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2010-11-23 Step-down switching regulator has dual linear controllers
Linear Technology launched a 2.6A, 36V step-down switching regulator with dual linear controllers, the LT3694.
2006-10-09 Reducing Switcher EMI with Spread Spectrum Technology
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2005-08-26 New synchronous step-down controller from Linear Tech
Linear Technology rolled out a synchronous step-down controller with spread spectrum modulation in 3-by-3mm DFN-10 and MSOP-10 packaging options.
2005-08-01 New switching regulator from Linear Tech
A 60V (with transients up to 80V) 200kHz step-down switching regulator with quiescent current under 100?A was recently launched by Linear Tech
2005-10-05 New negative high-voltage hot swap controller from Linear Tech
Linear Technology unveiled a negative high-voltage Hot Swap controller that features an onboard 10-bit ADC and I?C compatible interface, allowing sophisticated power monitoring by measuring card voltages and currents.
2005-10-25 New dual step-up DC/DC converter from Linear Tech
Linear Technology released the LT3466-1 dual step-up DC/DC converter, which is a white LED driver and boost converter in a low profile 3-by-3mm DFN package.
2005-07-15 New bus buffers from Linear Tech
Linear Tech's new bus buffers promise to solve the common problem of a stuck bus by isolating all of the bus connections on the upstream side, while restoring the downstream bus
2005-05-11 New battery chargers from Linear Tech maximize charging rate
The LTC4075 and LTC4075X from Linear Tech are standalone dual-input linear battery chargers that efficiently manage charging single-cell Li-ion batteries from two separate power sources: a wall adapter and USB
2008-07-03 MPS victorious in case vs. Linear
The United States District Court for the District of Delaware has determined that Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) did not breach its Oct. 1, 2005 settlement and license agreement with Linear Technology Corp.
2016-03-10 Linear's new module regulators are UL60950 compliant
Linear's new regulators operate from an input voltage of 2.8V to 40V, while their flyback topology allows them to regulate an output voltage above, below, or equal to the input voltage
2013-03-15 Linear's LDO Regulator runs Independent Inputs
The LT3030's full feature set and low quiescent current of 115?A/70?A per regulator (operating) and
2013-04-03 Linear's DC/DC controller runs only a single inductor
The LTC3863 is designed to protect against high voltage transients, to operate continuously during automotive cold crank and cover a broad range of input sources and battery chemistries.
2007-07-16 Linear's chief architect on power loss, IC design
Linear co-founder and chief technical officer Robert Dobkin, who has been involved in the development of high-performance linear ICs for more than 30 years, talks about his favorite topics: Linear itself, and larger design issues such as efficiency vs. power loss
2005-01-27 Linear verifies PoE controllers using Ixia test solution
Linear Technology Corp. has selected Ixia, a provider of high performance IP network testing solutions, to demonstrate and test the full feature capabilities of its power over Ethernet chipset.
2007-07-31 Linear unveils military-grade DC/DC uModule regulator
Linear has developed a complete and encapsulated 10A switching DC/DC regulator system designed for military and avionics applications
2006-12-19 Linear unrolls undervoltage, overvoltage monitor
Linear Technology Corp. has developed the LTC2912, a single undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) monitor for space-conscious applications.
2004-08-02 Linear transmit mixer streamlines basestation design
Linear Tech disclosed that its new RF active transmit mixer provides linearity and signal-to-noise performance matching that of passive mixers
2002-02-07 Linear Technology regulator operates at 90 percent efficiency
The LTC3831 regulator is claimed to sink or source up to 15A of load current and operate at 90 percent efficiency.
2015-01-16 Linear Technology outs 4-channel 8A configurable buck DC/DCs
The LTC3371 aims at systems requiring multiple low-voltage power supplies. It has eight unique output current configurations and is available in 38-pin 5mm 7mm QFN and TSSOP packages.
2002-04-16 Linear Technology opens design center in Vermont
The Burlington, Vermont, center has an engineering team of eight IC designers and is expected to provide additional product capability for the company.
2002-01-25 Linear Technology CAN transceiver resists 160V overvoltage
The LT1796 CAN transceiver is claimed to withstand 115kV ESD strikes and overvoltage line faults of up to 160V, making it suitable for harsh environment applications.
2005-06-08 Linear Technology adds Phoenix design center
Linear Technology Corp. said Monday (June 6) that it has opened a new design center in Phoenix
2006-04-06 Linear Tech, Primarion team on POL products
Linear Technology has signed an agreement with Primarion to produce digital point-of-load products for networking, computing and telecommunications infrastructure.
2005-04-20 Linear Tech's RF mixer addresses 3G cellular basestations
The new high linearity active downconverting RF mixer from Linear Tech promises to significantly reduce the cost and simplify design of 3G cellular basestations
2005-04-25 Linear Tech's new RS-232 transceivers provide low voltage
Linear Tech rolled out a family of single and dual RS-232 transceivers that operate over an input supply range from 1.8V to 5.5V
2005-08-25 Linear Tech's new log detector promises superior sensitivity
The new log detector from Linear Technology promises superior sensitivity, allowing more accurate measurement of lower levels of RF and IF signals
2005-10-24 Linear Tech's new DC/DC converter tailored for driving LEDs
Linear Technology rolled out a 36V, 2MHz step-down DC/DC converter designed to operate as a constant current LED driver.
2005-04-19 Linear Tech's new dc-dc controller operates at 200kHz
Linear Tech unveiled a 125C-rated wide input and output voltage range versatile dc-dc controller designed for use in step-down, step-up, inverting or SEPIC circuits with up to 100W of output power
2005-04-26 Linear Tech's new controller saves design time, board space
Linear Technology released a push button controller that provides control for dc-dc converters, processor interrupt logic and adjustable on/off timers.
2005-09-13 Linear Tech's latest multiplexers
Linear Technology released two new 2-wire bus multiplexers that provide capacitive isolation when connecting an upstream I?C bus to a desired combination of downstream busses.
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