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2007-05-28 Tiny LED drivers tackle high-power tasks
Operating under a 6-60V input supply and achieving up to 95 percent efficiency, the ZXLD1362 from Zetex Semiconductors can drive up to 16 high power LEDs with an adjustable output current of up to 1A.
2007-05-07 LED lighting driver delivers high power density
Providing an adjustable output current of 1A from an SOT23 package, the ZXLD1360 LED lighting driver from Zetex Semiconductors promises high power density for high-power illumination applications
2007-11-14 LED drivers enable longer battery life
Leadis Technology has started sampling its new family of charge-pump based LED drivers featuring the company's proprietary PowerLite current regulator to deliver up to 95 percent power efficiency for longer battery life
2008-06-05 Inductorless, dual output LED flash drivers introduced
Leadis Technology Inc. has started sampling the LDS8620 and the LDS8621, a new family of inductorless 200mA, dual-output LED flash/lamp drivers, in low-profile (0.8mm), space-saving 3mm x 3mm TQFN packages
2005-06-30 White-LED driver touts innovative brightness control
Micrel points to its MIC2297, a PWM boost regulator that's optimized for driving 10 white LEDs in series, for its innovative brightness control circuitry, which in addition to conserving power also helps to cut noise and EMI
2006-03-31 White LED drivers feature dual-gain architecture
National Semiconductor introduced three new inductorless white LED drivers for display backlighting in cellphones, PDAs, portable gaming devices and MP3 media players
2006-08-16 White LED drivers enable independent brightness control
National's new highly integrated, charge-pump-based, constant-current white LED drivers are suited for single- or multidisplay backlighting in portable consumer products and handsets
2009-08-27 White LED driver promises up to 55% power saving
National Semiconductor claims the smallest white LED driver with dynamic display backlight control that drives up to 11 high-current LEDs in series, illuminating larger displays in portable apps
2005-08-10 White LED driver includes programmable oscillator frequency
National Semiconductor has launched an inductive-boost series white LED driver that features programmable oscillator frequency
2007-11-16 White LED driver features auto brightness adjustment
ROHM has begun sampling the BD6095GUL, touted to be first white backlight LED driver capable of automatic brightness adjustment of LCD backlights based on ambient brightness
2006-07-27 Solution tops PWM in series-connected LED control
The company said its new inductive boost DC/DC converter has surpassed the former de facto standard PWM technique to control series-connected LEDs
2013-01-29 Save power in LCD TVs with LED driving techniques
New design techniques in LED driver circuits promise to deliver significant energy savings that will go a long way to helping TV manufacturers meet the tough requirements for power consumption
2013-06-17 RLT technology incorporated into LED fibre optic illuminator
The new system from Wavien combines the RTL technology's enhanced brightness with the long lifetime of LED technology
2003-01-23 ON Semi white LED drivers have serial-data input pin
The company's two white LED boost drivers feature the industry's first serial-data input pin that enables microcontrollers to control LED brightness.
2005-05-16 New solution from Macroblock targets high power LED apps
Targeting the emerging market of high power LEDs, Macroblock announced the availability of its new MBI1802 that features an output current of up to 360mA.
2005-05-06 National rolls out new 'no-programming-required' LED driver
National unveiled a "no-programming-required" Boomer audio-synchronized LED driver that gives designers the option of using I?C compatible pattern control or choosing automatic audio-synchronized pattern generation
2006-10-23 National intros LED drivers for high-brightness LEDs
National Semiconductor has introduced a new family of LED drivers designed to power the new generation of 1W to 5W, high-brightness LEDs found in automotive, industrial and general illumination applications
2007-04-03 Mobile display automatically adjusts brightness
Samsung Electronics has announced the development of a 2.1-inch mobile display panel for high-end mobile devices that comes equipped with sensors designed to adjust brightness to optimize ambient lighting
2002-03-07 Micrel LED display driver has 30mA current sink
The MIC5400 LED video display driver consists of two banks of eight LED driver outputs, each with a 30mA current sink
2004-03-16 Maxim LED drivers provide 17 7V-tolerant output ports
The MAX6964 LED driver from Maxim Integrated Products provides microprocessors and microcontrollers with seventeen 7V-tolerant output ports
2013-11-20 Match LED driver architecture with the application
Read about LED driver architectures and their impact on the performance of a lighting application
2011-04-14 Linear brightness controller for LEDs has 64 taps
Read about an IC with a digital potentiometer that aids an LED-driver IC in providing manual control of the LED brightness.
2009-12-14 LED pump drivers pack digital low-pass filters
Semtech Corp. has added two LED backlight charge pump drivers in its SC65x charge pump platform
2013-05-16 LED lighting future getting brighter
The combined growth potentials of HB LEDs and high lumen LED lighting systems represent a significant increase in demand from today's deployment rate for both the LEDs themselves and for the LED driver ICs required to drive them
2007-10-11 LED light-management IC saves board real estate
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX8830 LED light-management IC in a tiny, 2.5mm x 2.5mm UCSP housing
2007-11-12 LED drivers offer dot correction, grayscale functions
Texas Instruments has introduced two 16-channel, constant-current sink, LED drivers with dot correction and grayscale on one IC for high-quality video
2009-12-17 LED drivers deliver low dropout voltage
The drivers are suited for HB LED photoflash for digital cameras, video cameras, cellphones, smart phones, flashlights and security light flashers
2010-07-02 LED drivers cut need for external Schottky diode
IXYS Corp. has released the LDS8710/11, LDS8720/24/26 inductor-based, high-efficiency LED driver family that eliminates the external Schottky diode normally used in the rectification loop
2008-10-09 LED drivers comply with lighting brightness demands
Diodes has extended its Zetex LED driver products with the release of its three compact LED drivers that improve accuracy and thermal capacity
2010-10-01 LED drivers boast brightness, backlight control
Advanced Analogic Technologies delivers new high efficiency, low-power LED drivers with backlight control and dimming
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