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2002-06-12 LIBERATOR: System configuration and initialization
This application note provides an overview of Clear Logic's emulation modes, aiding designers in selecting the right emulation mode for their application.
2002-06-12 Clear Logic LIBERATOR design models
This application note presents the Clear Logic LIBERATOR Verilog design model, which allows designers to prototype and change the design quickly through the use of an FPGA.
2013-03-11 TI, Sub10 offer backhaul sol'n for small cell base stations
By using TI's KeyStone-based TMS320C6678 multi-core DSP in its Liberator V100, Sub10 Systems promises to more effectively meet operators' challenges of improving resilience in hostile radio conditions.
2002-06-12 Debugging designs using Clear Logic models
This application note illustrates different methods of debugging FPGA designs through the use of the company's LIBERATOR Verilog design model.
2002-06-12 CL10K technology white paper
This application note details the LIBERATOR CL10K link processed logic device families, how to use them with Altera FPGAs, and manufacturing processes that must be considered.
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