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2004-03-09 Xignal program reduces upfront licensing costs
Xignal Technologies is jumping the gun in the analog and mixed-signal business arena with the announcement of a new virtual partnership program.
2013-01-15 Will ARM stay on top of core licensing?
ARM has had steady success in licensing pre-developed processor cores but changing market dynamics could prove challenging.
2011-08-18 Wi-LAN's $490M Mosaic bid strengthens its technology licensing
According to Wi-LAN, its acquisition of Mosaid would create a stronger, more valuable technology licensing company with greater technology, business and geographic diversification.
2007-10-04 Wavecom gives free MPU design licensing for service contract
Wavecom SA is hoping to drive its intelligent-management software and machine-to-machine embedded subsystems by offering its own microprocessor design free of charge with a service contract.
2009-05-13 Via Licensing launches new LTE patent pool effort
Via Licensing Corp. is aiming to administer a patent pool for companies and research institutes claiming to have intellectual property for the emerging fast date rate cellular technology Long Term Evolution (LTE).
2006-06-09 VIA extends licensing agreement with ARM
VIA has extended its agreement with ARM by licensing the ARM926EJ-S and ARM968E-S processors.
2003-01-22 UMC extends licensing deal with Numerical Tech
United Microelectronics Corp. has extended its phase-shifting technology licensing agreement with Numerical Technologies Inc. as UMC migrates to the 90nm process-generation.
2012-09-07 UMC enters CMOS licensing pact with STM
UMC will develop a 65-nm CMOS image sensor processor that supports back-side illumination at its Fab12i in Singapore.
2007-06-22 Ubuntu, Red Hat reject Microsoft licensing deal
Red Hat and Ubuntu have refused to discuss with Microsoft a technology licensing deal similar to those the software maker has signed with other open source organizations.
2002-04-09 Tyco forges licensing pact with FCI
Tyco Electronics Corp. and FCI Electronics have signed a licensing agreement covering BGA technology and microprocessor sockets.
2002-01-22 TTPCom, MEI enter licensing pact for 3G technology
TTP Communications plc has signed a licensing agreement with consumer electronics maker Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. (MEI) for its dual-system 3G/GSM technology for radio chipsets.
2005-01-25 Transmeta growth strategy to focus on licensing IP
Transmeta Corp. has provided an update on its plans to modify its current business model to focus on licensing its intellectual property and advanced technologies this year.
2002-01-11 Tower signs technology transfer, licensing agreement with IMEC
Tower Semiconductor Ltd has signed an agreement with IMEC for the technology transfer and licensing of analog modules and applicable technologies for Tower's Fab 2.
2007-01-25 Toshiba, Broadcom ink IP licensing deal with ARM
ARM has extended its IP licensing deals with Toshiba and Broadcom, with the former agreeing to use ARM's PrimeCell products in its SoC designs, as well as the AMBA Designer tool.
2007-05-09 Toko, Vishay ink licensing pact for inductor technologies
Toko has entered into a license agreement for the manufacture and sale of high-current, low-profile IHLP inductors with Vishay, whereby Toko will license certain inductor manufacturing technologies from Vishay.
2004-07-12 Tessera, NEC sign technology licensing deal
Tessera Technologies Inc. has signed a new technology licensing agreement with NEC Electronics Corp.
2002-10-25 Tessera expands Hitachi licensing contract
Tessera Technologies Inc. has expanded the scope of an existing licensing agreement with Hitachi Ltd.
2005-04-21 TDK, Sony sign licensing deal for PD-RE23CN media
TDK Corp. has reached a licensing agreement with Sony for TDK to begin manufacturing and distributing TDK Professional Disc (PD-RE23CN) media, rewritable optical discs that provide compatibility with Sony's Professional Disc system (XDCAM).
2002-04-05 Tamura inks LTCC technology licensing deal with Midcom
Tamura Corp. has entered into a licensing agreement with Midcom Inc. for a new transformer technology, utilizing ferrite multilayer low temperature co-fired ceramic technology.
2002-01-28 Synopsys signs licensing agreement with South Korea's ETRI
Synopsys Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with the ETRI IT SoC Support Center, a South Korea-based incubator for startups to develop complex SoC designs.
2004-12-27 Super Vision inks licensing agreement with IMS
Super Vision Int. Inc. has signed license agreements with Illumination Management Solutions (IMS) & LED Power for its variable color lighting system patent #4,962,687 and its recently acquired Laidman Technology.
2006-03-20 Sunext, Philips ink optical drive licensing agreement
Sunext Technology and Royal Philips Electronics announced that both have completed an agreement relating to the transfer of Philips' optical disc drive semicon technology and licensing of related patents.
2005-09-27 Staktek, SMART ink licensing pact for ArctiCore, stacking tech
Staktek Holdings Inc. and SMART Modular Technologies Inc. have signed a license agreement that provides SMART with access to Staktek's latest ArctiCore module technology, as well as Staktek's Value Stakpak, Performance Stakpak and High Performance Stakpak package stacking technologies.
2007-02-14 ST, AMD ink mobile graphics licensing deal
STMicroelectronics Inc. announced a licensing agreement with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to deliver next-generation graphics technology for mobile multimedia devices.
2002-12-23 SRC, North Carolina State University sign IP licensing pact
The Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC) and the North Carolina State University (NCSU) have entered into a joint licensing and commercialization partnership, focused on commercializing selected inventions arising from SRC-sponsored university research programs at NCSU.
2008-04-30 Spansion enters memory cross-licensing deal with IBM
Spansion has entered into a seven-year patent cross-licensing agreement with IBM, including IBM's newly unveiled racetrack electronic memory solution.
2015-11-23 South Korea claims Qualcomm licensing is unlawful
Qualcomm said in a statement that the allegations and conclusions contained in the Examiner's Report are not supported by the facts and are a serious misapplication of law.
2006-12-27 Silicon Image, Genesis settle licensing agreement
Silicon Image announced it has signed a settlement and license agreement with Genesis Microchip Inc.
2003-10-07 SiGen boosts efforts on nanotechnology licensing
Silicon Genesis Corp. (SiGen) has decided to focus its efforts primarily on licensing its NanoTechnology processes.
2010-01-04 Sharp, Toyoda forge patent licensing deal
This cross-licensing agreement grants each other the right to use inventions related to LEDs and laser diodes.
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