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2000-09-27 XDSL driver and receiver
The demand for high-speed Internet access, LAN connectivity and short distance data communications is growing exponentially. Telephone lines such as twisted pairs have been used in LANs to transmit data between data terminals and computers and video on demand (VOD) applications. This paper introduces the several forms of DSL available.
2002-12-20 Using the DS2480B serial 1-Wire line driver
This application note identifies common 1-Wire operations and explains the input serial packets and interpretation of output serial packets for the DS2480B.
2011-03-22 TI VDSL line driver uses 47% less power
Texas Instruments' gated, dual-port THS6226 Class H VDSL line driver offers digitally adjustable quiescent current, enabling power savings for high-speed broadband networks.
2002-01-31 TI releases M-LVDS line circuits for multipoint data buses
The SN65MLVD20x series of multipoint-LVDS (M-LVDS) line circuits provides up to 200Mbps LVDS speeds between up to 32 devices over typical distances of 30m
2004-10-07 TI line drivers provide high performance
TI introduced what it claims as the industry's first multipoint-LVDS line drivers for clock distribution
2003-06-11 TDK Semiconductor extends Ethernet transceiver line
TDK Semiconductor Corp. announced that it has extended the availability of its 78Q2120 Ethernet transceiver line and customer designs which allows the porting of new semiconductor processes
2005-08-25 Supertex LED driver with PFC simplifies street lighting
Supertex' HV9931, an off-line driver for single high-brightness LEDs, includes a power factor correction stage that suits the chip to traffic signal, street lamp and decorative lighting applications.
2002-01-23 STMicroelectronics ADSL line driver dissipates <700mW
The STLC60133N ADSL line driver features a power control function that allows the supply current to be set to 60 percent lower than the current required for full-rate transmission.
2004-03-19 Sipex line driver offers up to 60Mbps data rate
The quad channel RS422 line driver and quad channel receiver from Sipex provide pin-out compatible with the industry standard 26C31 and 26C32 footprint.
2006-07-27 Signal conditioner features fault-tolerant line driver
The iC-MSB from iC-Haus is a signal conditioner with a fault-tolerant line driver for sine/cosine sensors.
2003-05-11 RS-232 Line Driver Power Supply
This application note provides a design for powering RS-232 line drivers
2000-04-15 RS-232 line driver power supply
This application note describes the LM1578A switching regulator, a device that allows the conversion of a 5V supply to a 12V supply for powering interface line drivers
2002-02-13 Maxim releases 3GHz driver, receiver with double-swing output voltage
The MAX9401/MAX9404 3GHz low voltage ECL/PECL line driver/receiver features double-swing output voltage levels and are designed for driving long or double-terminated lines to reduce reflection.
2005-11-24 Maxim offers 'complete line-output solution' for audio systems
Maxim Integrated Products released a DirectDrive, quad, audio line driver that provides a complete line-output solution for consumer audio systems.
2010-07-15 Low-cost audio DAC packs stereo line drivers
From Cirrus Logic Inc. comes the CS4354, its lowest-cost 24bit DAC with integrated stereo line drivers
2003-12-16 Line drivers thrive in ADSL2/ADSL2+ designs
We present a method for calculating power dissipation while also discussing the trade-offs between supply voltage and performance.
2007-06-26 Line drivers suit 100Mbps VDSL2 apps
Intersil Corp. has introduced the latest addition to its family of line drivers that feature low power, a small footprint and good linearity
2011-07-15 Line drivers provides up to 30V supply voltage
Avago Technologies has launched the AEIC-7272, AEIC-7273 and AEIC-2631 quad differential line drivers that provide up to 30V additional supply voltage required for industrial applications
2011-04-08 Line driver IC designed for master applications
The ZIOL2411 line-driver IC from ZMDI is the fourth member of the company's IO-Link IC family and offers two independent I/O channels.
2010-08-20 Line driver device supports PLC apps
ON Semiconductor introduces the new NCS5650 line driver device, mainly offered for Power Line Carrier communications applications such as smart metering, industrial control and street lighting.
2004-11-25 Legerity ADSL2+ line driver with 'highest rated performance'
Legerity disclosed that its new dual ADSL2+ line driver combines both the industry's most cost competitive total solution with the industry's highest rated performance.
2004-10-26 Legerity ADSL2+ line driver offers power cost savings
Legerity announced the availability of its Le87220 dual ADSL2+ line driver.
2010-02-26 LED driver integrates power factor correction
The ICL8001G LED driver from Infineon enables up to 90 percent efficiency and is the only primary controlled off-line LED drive with integrated Power Factor Correction.
2009-03-12 Half bridge driver generates 100V, 10A, 4?s pulses
Lightning causes a large current spike when it strikes a telephone line. The output of a DSL driver could be destroyed by this surge current. To ensure robust operation, protection circuitry is used, and the output of the driver needs to be tested to the "worst case" standard of 4kV.
2010-01-05 DSL line driver complies with VDSL2 standard
The new driver supports both the 8MHz and 17MHz VDSL2 profiles, and is compatible with the widely used ADSL2+ standard
2005-03-16 Driver ICs with 300mW PD
Toko has developed three new 75-ohm video line driver ICs that operate between the 2.5V to 5.5V voltage, and features on/off control (ISTANDBY=up to 1?A).
2004-06-22 Dallas rolls out its first I?C to 1-wire line driver
Dallas introduced its first I?C to 1-wire line driver with one (DS2482-100) or eight (DS2482-800) channels of independently operated 1-wire I/O ports.
2009-12-11 Codec integrates Class W headphone, line drivers
Wolfson's ultralow-power codec with Class W headphone and line drivers extends playback time in portable applications, such as media players, headsets, voice recorders and multimedia phones
2000-05-03 Bridging ADSL line driver challenges
ADSL technology is rapidly being adopted around the world by various Internet service providers (ISP) and local exchange carriers (LEC) for the purpose of providing high speed data communications over twisted pair phone lines. This article describes the ADSL technology in detail.
2009-02-04 Audio line driver saves space in multimedia apps
MIPS Technologies Inc. has launched a new linearized digital audio IP that provides a high-quality, compact line driving solution for a wide range of multimedia applications including DVD players, digital photo frames, STBs and iDTVs
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