8-pin synchronous buck controller from On Semiconductor provides a power supply for computing applications that require voltages down to 1V and current levels up to 15A.
2002-08-30 ON Semi rolls out regulators for automotive apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCV8501 and NCV8502 precision micropower voltage regulators for the power management of automotive applications.
2002-07-01 ON Semi buck converter delivers up to 91 percent efficiency
The NCP1500 dual-mode PWM buck converter from ON Semiconductor features a linear mode that the company claims reduces noise and quiescent current at low current levels, and a PWM mode that delivers up to 91 percent efficiency for heavy loads.
2006-10-19 Micropower LDOs deliver up to 80V input voltage
Linear Technology has announced two micropower LDOs with input voltage capability up to 80V.
2005-09-16 Manage low-voltage rails with VLDO regulators
The increasing number of phone features is driving the need for more low-voltage output rails at varying power levels
2006-02-01 Make plans for power in next-gen CE
Continuing innovations in power generation and management will usher in a new era of CE applications.
2002-12-06 LP3985 SOT23-5 evaluation board instruction
This application note discusses how to use the LP3985 evaluation board.
2001-10-01 Low drop voltage regulators for automotive electronics
This application note describes the characteristics and operation of linear voltage regulators with an I/O voltage drop below 2V.
2009-12-23 Linear regulators leverage BiCMOS technology
Intersil's new LDOs claim the industry's fastest transient response, ensuring that the output voltage is regulated under varying load currents.
2008-05-30 Linear launches power chip in tiny packet
Linear's LTC3100, a triple output converter, includes synchronous boost regulator, synchronous buck regulator and LDO in a 3mm x 3mm QFN-16 package, which makes it well suited for applications powered by low-voltage inputs: single or dual cell alkaline batteries.
2009-09-23 LDOs promise improved system stability
Diodes Inc. has developed a range of low drop out linear regulators (LDOs) designed to drive low ESR 1?F MLCC capacitors to improve control loop stability and transient response.
2003-08-18 LDOs power processor cores to 0.9V
Micrel Semiconductor has extended its family of low output voltage, high-current LDOs with the release of the MIC49300 device.
2008-08-21 LDOs pack low quiescent current, on-board protection
ON Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of low dropout (LDO) linear voltage regulators for automotive electronics modules that require very low ignition-off currents
2006-07-04 LDOs operate at 1.6V input voltage
Sipex Corp. has announced the newest additions to its family of precision low dropout linear regulators that operate at a very low 1.6V input voltage.
2011-10-25 LDOs improve battery efficiency
NXP has released a new family of LD6806 LDO series that includes the LD6806CX4, which features low noise performance, low standby current, and an ultra-small wafer-level chip-scale package
2006-11-27 LDOs handle digital, analog loads in battery-run apps
National Semiconductor has introduced three LDOs for both digital and analog loads in battery-powered systems.
2005-10-18 LDOs deliver ultra-high PSRR
Intersil announced a family of high-performance dual LDOs that promises ultra-high PSRR, extremely low quiescent current and excellent noise performance for RF/noise-sensitive apps.
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