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2013-04-09 X-Band LNA boasts higher gain, linearity performance
M/A-COM Technology Solutions' MAAL-010528 offers higher gain and linearity performance in the 8.0 to 12.0GHz band than many competing parts, as well as low noise figure and excellent gain flatness.
2011-03-17 Wi-Fi FEMs tout high power, high linearity
Two 5GHz WiFi FEMs from RF Micro Devices claim to deliver high power and high linearity.
2003-03-13 Uncooled DFB laser exhibits linearity up to 85C
EBookham Technology plc and Cambridge University have announced the development of a directly modulated DFB laser that exhibits wide bandwidth features.
2007-03-12 Two-tone vs. single-tone measurement of 2nd-order non-linearity and IP2 performance of direct conversion receivers
This application note describes how to find the Second Order Intercept Point (IP2) from 1-tone and 2-tone tests of Direct Conversion Receivers. It also presents measurement results for the GSM900 receive path, as used in the AMPS band, for Skyworks first-generation of DCRs.
2001-04-03 Two-tone linearity in a 900MHz silicon bipolar class AB amplifier
This application note shows the typical behavior of a 900MHz amplifier operating in the class AB mode, and describes a method to create suppression of the intermodulation products to better than -30dBc over a 40dB dynamic range (1mW to 10W peak envelope power).
2009-06-16 Two-stage LNAs pack high linearity
Skyworks Solutions Inc. has launched two-stage, ultralow noise amplifiers (LNA) with high linearity performance.
2013-09-13 Switching ICs offer 30W power handling, excellent linearity
The PE42820 and PE42821 SPDT switches are significant in replacing discrete solutions including traditional pin diodes used in land mobile radios, and mechanical relays used in LTE-enabled small cells.
2003-06-06 STMicro dual-channel ADCs offer high linearity
STMicroelectronics has introduced TSA1005-20 and TSA1005-40 dual-channel 10-bit ADCs suitable for portable instrumentation apps.
2005-02-14 SOT-89 FETs offer low cost, high linearity
Agilent announced two new members of its family of high-linearity E-pHEMT FETs in the industry-standard 4.5-by-4.1-by-1.5mm SOT-89 surface-mount package.
2008-01-22 Solid-state GaAs amplifier delivers high linearity
The SM09296-47L from Stealth Microwave is a 925-960MHz solid state GaAs amplifier designed for the cellular/GSM telephony market.
2001-09-20 Silicon PIN diode and GaAs MESFET switches and their effects on linearity of digital
This application note discusses the linearity requirements for the RF sections of digital communications links and compares the low-distortion performance of silicon PIN diode and GaAs MESFET switches.
2008-10-07 RMS detector touts excellent accuracy, linearity
Linear Technology introduces the LT5581, a broadband 6GHz RMS detector that features a 40dB dynamic range and a low operating supply current of 1.4mA.
2004-03-24 RFMD PA module provides -51dBc linearity
RF Micro Devices has announced that it has begun high volume production shipments of its RF3163 CDMA PA module to a CDMA handset OEM headquartered in Korea.
2007-01-17 RF switch promises superior linearity performance
RFMD said its first two RF switch product offerings enable complex front-end applications of feature-rich multimode handsets, improve overall RF system performance and help enable new architectures.
2008-06-24 RF switch claims high linearity, fast settling time
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the PE42552 SPDT 50 RF switch for test and measurement applications that require ultralinear RF performance and ultrafast settling time.
2008-05-05 Power amps tout high linearity, low power
Avago Technologies has introduced 1W and 2W families of high-performance power amplifiers designed for next-generation cellular and WiMAX infrastructure applications.
2007-06-15 Power amps step up linearity for WiMAX, Wi-Fi terminals
Sirenza Microdevices released two additions to its product line for Mobile WiMAX (802.16 e) and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) applications.
2010-03-23 Mixer delivers high linearity, low noise for 4G apps
Maxim Integrated Products offers a fully integrated, 2300MHz to 4000MHz, downconverting mixer with an on-chip LO buffer called MAX19998.
2003-01-21 Mitsubishi Electric GaAs FETs exhibit high linearity
The MGF095XP power GaAs FET family exhibits high linearity performance at frequencies from cellular bands through U-NII band.
2009-06-03 Measuring the linearity of differential-output, current-mode digital-to-analog converters (DACs)
Measuring the linearity of DACs is not a trivial task. There are many potential sources of error, including thermal effects, ground loops and instrument accuracy. This application note details how to perform these tests quickly with minimal errors.
2011-04-26 LNAs offer high linearity
Avago Technologies introduced four low-noise amplifiers featuring high linearity to improve an application's ability to distinguish between desired signals and spurious signals.
2010-02-12 LNAs deliver high gain, linearity for cell infrastructure
Avago Technologies has released the latest edition to its family of ultralow-noise, high-gain, high-linearity gallium arsenide (GaAs) active bias amplifiers for use in cellular infrastructure applications.
2004-11-08 Linearity common-mode choke coils rated at 50V
The new series of common-mode choke coils from Linearity Electronics features an impedance between 67 ohms and 370 ohms 25 percent.
2008-06-17 Linearity amplifier promises better signal fidelity
TI has introduced a dual-channel, high-speed current feedback amplifier that features 70 percent greater bandwidth gain at +2V/V than competitive devices.
2002-03-22 Linear Tech rms-to-dc converter exhibits 0.02% linearity
Claimed to be the world's first monolithic delta-sigma rms solution, the LTC1966 rms-to-dc converter features a linearity of 0.02 percent from 50mV to 350mV, and 0.25 percent untrimmed total error between 50Hz to 1kHz.
2014-10-22 IDT unveils first RF switch with high isolation, linearity
The F2912 has a combination of low insertion loss, high isolation and linearity making, it an ideal choice for base stations, microwave backhaul and front haul, test equipment, and wireless systems.
2006-10-25 High-linearity chipsets roll for GSM/EDGE transmitters
Maxim's new chipsets for GSM/EDGE base station transmitter applications tout the lowest noise and highest levels of linearity of any competing direct-conversion (zero-IF) transmitter.
2000-06-12 High Linearity HBT Amplifiers for CATV Systems
This technical note examines RF Micro Devices' wide-bandwidth amplifiers, including the RF2312, RF2317 and RF2316, which deliver excellent frequency response and high linearity to address the requirements of the stress-filled communication channel applications.
2003-10-17 Group-Tek amplifier features high linearity, low noise
The CATV hybrid amplifier module from Shenzhen Group-Tek Electronics Technology Co. Ltd features high reliability, high linearity, and low noise.
2010-12-29 Gain blocks tout high linearity, low dissipation
Avago's two new power amplifier gain blocks deliver high linearity and low power dissipation in an industry standard package, allowing a single design to support multiple frequencies and markets.
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