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2007-03-01 MCU touts TCP/IP capabilities
Seeking to take a bigger bite of the embedded-systems market, Innovasic Semiconductor Inc. is adding TCP/IP capabilities to its 32bit MCU line
2005-07-11 LIUs reduce power, board space
Integrated Device Technology introduced a new family of high-density line interface units that includes 28- (82P2828BH), 21- (82P2821BH) and 16-channel (82P2816BB) options in ultra-small packages
2008-03-07 LDOs consume 'lowest' quiescent current at 500nA
TI has introduced a family of LDOs with dual-level voltage output that consume the lowest quiescent current in the industry at 500nA
2007-06-18 High-speed ADCs save power, cut board space
Extending its reach in the ADC market, Texas Instruments Inc. is launching what the company claims are the world's fastest two- and four-channel, 12bit and 14bit devices.
2004-12-01 Hearing, seeing the sound of change: From analog to digital audio amplifiers
Digital amplifier systems keep audio signal in the digital domain virtually all the way to the speaker; analog-based systems convert the signal to analog early in the process.
2009-03-12 Half bridge driver generates 100V, 10A, 4?s pulses
Lightning causes a large current spike when it strikes a telephone line. The output of a DSL driver could be destroyed by this surge current. To ensure robust operation, protection circuitry is used, and the output of the driver needs to be tested to the "worst case" standard of 4kV.
2002-05-27 Exar multifunction, multichannel PHY interface chips debut
Exar Corp. has launched four single-chip PHY ICs that combine an LIU with a desynchronizer and a jitter attenuator, and four additional LIU ICs with just the jitter attenuator.
2002-09-20 Ericsson unveils "smallest" EDFA
Ericsson Optoelectronics' PGE 60841 EDFA is touted to be the industry's smallest EDFA.
2014-01-23 Employing LV1T single supply translators
Read about this family of single supply translators created to allow up or down voltage translation with only one power rail.
2004-06-10 Dune rolls traffic management chips
Dune Networks released two devices that combine traffic management and a serial interface for linking up line cards to a centralized switch fabric card
2008-05-14 Drivers up efficiency of process control apps
ADI has introduced two analog output drivers that significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of process control applications, including those operating with high compliance voltages and temperatures
2002-04-26 Dallas LIUs integrates long-, short-haul functions
Dallas Semiconductor Corp. has shipped its T1/J1 LIUs that combine long-haul and short-haul functionality in a 28-pin PLCC package.
2012-02-15 Comparator operates from 2.5-5.5V single supply
The AD8469 from Analog Devices features a -0.2V to 5.7V input signal range and TTL- and CMOS-compatible output drivers
2007-09-24 Choose the best inductor, capacitor for DC/DC converters in portables
This article will cover some of the most common issues when trading off solution size, performance and cost in designs using DC/DC converters.
2003-03-05 C&D 3W dc/dc converter boasts low profile
The NDT series of dual output isolated dc/dc converters from C&D Technologies (NCL) Ltd are supplied in a 24-pin DIL package that has a 7mm mounting profile
2014-08-08 Build wireless base station MIMO antennae (Part 1)
Here's a review of the relevant MIMO modes and technology, as well as the advantages of choosing a suboptimal maximum likelihood detector receiver over a minimal mean square error receiver.
2012-08-08 Benefits of PLC for smart meter networks
PLC offers the communication reliability necessary to read hundreds of thousands of metering points at an acceptable cost every day.
2007-06-29 Analog ICs gear up for automotive engine control
Freescale unveils six standard SMARTMOS analog products designed for automotive engine management apps to meet the industry's performance, fuel efficiency and environmental requirements.
2002-07-09 Agere clock modulator driver provides 2ps jitter
Agere Systems' TCMD0110G clock modulator driver chip provides 2ps of typical rms jitter performance.
2003-10-15 Adiabatic first silicon cuts power to 50 percent
Adiabatic Logic Ltd has tested first silicon of its Intelligent Output Driver and reports that IOD technology achieved power saving of more than 50 percent compared with traditional I/O schemes
2004-08-04 ADI triple differential drives down cost
Fully integrated into a single, 4-by-4mm package, Analog Devices' AD8133 is the industry's smallest triple differential line driver
2011-05-10 AC/DC converter targets standby power supplies
RECOM has released a range of isolated AC/DC power supply modules with low standby input currents, suited for low-power applications or standby power supplies.
2008-05-16 A win-win arrangement, perhaps?
In many smaller, low-power applications, "they" provide the MCU with a power rail, and the MCU sips that power. And while an efficient supply matched to the application is key, it normally provides a fixed voltage.
2011-02-11 3A LDO can be paralleled for heat spreading
Linear Technology Corp. unveils the LT3083, a 3A LDO regulator that can be paralleled for heat spreading and higher output current
2006-06-13 280W DC/DC converter targets railway apps
Absopulse's new RWY282 dual-output DC/DC converter delivers 280W and is suitable for railway and other applications in harsh environments
2007-02-01 View from assertion-level logic
The purpose of a circuit diagram is to convey the maximum amount of information in the most efficient fashion. One aspect of this is that the signals carried by the wires may be active-high or active-low.
2003-06-20 Powering Dynamic Loads
This application note discusses the current limiting safety feature of Vicor's dc/dc converters and design strategies that will allow your power system to maintain stable power output voltage for dynamic loads
2002-07-09 Maxim equalizer expands reach of transmission lines
Using a proprietary adaptive equalization algorithm, the MAX3784 PCB equalizer chip from Maxim Integrated Products extends the reach of transmission lines in backplane interconnect apps.
2004-06-08 Intersil rolls out two new voltage generators
Intersil expanded its portfolio of programmable gamma voltage generators to include the EL5226 and EL5326.
2002-11-29 Implementation details for the MH88615 SLIC
This article is intended to assist the user in implementing an analogue line interface circuit
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