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2002-02-19 Signal limiter for power amplifiers
This application note describes how power circuits are designed to effectively maintain a high level of sonic integrity for cost-effective performance.
2002-12-06 Signal limiter for power amplifiers
This application note presents a design of a signal limiter for power amplifiers, using the THAT 4301 Analog Engine.
2005-05-13 Protectors can be configured as switch controller, voltage limiter
The new overvoltage protectors from Maxim can be configured either as a switch controller that turns off an external n-channel switch during an overvoltage condition, or as a voltage limiter that regulates the output to allow continuous operation.
2002-08-28 Clare solid-state relay has output current limiter
Clare Inc.'s PAA140L optically-isolated, solid-state relay has an output current limit feature to drive the relay directly from logic signals without external components.
2002-12-06 Basic Compressor/Limiter Design
This application note describes in detail the circuitry for two basic compressor/limiter designs using THAT's 2252 rms/level-detector and 2180/2181 series of voltage-controlled amplifiers.
2002-02-23 Basic compressor/limiter design
This application note describes THAT Corp.'s 2252 rms-level detector and 2180/2181 series voltage-controlled amplifiers to make a basic above-threshold compressor/limiter.
2012-06-06 Understand precision current limiting with LMP8646 and LP38501
Here's a discussion on how to design the LMP8646 with the LP38501 voltage regulator and a resistive load application.
2010-10-04 Miniature 0402 diodes support multiple apps
Skyworks Solutions Inc. introduced four miniature 0402 diodes the SMP1320-040LF (PIN), SMP1330-040LF (limiter), SMP1352-040LF (PIN), and SMS7630-040LF (Schottky).
2002-08-19 Linear Tech controller features multiple current limiting
The LTC4210 controller provides active current limiting for overcurrent transients and latches off an external n-channel MOSFET during short-circuit faults for supplies from 2.7V to 16.5V.
2012-06-11 Employ LMP8646 and LMZ12003 for precision current limiting
Learn how to design the LMP8646 with the LMZ12003 voltage regulator and a resistive load application.
2010-07-09 ECL protects telecom apps from power surges
Bourns' TBU PL-Series electronic current limiters are triggered by excessive voltage or current, protecting telecommunications applications from surges.
2003-02-21 Current limiters fit off-line power converters
The STIL02-P5 and STIL04-P5 current limiters from STMicroelectronics are designed for use in off-line power converters.
2003-06-11 Compander IC: The MM1077 monolithic IC
This application note discusses the MM1077 monolithic IC used in cordless phone applications that have compression and expander circuits.
2002-05-09 Aging Alterrex voltage regulator system updated with Basler's DECS-300
This application note describes the functions of the aging Alterrex voltage regulator system that is updated with Basler's DECS-300.
2003-06-20 Adjustable Latching Output Over Current Circuit
This application note discusses the importance of an adjustable latching output current limit circuit.
2000-12-13 Active inrush current limiting using MOSFETs
This application note is intended to present a review of various active and passive methods of inrush limiting techniques for the design of power supplies. One technique discussed in this note is by using a single MOSFET and a minimal number of components that both limit high current spikes.
2012-06-04 Achieve precision current limiting with LMP8646 and LM3102
Know how to design the LMP8646 with LM3102 voltage regulator and a supercap load application.
2002-02-23 A low parts count, two-slope compressor
This application note describes a combination compressor and limiter, with adjustable threshold and compression ratio, for just these types of applications.
2003-07-01 Supertex IC integrates Power FET, thermal sensor
The HV111 from Supertex is a fully integrated, high voltage Inrush Limiter/Circuit Breaker/Hotswap IC for externally powered network equipment.
2007-01-12 Power efficiency impacts chip design
A compelling force that affects chip design today, power consumption is the primary limiter of a chip's performance.
2010-02-24 Audio subsystems integrate Class D, H amps
Maxim Integrated released mono audio subsystems that combine Class D mono speaker amplifier with distortion limiter; DirectDrive II Class H stereo amplifier; and ultralow-noise, analog bypass switch.
2012-01-19 Audio processor incorporates MEMS microphones
ST's Smart Voice device integrates an acoustic processing core with a tunable 10-band equalizer, a peak limiter, and gain and volume controls for mobile devices.
2002-12-06 A low parts count, two-slope compressor
This application note describes a combination compressor and limiter with adjustable threshold and compression ratio.
2011-02-07 Voltage regulator supplies 1A output current
Torex Semiconductor has developed the XC6602 series, a 0.5V low input, 1A, ultra-low dropout voltage regulator with soft-start.
2013-04-29 Ultra-small load switch ICs ready for mobile apps
The TCK101G and TCK102G are low consumption current load switch ICs with a slew rate control driver for power management and features low voltage operation at 1.1V.
2002-09-25 Toshiba voltage regulator consumes 955A
The TB9001FN voltage regulator from Toshiba Corp. employs BiCD process technology and internal circuits that enables the IC to consume 955A.
2014-01-27 TI's op amp boasts high precision aimed at industrial apps
The OPA192 achieves stable offset voltage drift over the full specified temperature range, which eliminates the need for system level calibration.
2008-03-04 TI shifts focus to medical, energy, safety apps
TI intends to go after the medical, energy and safety markets with a laser-sharp focus on low-power processing and advanced analog/mixed-signal building blocks.
2010-09-02 Sub-audio signalling processor IC gets new, improved sibling
New audio scrambler and sub-audio signalling processor boasts host of upgrades
2004-05-24 STMicro motor driver targets automotive apps
STMicro introduced an H bridge in a single package for high-power automotive apps such as driving window lifts, seat positioners and for dc motor control.
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