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2002-09-26 Octal codec increases channel count on analog linecards
Legerity Inc. said that their eight-channel voice encoder/decoder will increase the channel density of analog linecards used in broadband digital loop carrier and PBX systems.
2002-11-12 Xilinx, AMCC co-develop reference platform
Xilinx Inc. and Applied Micro Circuits Corp. have introduced the AMCC reference platform.
2010-08-25 Feature-packed 65nm chipset optimized for triple-play
New chipset promises innovative solution for carrier linecards
2014-04-17 Niche SRAM market thrives in networking, telecoms
Given the memory's speed capabilities, SRAM finds success in networking, where infrastructures are regularly updated in order to manage moving and storing data, and keep up with the growing Internet traffic.
2005-07-21 New resettable overcurrent protection device from Raychem
Raychem Circuit Protection unveiled a low resistance, resettable overcurrent protection device designed for communications infrastructure applications.
2005-02-25 Maxim clock generator with 8kHz reference-clock input
Maxim released a cost-effective, low-jitter, high-performance clock generator with an 8kHz reference-clock input.
2003-10-03 Controller IC eyes four-quadrant inverter systems
Supertex Inc. has released its HV461, a highly flexible ring generator controller IC that is designed to control a four-quadrant inverter with synchronous secondary rectifiers.
2006-06-30 Circuit protection device prevents damage to VoIP equipment
Raychem Circuit Protection has released its 2Pro device series that features integrated overcurrent/overvoltage circuit protection technology designed to help prevent damage to telephony communications equipment.
2011-01-28 Altera unveils 28nm device portfolio
Altera Corp. has unveiled its portfolio of 28nm devices: the Cyclone V and Arria V FPGA families, the recently expanded Stratix V FPGA and previously announced HardCopy V ASIC families.
2010-10-26 ADSL chipset enables 96ch on linecard
Lantiq says Geminax XXS V3 chipset has highest level of integration and is smaller than the competition
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