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What is LDO?
LDO stands for low-dropout, which usually refers to a regulator that can operate with a very small input and output differential voltage.
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2002-01-02 Vishay LDO regulators tout 130mV dropout voltage
The Siliconix Si91841 and Si91843 150mA low-noise LDO regulators are designed for use in battery-powered equipment.
2005-06-14 Understanding the stable range of equivalent series resistance of an LDO regulator
This app note explores the stable range of equivalent series resistance
2009-12-21 Triple LDO guarantees stability in portable apps
austriamicrosystems expands its low drop out regulator portfolio with the AS1355, capable of delivering up to 300mA at its regulated outputs.
2010-07-06 Touch MCUs with LDO operate at 150?A/MHz
Silicon Laboratories Inc. touts the lowest power touch-sense microcontrollers maintaining a 150?A/MHz operation by virtue of an integrated low-dropout (LDO) regulator.
2005-02-09 Toko LDO regulator IC with on/off control
Toko announced the general availability of its TK70203CS2G0 low dropout linear regulator that is suitable for use in battery powered systems.
2004-09-15 Toko LDO regulator IC with 200mV VDROP
The TK637xxS, a new positive low dropout regulator IC from Toko, features an input voltage between 2V and 6V, and output voltage from 1.5V to 4.2V.
2004-09-14 Toko LDO regulator IC provides 150mA
The new negative LDO regulator IC from Toko can supply 150mA of load current, and provides an output voltage, trimmed with high accuracy, from -2V to -9.5V.
2006-10-18 TI unrolls new automotive-qualified LDO regulators
Texas Instruments' new family of LDO regulators will survive the harsh requirements of the high-transient automotive environment for car stereo, instrument clusters and telematics apps.
2004-01-23 TI LDO family features high PSRR
The family of low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) from TI is claimed by the company to feature the industry's highest PSRR and ultra-low noise for 200mA.
2008-04-28 Three-channel step-down DC/DC converter touts LDO controller
A triple channel, current mode, pulse-width modulation step-down DC/DC converter with three internal 36V power switches and an LDO controller has been announced by Linear Technology Corp.
2008-02-21 Synchronous boost regulator comes with output disconnect, LDO
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3537, a 2.2MHz current mode synchronous boost DC/DC converter with integrated output disconnects plus an LDO.
2007-07-25 Surface-mount LDO is easily paralleled
Linear Technology Corp.'s LT3080 is a 1.1A device is said to be easily paralleled with 300mV dropout at full load, accepts inputs from 1.2V to 40V and has adjustable output of 40V down to 0V.
2005-11-22 Step-down DC/DC converter includes LDO, voltage detector
This single chip step-down DC/DC converter, LDO regulator and voltage detector provides two independent supply voltages with supervisory features.
2005-06-10 Soft-start circuits for LDO linear regulators
This app note discusses two methods of slew-rate limiting a linear regulator's output voltage rise time and, consequently, limiting its in-rush current at startup.
2007-07-17 Small power solution IC integrates battery charger, diode, LDO
Linear Technology Corp. unveils the LTC3557, a multifunction power management solution for Li-ion/polymer battery applications.
2003-08-04 Sipex LDO regulators feature up to 3.1V output
The company has announced that their SPX3819, a low dropout (LDO) linear regulator, is now available in 1.8V, 3V, and 3.1V fixed output voltages.
2004-03-16 Sipex LDO consumes 28?A quiescent current
Sipex has introduced two new low voltage options for its SP6201 LDO that provides output voltages down to 1.5V fixed and adjustable output from 1.25V to 5V.
2008-03-27 Single/dual MOSFET drivers feature adjustable LDO
Maxim's MAX15024/MAX15025 single/dual MOSFET drivers integrate an adjustable LDO that provides gate-driver amplitude control and optimization.
2009-07-24 Single-chip LDO tailored for car antennas
Infineon Technologies AG has unveiled what it touts to be the first single-chip linear voltage regulator (LDO) with integrated diagnosis and car radio system protection functions.
2003-01-23 Siliconix LDO regulator offers 150mV dropout
The Si9185 500mA CMOS LDO regulator features a dropout voltage of 150mV and is packaged in a 3-by-2mm MLP33 PowerPAK package.
2002-12-17 Siliconix LDO regulator has 3-by-3mm footprint
The Si9815 500mA CMOS LDO regulator is available in a thermally enhanced MLP33 PowerPAK package that occupies a footprint of 3-by-3mm.
2000-12-12 Precision sub-1V, 1.7A output LDO
This application note describes a 0.9V, 1.7A output LDO with an explanation of each circuit element.
2009-10-29 Power system demonstration kit based on the PM6686 dual step-down controller with adjustable voltages and adjustable LDO
The PM6686 is a dual step-down controller with adjustable output voltages, adjustable LDO and charge pump circuit for notebook power systems.
2007-10-11 Power manager integrates buck regulator, LDO
An ultra-small dual channel power management IC that provides two high-performance outputs for portable device applications has been launched by Micrel Inc.
2004-11-03 ON Semi unveils 63 new LDO regulators
ON Semiconductor expanded its voltage regulation IC portfolio developed specifically for the automotive environment.
2003-02-14 NJR LDO voltage regulators eye portable apps
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released the NJM2874/75/76 LDO voltage regulators with on/off control in SOT-23 packages, making them suitable for use in portable apps.
2004-09-03 NJR LDO voltage regulator eyes portable apps
NJR announced the release of a new low dropout voltage regulator that is engineered for use in portable equipment with built-in batteries.
2003-04-14 NJR LDO regulator boasts low quiescent current
The NJM2885 LDO voltage regulator from New Japan Radio Co. Ltd utilizes advanced bipolar technology to achieve low noise and low quiescent current.
2006-07-17 New LDO regulator ICs tailored for battery-operated portable devices
New Japan Radio unveiled two new products that target battery-operated portable devicesthe NJU7777 and NJU7254.
2002-03-06 National Semiconductor LDO regulator targets 42V automotive apps
The LM2936HV LDO regulator supports continuous input voltages of up to 60V with a 50mA (5V) output, enabling the device to meet the 42V standard being adopted by automakers.
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