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2007-01-17 Heat sinks cool high-output LEDs
ATS has introduced three heat sinks that mitigate the intensity of heat generated by high-output LEDs, thereby reducing temperature and extending product life
2006-07-14 Handheld DMM has squarewave output function
B&K Precision's Model 2890A digital multimeter (DMM) includes a squarewave output function and works in 28 frequency ranges with adjustable duty cycle
2007-03-08 GbE line-card IC offers synchronization at the PHY
Zarlink's single-chip GbE line card chip has been demonstrated to enable synchronization over the Ethernet PHY
2002-04-26 Fujitsu expands microcontroller line with 32-, 16-bit devices
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. has expanded its microcontroller product line with the addition of two 32-bit microcontrollers with FULL-CAN bus interfaces and single voltage Flash memory, and a 16-bit version based on the company's 16LX processor core
2010-01-28 Frequency converter delivers 3000VA sine-wave output
Absopulse offers AC/AC frequency converter systems that use MPU-controlled, high-frequency PWM technology to deliver 3-phase, 3000VA continuous sine-wave output power, from a 3-phase input
2014-02-19 Flexible piezoelectric fibres generate 2x power output
Knitted together to form a 3D fabric, piezoelectric fibres can generate electricity by harnessing the energy created by an impact or movement, converting it into electrical power.
2005-02-21 Ferroresonant transformers provide stable output voltage
Ferroresonant transformers from Foster Transformer provide a stable power output for input voltages that vary as much as 15 percent
2002-04-24 Ericsson EDFA provides up to 22dBm output power
Designed for optical signal amplification over the C-band, the PGE 60822 erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) from Ericsson Microelectronics provides up to 22dBm output power with 0.5dB gain flatness across the entire band, while consuming 20W
2006-05-11 Enhanced 16-bit MCU line targets next-gen vehicle electronics
Freescale's enhanced S12X 16-bit MCU line provides the functionality required by next-generation vehicle electronic systems
2014-09-12 Employ low output noise regulator for data acquisition
Through the combination of linear regulator and switching regulator, a component achieves low noise, fast transient response and high efficiency, and thereby reaps the benefits of both regulators.
2006-04-25 Eighth-brick provides full output to 70C
Power-One's new eighth-brick DC/DC converters in the company's EMS series deliver full power at 70C with only 200lfm cooling.
2007-06-25 Dual-output converter powers AMOLED panels
ON Semiconductor introduces the NCP5810a 2W dual-output DC/DC converter that offers both positive and negative output, targeted at active matrix OLED diaplays
2010-01-05 DSL line driver complies with VDSL2 standard
The new driver supports both the 8MHz and 17MHz VDSL2 profiles, and is compatible with the widely used ADSL2+ standard.
2002-01-28 Donghai Silicon Micropowder to expand product line
Donghai Silicon Micropowder Factory has invested $7.25 million to install a production line for the volume manufacturing of silicon micropowder, with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons
2002-05-06 DN25 Series: Off-line 5V output non-isolated linear regulator
This application note presents a two-stage linear regulator circuit, which provides a solution that is both very compact and cost-effective.
2015-12-18 DMOS FET transistor arrays pack 1.5A sink-output driver
The TBD62064A series and TBD62308A series from Toshiba are equipped with four channels of 50V/1.5A rated output, suitable for driving constant voltage unipolar stepping motors
2005-12-15 DC/DC converters designed for regulated single output voltages
Tyco Electronics released a new line of new generation, eighth brick, DC/DC power modules designed for regulated single output voltages ranging from 1Vdc to 12Vdc.
2012-12-04 DC/DC converters boast up to 450W output power
The Murata Power Solutions PAH series measures 58 x 61 x 12.7mm and is geared for power amplifiers, wireless networks and other telecom applications.
2009-09-11 DC/DC converter generates 2kW output power
Absopulse Electronics has expanded its line of high input voltage DC/DC converters with the introduction of the HVI 2K
2004-02-20 Crystek VCO exhibits 53dBm output power
Crystek Crystals has introduced a line of high-performance VCOs that generates frequencies between 2.974 GHz and 3.274 GHz
2009-12-11 Codec integrates Class W headphone, line drivers
Wolfson's ultralow-power codec with Class W headphone and line drivers extends playback time in portable applications, such as media players, headsets, voice recorders and multimedia phones
2002-03-26 CMD LDO regulators deliver up to 1A output
California Micro Devices has announced the release of the CM3001 and CM3002 LDO voltage regulators designed for PC applications such as Gigabit Ethernet NICs, PCI, and PCMCIA cards that require a dropout voltage of up to 1A.
2007-06-04 Clock module has four-line serial interface
Epson Toyocom Corp. has added the RA-4565SA chip with support for high-speed serial interfaces to its lineup of real-time clock modules that can operate in high-temperature environments
2016-04-27 Clock line-up targets 100G/400G optical transceivers
Silicon Labs' Si534xH coherent optical clocks replace discrete timing solutions that rely on expensive, large-footprint VCSOs to provide low-jitter reference timing for data converters.
2011-10-10 Clock IC offers 2.4MHz-2.6GHz output frequency
TI's clock generator cuts component count by up to 80 percent and BOM by up to 50 percent.
2002-08-28 Clare solid-state relay has output current limiter
Clare Inc.'s PAA140L optically-isolated, solid-state relay has an output current limit feature to drive the relay directly from logic signals without external components
2003-11-21 Cirrus Logic DAC features integrated line drivers
Cirrus Logic Inc. has expanded its portfolio of analog and mixed-signal audio components with the release of the CS4351 DAC device.
2006-08-10 Chipset suit IP telephony, modem, line monitoring apps
The new chipset from Integration Associates is voice and V.92 capable and is suitable for telephone line interface requirements and standards
2006-10-03 China's flexible PCB output to grow at 20% CAGR
Mainland China's total output of flexible PCBs is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent, from 10 million square meters in 2004 to 32.9 million square meters in 2008
2002-02-21 Cherokee's quarter-brick delivers full output at 500C
The 1.2V to 3.3V, 30A quarter-brick dc/dc converters in Cherokee Int.'s Apollo series are said to perform efficiently at ambient temperatures to 50C.
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