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2007-11-21 White LEDs outshine light bulbs
An international team of researchers demonstrated the first white LEDs to achieve a high CRI that could pave way to the adoption of white LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes
2015-09-11 Smart LED bulbs offer Bluetooth connectivity
Ilumi Solutions announces it has chosen the Nordic nRF51822 system-on-chip for its second generation of LED Smartbulbs, offering Bluetooth Smart connectivity for compatible iOS and Android devices.
2006-06-01 Researchers focus on efficient flat light source
Researchers at Princeton University and the University of Southern California are claiming a major breakthrough in OLEDs for use as a flat, energy-efficient, natural light source
2011-04-28 Researchers enhance green LED light output
Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed a new method that they claim will aid in manufacturing green-colored LEDs with greatly enhanced light output
2011-07-04 Power Tip: Higher-voltage LEDs boost light bulb efficiency
Find out why higher voltage is a better choice, and how to achieve it.
2002-06-20 Photonic structures promise more efficient light bulbs
2007-07-26 Microwave-powered light bulb debuts
Ceravision has said it has invented a microwave-powered light bulb that is more efficient than filament or fluorescent lighting and with a long stable lamp life
2014-04-01 Marvell bares LED controller for smart wireless light bulbs
Marvell's 88EM8189 chip offers I2C compatible digital interface integration, low standby power and compatibility to phase cut dimmers.
2010-02-08 LEDs to displace conventional light bulbs
The XLamp MPL EasyWhite LED offers the performance, color consistency and lumen density to displace conventional light sources, all in the industry's smallest package
2009-02-17 LEDs spreading light all around
With the display markets moving ahead, the natural next step is to have solid state lighting help save energy in day-to-day lighting applications.
2004-07-28 LEDs poised to replace light bulbs
A recent advance in light-emitting diodes may illuminate the path to replacing light bulbs with LEDs within the next five years, according to researchers.
2010-02-17 LEDs make high-reliability alternatives to light bulbs
Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced miniature high-power white LEDs with typical luminous flux up to 100 lumens as solid-state alternatives for wide variety of general lighting applications.
2012-08-24 LED light bulb ASP falls in July
LEDinside revealed that 40W equivalent LED light bulb ASP dropped by 1.3 percent in July, while 60W equivalent LED light bulb ASP plunged 4.8 percent
2011-08-22 High demand cuts LED light bulb price
The average selling price of 40W LED light bulbs in the global market dropped to $24 while the 60W model plunged to $45.
2010-05-26 CFL drivers enable energy-efficient bulbs
NXP Semiconductors has released two new generations of compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) light bulb drivers and controllers, based on its GreenChip technology
2008-07-21 Brighter white OLEDs could replace light bulbs
A University of Michigan researcher claims that a solid-state, white-light source can be brighter on a per-watt basis than incandescent bulbs.
2016-01-14 'Light recycling' enables power-efficient incandescent bulbs
MIT and Purdue University researchers have come up with a two-stage process to make incandescent bulbs as efficient as compact fluorescent and LED bulbs
2014-06-11 Techniques for enabling dimmable LED bulbs
Many LED lamps are advertised as dimmable, however in reality the performance of many of them is unimpressive with varying results depending on the dimmer used and loading of the circuit.
2003-03-21 Osram SMT LED matches light intensity of six LEDs
Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH has released the "Golden Dragon" SMT LED, which provides a light intensity that matches up to six LED devices
2004-02-02 Light-emitting diode-based lighting positioned for profit
LED-based lighting has the potential to help reduce our energy consumption and improve the quality of our lives.
2014-10-27 LED chip integrates array of 256 light points
All the pixels can be individually controlled, providing the basis for adaptive front lighting systems that improve the illumination of the road by actively adapting the distribution of light
2006-06-02 Lamp-based LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs
DDP's new lamp-based LED series was designed to be a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs
2003-01-31 Flexible LED strips replace incandescent bulbs
The Sunbrite Group of Lumex Inc. has introduced the StripLEDs lighting source, which is aimed at replacing neon and incandescent bulbs in lighting apps
2004-10-12 Energy-saving LED bulb cuts light costs 80 percent
Lighting Science introduced an environmentally friendly LED bulb that reportedly slashes light costs by 80 percent
2011-02-25 Cree LEDs replace halogen bulbs in lighting apps
Replacing 35-50W halogen MR16 bulbs, Cree's XLamp MT-G LEDs deliver sufficient light output for high-output, small form-factor directional lighting applications.
2013-06-03 24M light vehicles to deploy LED headlights by 2020
Strategy Analytics forecasted that 12 per cent of light vehicles by 2020 will feature LED headlights in which production penetration will increase to about 21 per cent
2016-01-08 Taking a closer look at GE's Bluetooth smart light switches
Although GE's latest Bluetooth-based lighting controls have limited feature set, their simplicity, scalability and well-designed user interface make it an appealing device to many customers.
2003-05-09 Lumileds white LEDs mimic fluorescent bulbs
The company's warm white version of its high-brightness Luxeon LEDs is capable of replicating the glow of an incandescent bulb.
2008-01-08 U.K. researchers prep LEDs for home lighting
University of Glasgow researchers are developing a refinement of LED manufacture based on nanoimprint lithography, which they claim could make way for the solid-state light to replace incandescent light-bulb within three years
2015-09-01 Toshiba uncloaks high-power white LEDs
The company said the 4A5B type devices achieve a high luminous flux of 140lm (min) compared to the 130lm (min) of conventional general products of the TL1L4 series.
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