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2003-12-10 Toshiba offers lead-free packaging
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) announced that many of its power semiconductor package types will be manufactured using either lead-free packaging or lead-free finishes.
2003-09-11 TAEC Flash devices come in lead-free versions
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has announced that all its NAND Flash memory TSOP devices are available in lead-free packaging.
2005-05-04 System General offers lead-free devices
Power management IC provider System General has started to offer lead-free packaging for ATX Supervisor & Combo ICs, PWM control ICs, and Power Factor Correction ICs product lines.
2003-08-05 Simtek goes lead-free in SRAM packaging
Simtek Corp. has announced that they now offer lead-free packaging for its entire family of nvSRAM products.
2004-08-24 Microtune converts tuners to Pb-free packaging
Microtune has begun offering an extensive line of Pb-free RF ICs, including MicroTuner single chip tuners.
2004-08-31 LSI Logic offers lead-free chip products
In preparing for a global initiative to rid lead and other hazardous materials from electronic products, LSI Logic is meeting customer demands by offering chip products with lead-free packaging.
2003-11-19 IR moves on towards lead-free packaging
International Rectifier has announced the initiation of the next phase in its product conversion program for lead-free finish packages
2004-05-11 California Micro Devices pushes lead-free products
California Micro Devices is offering lead-free packaging options for its products starting with its ESD protection arrays.
2002-03-06 Bourns offer lead-free resettable fuses
Bourns has announced that it will be offering its Multifuse polymeric PTC battery strap devices in lead-free packaging, as a response to the call for more environment-friendly PTC devices.
2002-02-01 Actel introduces lead-free packaging for FPGAs
The company announced the availability of lead-free packaging options for its ProASIC 500K, eX and SX-A FPGA families as an alternative to standard lead-based packages.
2002-11-11 Tyco ships lead-free PolySwitch device for telecom apps
The TRF250-180 is touted to be the Raychem Circuit Protection's first lead-free PolySwitch resettable device for telecom applications
2011-04-11 TSMC enters chip-packaging arena
TSMC will soon open a bumping facility and offer silicon interposers and TSV technologies for 3D chips, but will remain focused on the foundry market and will not compete against subcontractors.
2004-06-08 Semiconductor firms unite in lead-free initiative
Freescale Semiconductor Inc., a subsidiary of Motorola Inc., has joined STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies AG and Philips Semiconductor to further promote a lead-free electronics packaging industry.
2007-01-16 QFN packaging guidelines for RF designers
It seems such an irrelevant detail, but the component package is a strong determinant factor over layout flexibility.
2006-01-30 Pillars replace balls in Intel processor packaging
Intel's Presler and Yonah processors make use of copper pillar bumping as an alternative to lead-tin solder balls, according to Chipworks.
2002-11-22 Oki brings environment-friendly packaging to its facilities
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has successfully developed a lead-free solder plating technology for semiconductor package terminals
2005-06-02 National Semiconductor targets 100% lead-free products end of June
National Semiconductor Corp. is working on achieving 100 percent lead-free production by the end of June 2006
2004-11-11 Microchip offers lead-free product packaging
Microchip Technology Inc., a provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, disclosed the conversion of its product packaging to environmentally friendly lead (Pb)-free plating, beginning January 2005
2001-06-07 Lead-free soldering for the attachment of ?BGA packages
This application note will focus on review of alternative solder alloy compositions, furnish recommendations for solder process development, and review environmental testing requirements, comparing eutectic solder to lead-free solder on a 46 I/O ?BGA package
2005-09-22 Lead-free rules hit yields, European packagers, says analyst
European requirements for lead-free wafer bumping and packaging are hitting manufacturing yields and also hitting assembly companies in Europe as the far-east copes better with changes, according to research company Frost & Sullivan.
2005-09-21 IDT offers network engines in RoHS-compliant flip-chip packaging
Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) has begun volume production of its RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)-compliant flip-chip packaged monolithic 512Kx36 (18Mbit) and 256Kx36 (9Mbit) network search engines (NSEs) with dual Network Processor Forum (NPF) Look Aside (LA-1) interfaces.
2007-07-23 IBM fab starts using Pb-free packaging process
IBM Corp. has started using C4NP, a Pb-free process that reduces the cost of packaging flip-chip devices
2002-03-18 HEM introduces lead-free solder for power packages
Honeywell Electronic Materials has announced the development of the Bi-Ag lead-free solder for die attach in power packages
2006-07-17 Green IC packaging addresses environmental concerns
As new environmental regulations are enacted and a universal recognition of the benefits of Green design and manufacturing practices percolates, adherence to manufacturing regulations will become a basic requirement for participation in world markets.
2006-08-03 Freescale cuts die area, thickness with new chip packaging tech
Freescale's proprietary redistributed chip packaging technique delivers about a 30 percent reduction in packaged-die area and thickness
2011-03-10 Flip chip packaging boasts 40% lower cost
STATS ChipPAC releases a flip chip packaging technology, fcCUBE, that boasts high input/output density, high performance and reliability in advanced silicon nodes
2003-05-21 ChipPAC PBGA packaging targets high-power ICs
ChipPAC Inc. has announced the availability of its thermally-enhanced PBGA packaging TEBGA-II and TEBGA-IIplus
2004-03-31 Agere devices reduce RF transistor packaging costs
Agere Systems has announced five RF overmolded plastic packaged transistor products that will lower the overall costs of wireless basestation amplifier equipment.
2014-07-08 60V MOSFET come in multiple packaging options
The options include through-hole and surface mountlow profile, ultra-compact packages that deliver high current density while reducing overall system size and cost.
2003-11-11 Toshiba MOSFETs feature full isolation packaging
Toshiba Corp. has developed a family of medium- to high-voltage, power MOSFETs that allows high speed switching with faster turn-off time.
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