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2002-07-31 Yamato develops lead-free reflow oven
2003-12-10 WICKMANN releases lead-free surge arrestors
WICKMANN Group has released a line of surge arrestors that is comprised of 2-electrode and 3-electrode surge arrestors that are free from radioactivity.
2006-01-02 Using lead-free PCB finishes in circuit test
Know your options for lead-free PCB finishesHASL, OSP, ENIG, immersion silver and immersion tin.
2002-11-11 Tyco ships lead-free PolySwitch device for telecom apps
The TRF250-180 is touted to be the Raychem Circuit Protection's first lead-free PolySwitch resettable device for telecom applications.
2002-02-11 Tyco PolySwitch is lead-free
The nanoSMDM series of PolySwitch devices from Tyco Electronics Power Components/Raychem Circuit Protection Division is now available in a lead-free design.
2003-08-01 Toshiba subsidiary pushes for lead-free manufacturing
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has announced that it is implementing manufacturing procedures using new materials that support the current industry movement to lead-free manufacturing.
2003-12-10 Toshiba offers lead-free packaging
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) announced that many of its power semiconductor package types will be manufactured using either lead-free packaging or lead-free finishes.
2005-05-31 Tantalum polymer capacitor meets lead-free requirements in new case size
AVX has developed a new low-profile, tantalum solid electrolytic chip capacitor with a conductive polymer electrode that meets the lead-free 260C reflow requirements
2003-09-11 TAEC Flash devices come in lead-free versions
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has announced that all its NAND Flash memory TSOP devices are available in lead-free packaging.
2005-05-04 System General offers lead-free devices
Power management IC provider System General has started to offer lead-free packaging for ATX Supervisor & Combo ICs, PWM control ICs, and Power Factor Correction ICs product lines.
2003-01-22 SynQor to produce lead-free dc/dc converters
SynQor Inc. has announced its plans to totally eliminate the use of lead from its PowerQor, BusQor, DualQor, and NiQor products and manufacturing processes.
2003-08-05 Simtek goes lead-free in SRAM packaging
Simtek Corp. has announced that they now offer lead-free packaging for its entire family of nvSRAM products.
2004-06-08 Semiconductor firms unite in lead-free initiative
Freescale Semiconductor Inc., a subsidiary of Motorola Inc., has joined STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies AG and Philips Semiconductor to further promote a lead-free electronics packaging industry.
2002-11-04 Schurter ships lead-free 5A fuse
The company's OMT125 lead-free, surface-mount fuse offers an overcurrent protection using time-lag characteristics with rated current up to 5A.
2003-08-20 Raychem rolls lead-free PolySwitch devices
Raychem Circuit Protection has announced that its SMD family of PolySwitch resettable devices is now available as lead-free components.
2004-02-19 Raychem releases lead-free resettable devices
Raychem Circuit Protection's surface-mount family of PolySwitch resettable devices is now available as lead-free components.
2004-12-10 Polymer tantalum caps withstand lead-free processes
AVX developed a new series of low equivalent series resistance conductive polymer tantalum capacitors specifically designed to withstand the higher temperatures.
2005-06-02 National Semiconductor targets 100% lead-free products end of June
National Semiconductor Corp. is working on achieving 100 percent lead-free production by the end of June 2006
2004-11-11 Microchip offers lead-free product packaging
Microchip Technology Inc., a provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, disclosed the conversion of its product packaging to environmentally friendly lead (Pb)-free plating, beginning January 2005.
2003-05-20 Matsushita completes switch to lead-free solder for PCBs
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has completed a switchover to the use of lead-free solder for PCBs used in its Panasonic and National brand products.
2005-05-20 Mainland China accelerates adoption of lead-free manufacturing
With the RoHS and WEEE regulations scheduled to take effect in July next year, makers of electronic components across mainland China are stepping up the adoption of lead-free manufacturing.
2004-04-14 M/A-COM lead-free SPDT GaAs switch targets WLAN apps
M/A-COM has announced a new lead-free low-loss SPDT GaAs switch.
2004-08-31 LSI Logic offers lead-free chip products
In preparing for a global initiative to rid lead and other hazardous materials from electronic products, LSI Logic is meeting customer demands by offering chip products with lead-free packaging.
2002-12-26 Littelfuse SMD fuses are lead-free
The company has introduced the 467 series of SlimLine Fast-Acting SMD fuses, which features lead-free fusing element and terminations.
2002-09-26 Littelfuse lead-free SMD fuses trips at 0.2s
The 466 series of surface-mount fuses from Littelfuse can cut off current flow to a circuit in as little as 0.2s at 300 percent its rated current, and is targeted for use in surface-mount devices, PCs, and office equipment.
2001-06-07 Lead-free soldering for the attachment of ?BGA packages
This application note will focus on review of alternative solder alloy compositions, furnish recommendations for solder process development, and review environmental testing requirements, comparing eutectic solder to lead-free solder on a 46 I/O ?BGA package.
2002-11-11 Lead-free SMT capacitors minimize dc leakage
AVX Corp. has launched a family of niobium oxide capacitors that claim to solve a number of problems inherent in metal capacitors.
2005-09-22 Lead-free rules hit yields, European packagers, says analyst
European requirements for lead-free wafer bumping and packaging are hitting manufacturing yields and also hitting assembly companies in Europe as the far-east copes better with changes, according to research company Frost & Sullivan.
2003-03-28 Kyocera develops lead-free thermal print heads
Kyocera Corp. has developed lead-free thermal print heads to comply with worldwide lead-free electronics standards.
2002-03-20 Kyocera develops lead-free solution
Kyocera Corp. has developed a solution that enables lead-free manufacturing in its semiconductor components business, particularly in electroless plating for ceramic packages.
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